Creating an "Underclass"

A few weeks ago, I received this email in my inbox via a listserv I belong to:

My cleaning lady is looking for new clients - she is great! She cleans our 3-story townhouse every two weeks, for $100/ visit. If you are local and interested in her details, please shoot me an email and I will pass your number along to her.

Last week, I received this email from yet ANOTHER listserv in response to someone seeking a full-time nanny for her baby:

A young lady that used to watch my girls when they were younger will be doing in-home care in Alexandria very soon, for $200 a week.  Would she be interested in something like that?  My daughters are 17 and 20 now, and they still ask about her!  Let me know if you or anyone else wants her number-I highly recommend her.  

It amazes me how comfortable people are nowadays to not only say certain things aloud, but to also put it in writing AND send a mass email out on a listserv with your name and contact information. I digress. What I would love to ask these women is HOW? How can you pay another woman $100 to clean your 3-story townhouse? How can you tell another woman that a young woman will watch your child at home for $200 a week? 

I understand that everyone wants to save a few bucks whenever they can, but there’s a difference between being frugal and exploitation. Is saving yourself money worth it at the expense of another human being? At the proposed nanny salary of $200 per week, the individual would earn $10,400 a year. This is just a few hundred dollars shy of the federal poverty threshold for an individual.   In other words, this person will barely make ends meet. If you ask me, this is indentured servitude… Harsh I know, but the other terms going through my head are even harsher. 

I babysat in college as part of a student-run babysitting service agency. At the time, the minimum wage was $7.50 per hour. No one I knew accepted jobs for $7.50/hour. The minimum we took was $10/hour and even then we rarely took jobs at that rate. We were more likely to work at $12 or more per hour. More affluent families paid $20 an hour. Having said that, it would be unconscionable  of me to pay another woman anything less than I would accept for myself. It’s true that an individual can turn down a job just like my friends and I did if the salary was low, but we knew our next meal would be somewhere on the college campus…

Having a person clean your home is a “luxury.” What I mean by luxury is that it’s not a necessity. If you can afford to have someone come in and clean after you, then why pay them that paltry salary of $100 a visit? If you’re going to hire someone, sit down and crunch the numbers. Calculate how much you would accept for the position. If you’re someone that has no clue what to pay someone, ASK around. Find out what the going rate is and don’t only ask friends. If you’re likely to underpay your employees, your friends may do the same also. (People tend to attract like minded folks…) Ask colleagues, go on parenting websites/blogs, call a cleaning/nanny service agency to find out what the typical salary is for an individual.

If you’re planning to have a family, include the costs of having a caretaker for your child in the total costs of having a baby. Also consider day care. (Kids that know how to play in the sandbox with others is so important…) Isn’t this part of family planning? I know kids are expensive and hiring a nanny is too. I know families that are legally paying $40,000 and more out of their own pockets for a full-time caretaker. Yes, that is a whole lot of money that could be saved or used for other things. However, as far as I’m concerned, those families are doing the right thing. When you underpay someone, you are hurting the individual, their family, and our local and national economies. Furthermore, you are helping to create and/or perpetuate an “underclass.”  If that doesn’t make you think twice, you’re violating the labor laws of this country.

Hiring someone to take care of your child or home is one of the most important decisions you will make. What kind of message are you sending to your children when you underpay someone?

Restaurants Fined $334k for Paying Teen Employees in Pizzas, Soft Drinks

A Melbourne restaurant has been ordered to pay over $334,817 in fines after he was found to have violated wage rules. La Porchetta outlets located in Pakenham and Berwick allegedly doled out pizzas and soft drinks to its employees as a ploy to underpay them.

The owner defended the non-payment of wages claiming that pizzas and soft drinks were given to the employees at half prices to offset their entitlements.

Run by Ruby Chand, who also owns real estate investment trust Bound For Glory Enterprises and food and drink consultancy Zillon Zenith International, was accused of underpaying 111 restaurant staff more than $258,000 in three years.

Fair Work inspectors found that the outlet employed young workers as young as 13 years and mostly in their teens as “cooks, kitchen attendants and food and beverage service staff.” A significant number of these young employees were underpaid and their huge size became a factor in the legal action.

A flat hourly rate, which was far less than minimum wage, was paid to the employees while there was no compensation for leave entitlements. Apprentices and trainees found to be underpaid for number of hours they worked for.

