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Whenever I was on the Tube, I so wanted to try this.

Do you know about the label I’ve started? It’s called hopeandbass and we’re brand new. We plan on releasing unlimited dance music to help combat suicide and raise awareness for mental health issues. As most musicians know, mental health is a huge part of most of our lives. So when the idea came to me to help give back to others through our tunes and sets and ideas, I immediately thought to myself “it’s been right in front of me for over a decade, why didn’t I think of this sooner?” I hope you will join us as we start really piecing this idea together.


We are a record label specializing in underground dance music. With releases and promotion we advocate for many different causes. As a label our main interest is mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The artists who release with us have the option to donate their proceeds to charities and organizations we have chosen or for ones they prefer instead. It’s no secret that musicians and fans of underground dance music are built from a different type of framework than others. It seems that the more creative and open people become, the more they become susceptable to social issues. With the music industry blueprint ever changing through independent artists, social media, and networking, artists are working 10x harder for 100x less the pay. With each release on Hope and Bass, the artist gets an equal portion, along with the label, and the charity of their choice. It makes more sense to do some good outside of making music that effects people.