Our Stash!  Lots of Ultra Soft Classic Medline, and a package each of Goodnites, Underjams, and Pull-Ups (Which actually fit us!  Yay!)  Unfortunately these aren’t currently in the possession of PrincessCrayola =(

That’s okay though!  I’ll be seeing her again in a couple weeks, and hopefully during my spring break!  =D

I’m really appreciative of being able to maintain this level of privacy in this house.  I don’t think many stay-at-home college students would be able to get away with 1/10th of the things I do.

Having all of these is a big deal for me.  Before this I only had depends xP Being with an amazing girlfriend who is the sweetest little (and sometimes Momma!), having a sizable stash, being accepting of myself after all these years…  Literally my version of Livin’ the dream! <3

My Visit =D

I managed to drive the 3 hours here despite being really nervous about it =D The worst part was the length, the rest was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

When I got here, we got coffee and I went to her French class! The first night we got food and had a much needed snuggle session =3 There isn’t anything better than snuggling with someone you love when you haven’t seen them in more than a month <3 

The next day we went to New York City!  I’d only been there a couple times, so most of it was new to me =3 

We went to a big baby store, and though most of the stuff was too small, they had some fancy toys, nice books, and some little girl potties!  After that, we went to Dave and Busters and played lots of games!  Including…  Mario Kart Arcade GP DX!  I’d wanted to play it for a while, especially since I got to play the first two on my wii using some homebrew trickery ;) There was a weird kart fusion thing for co-op.  One person drove while the other shot koopa shells.  It was fun =] 

After that we went to Applebees in Time Square and got the appetizer sampler.  I don’t usually go there but it was really yummy!

Next, we went back to the dorm and talked to her friends more.  I hear about them a lot, and they’re really funny and nice so that was fun =] I’m glad I got to meet em! 

Princess Crayola was diapered the whole trip =3 When we weren’t in her room, she wore a goodnite or underjam, and when we were alone she wore 6 thick diapees over that.  She had the most adorable poofy butt I’ve ever seen!She was going to try messing, so I fed her fiber bars and we tried a couple glycerin suppositories =X Unfortunately, I think the combination of extra fiber and nervousness made her a little clogged.  I feel bad about it =C She went tinkles in her diapees all weekend like a good little princess though, I’m very proud of her <3