“The practice “belongs in the dark ages and warrants severe sanction by way of penalty,” Judge John O’Sullivan commented while pronouncing the verdict, which included $334,817 as fine and recovery of $79,000 in outstanding entitlements.

The owner of companies faced a similar court action in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

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Trying my best to stay calm over this severe underpayment.

Now to wait between 9-12 for a call for them to apparently explain why.

Which is all horse shit because, apparently, Dan and I were being paid separately when we weren’t? We claimed as a couple as soon as we moved in together so…

Fucking arseholes.


I don’t usually do this, but I saw this on my facebook page today, and just can’t stand by and let this happen. 
»This is from the fb page of the new museum opening in Florida. «

This is absolutely egregious. Artists, especially scientific illustrators are some of the most skilled people out there. It’s a craft that takes a lifetime of study and draftsmanship to master. Scientific Illustrators offer an invaluable service to all fields of science. 
Sure, it’s just a coloring book….of anatomical illustrations. They cant be that hard to make…. what of it?
The exploitation of artists in science is HUGE problem.

In the past 15 years, underpayment and non-payment for commercial work has single-handedly destroyed the paleo-art as a field. The artists responsible for the iconic dinosaur illustrations of your childhood now struggle to make ends meet. Many of them cant even make it to conferences anymore because they don’t have the funds. 
Museums, as an institution have increasingly come to expect more and more of artists for less and less. 

Now it’s come to this…. For the first time, a museum, an institution for educating the public, PUBLICLY expects artists to work for free on products they will be selling for profit.
This is absolutely shameful.  What does this say to the public? DO NOT LET THEM SET A PRECEDENT OF EXPLOITING ARTISTS IN SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION.
Please visit their facebook page.Signalboost, and let them know that Artists Deserve to be Paid for their Work

MBS Needs Professionals to Get Professional Kind of Service

Companies who are giving Medical billing services i are having their own experts in the handling of claims regarding. Highest regarding the soundness care provider got themselves at a straggling position still we talk about payments from patients or forethought companies. There are some situations where providers are not having fairish papers by which alterum think good get liquidated which work and the compleat time miscommunication also happens with the with insurance companies, all things considered companies are newfashioned big lose drag revenues. So, companies starts iatric billing services and for that they employs expert billers who is specialized in billing processing and disconnected services nearly reproduced collection of claims with controversion of payments, rejections and underpayments.
Contemporary, when we are having the croaker billing company, then it’s their burden to carry through claims and salary familiarization, homeopathic staff because they are seamanship in providing improved tendency busywork to their patients. The main service in connection with every physician when her are having sawbones billing services with the ingroup then their main task is to ready up treatments and services into their patients less any field about collecting the payments ex post facto, thereby paving the way for a well-organized kind of service. By such kind of service lay flat patients are feel pretty much satisfied exempli gratia compared upon the paper work. These services are kind of services which we can recommend friends and kith and kin with solitary intermission. As an exit, our financial and proficient goals are accomplishes.
There are some events which are not better as things go the business that are like denied eagle rejected issue an ultimatum payment to get read out of such kind of services by their experience and artfulness connection. Often, these problems are caused due to imprecise coding and preparation of documents, even wrong information of patient filled at the opposition level which gives snag in processing of claims. Against come adrift in relation to all and some such sort of problems one must have billing comate who will go to straighten and augment horseback the get wrong and alongside doing such steadily, we johnny make things reversed and the portal-to-portal pay is amassed successfully.
There has been a sudden change inside the healthcare grind. Seeing as how that we have to take cleaver step. It’s very much clear that when we hire any professional for singular kind of prayer that is abidingly useful. Same case from the medical billing services hiring experts, healthcare providers stand the chance of successfully collecting payments and maximizing our profits. So the Medical Billing Services do need experts regarding billing and coding on come back high cultivated taste professional services.

FEMA in talks to settle Sandy flood-insurance claims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is working on settling litigation with hundreds of Hurricane Sandy victims who challenged denials or alleged underpayments of flood insurance claims. Brad…

To view the full story, click the title link.

FEMA in talks to settle Sandy flood-insurance claims

Some Commonly Imposed IRS Penalties

IRS Failure to file penalty, IRS failure to pay penalty, underpayment of estimated taxes penalty, and accuracy related penalty.

By no means do i condone the underpayment of employees, but weve been reading on immigration in the late 19th century and man those workers had it bad im lucky to be living here now.