Got a new drawing tablet yesterday that cuts down my start-to-finish time by about 2-3 hours! So super excited about that :) Hopefully I’ll be able to take on more clients and commissions now without having to stay up till 3 every day to get them done! 

This is also good news for you guys! I’ll have more time to draw fanart now :D I may open commissions if I get low on cash, but for now I’ll just take requests! Send ‘em my way!

((Head canon is that there was a crown decorating station at Hazard’s b-day party and so naturally Temp got one.))


Sooooo… Me and my sister (fangirlmeetsfilmnerd) decided that it would be too much of a hassle to throw a party while our parents were away for vacation, instead we sis what any other person would do, (at least one that has a tumblr) we mishapocolized our house. Every. Single. Picture. (They were gone for three days) Needless to say our dad peed himself laughing and our mom yelled at us.

Mission was a success.


Hey super gals!  Just added to our Underland NYC shop on the site: corset sets in Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl styles!

Our partnership with Underland NYC includes lots of fab items for guys and gals, including sleep tanks, boxers, and more!  Be sure to check out their own categories at WeLoveFine, under Undergirl (for the ladies) and Underboss (for the dudes)!