Not-so-friendly reminder that Sirius had become so thin that he was able to slip through the bars of his cell. He was undernourished and forced to recall all the nightmares that plagued him for 12 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Weak and underfed or not, he still made his way to seek out the person responsible his best friend’s death, making a detour only for his godson. He lived on rats for heaven’s sake.

This was his life for almost 14 years

Fantastic Beasts Series

(Also known as Irish Phoenix)
M.O.M. Classification: XX
The Augurey is a native of Britain and Ireland, though sometimes found elsewhere in northern Europe. A thin and mournful-looking bird, somewhat like a small and underfed vulture in appearance, the Augurey is greenish black. It is intensely shy, nests in bramble and thorn, eats large insects and fairies, flies only in heavy rain and otherwise remains hidden in its tear-shaped nest.
ย  ย  The Augurey has a distinctive low and throbbing cry, which was once believed to foretell death. Wizards avoided Augurey nests for fear of hearing that heart-rending sound, and more than once wizard believed to have suffered a heart attack on passing a thicket and hearing an unseen Augurey wail. Patient research eventually revealed, however, that the Augurey merely sings at the approach of rain. The Augurey has since enjoyed a vogue as a home weather forecaster, though many find its almost continual moaning during the winter months difficult to bear. Augurey feathers are useless as quills because they repel ink.

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from cute to handsome: a biography by renji abarai



a moment to draw your attention to how massive Renji’s shoulders got

While You were Taken- Luke Hemmings part one

It wont be in third point of view the entire time, just for now.n

An unknown female was found on a hiking trail in the a mountain range in Vancouver, Canada. Hikers found her and said it looked like she fell from an overhang above them. The female was taken to the nearest hospital immediately. The female was covered in scratches and bruises all over her pale body. As a nurse looked at the patient as the girl was pulled in the doors in a gurney, she observed out loud: โ€œShe doesnโ€™t looked dressed to be hiking.โ€ The girl was in cotton shorts and a tank top and she was bare foot. The conclusion was made, this girl wasnโ€™t hiking, she was running away.

The girl was in comatose while she was given proper nutrition. The girl was pale as if she has never seen the sun in years. She was dehydrated and underfed. While this was happening, a nurse and a policeman were looking at missing persons to find this girl.

"We searched her image and found nothing in the Canadian database, so we expanded the search and found a Aoi-" The nurse stopped as she struggled with the name.

"Aoibheann Irwin" Elliot, the policemen assigned to the case corrected her. "Its Irish." He added.ย (Pronounced eve-een)ย 

"Right. She was reported missing five years ago in Los Angeles, her family lives in Sydney Australia." She read. The girl lying in the hospital bed was pale and sickly skinny, her cheeks were sunken in and there were dark rings around her eyes. Her curly brunette hair was dull and when she came in was filthy. The girl in the missing picture was tan and was smiling largely with perfect white teeth, her long curly hair was in tight ringlets. There was a visible tattoo of three small butterflies on her collar bones. The girl in the picture was definitely the girl on the bed.

Aoibheanโ€™s family was called with the amazing news that there daughter was found and the family responded that they were coming right away, the girls mother even cried over the phone in pure joy.

Aoibhean was visiting her brother after she graduated high school. The boys begged her to go to a club with them and reluctantly, she went. The boys never saw her again. Her older brother, Ashton blamed himself for what happened to his baby sister.

"Poor girl." The nurse said. "Sheโ€™s only 22. 17 when she was taken." The nurse observed.ย 

The hours went by waiting for her parents, when suddenly her eyes opened. They darted around the room in fear. She sat up abruptly and hissed in pain when the wires tugged on her skin.

"Miss?" The nurse said. "Your in Swedish Medical in Vancouver." The nurse said. The girls eyes remained wide in fear. The nurse went to put a hand on her arm and Aoibhean flinched away from the women.

"My nameโ€™s Iris, whatโ€™s yours sweetie?" The nurse asked, trying to get the girl to talk.

"I-I donโ€™t know." Aoibhean said in a fragile, quiet voice.ย 


"Iโ€™m never going to starve myself for a partโ€ฆ I donโ€™t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so Iโ€™m going to skip dinner.’ Thatโ€™s something I was really conscious of during training, when youโ€™re trying to get your body to look exactly right. I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong โ€” not thin and underfed."

The Worst Kind of Roomservice

It’s adorable, really.

They keep thinking they canย run from him.

Lamaenor smiles serenely to the innkeeper, who turns away his gaze to pretend he doesn’t see him, and continues across the floor to the stairs at the very end of the all-room.

His shadows, two slightly underfed mer with something slightly fanatical in their eyes, follow right behind him. They aren’t particuarly useful, both just minors in destruction, but White might overreact and kill them and if that happens, at least they can’t beย too useful (it’s so difficult getting good help these days).

He ascends the stairs, it creaks underneath his boots. He passes the innkeepers wife in the hallway, and he smiles at her, and makes a mental note to wipe her memory of him later.

He stops outside a door, raises a hand to knock.

It’s adorable, really.ย 

White thought he couldย runย from him.

The thing is…

He knocks, a content, happy smile settling on his lips.

… He always catches up.

Been hesitant about posting this guy until he’s all settled in [and for getting backlash about it] but what the hell.ย 

This guy has been at petco for six months. Six. Months. and he isn’t even thicker than a sharpie pen. He is literally the same size as a day one hatchling. I believe he has been severely underfed to keep him small. No one wanted him because “he bites a lot.” [he’s a baby, what the hell do you expect?] Well… the 50% off sale was there and I decided to take a chance with this guy. Employees were happy I took him and they actually kept someone else from buying him because they knew I was going to take good care of him.

He has already taken a pinkie for me. He will get a vet visit next week or as soon as I can get a fecal from him. I might actually board him at the vet since I am gone this weekend and I’m a little worried about him.

Decided to name him Jensen. Because I’ve been playing Deus Ex lately and he’s a grumpy little dude.

So it was a nice, quiet night till all of a sudden a couple of raccoons started fighting with one another right outside of our yard, one of them climbing up to the top of our fence to escape. Our dogs were in the pet room barking up a storm so I had to come out and see what all the fuss was. The other racoon scampered off leaving the one on our fence which just refused to move, and I couldn’t have the dogs barking since it’s so late.

I went outside and tried to shoo it away but it just stared at me. So I tried asking it nicely to please get off the fence and it politely obliged.

Racoons are so well mannered I swear to god.

Korean netizens need to wake the f*ck up. Just because Chinese idols are being debuted in Korea, it doesn’t give you the damn right to be so hypocritical about this Luhan/Kris situation.

"You shouldn’t trust the Chinese - you’ll make them famous and they’ll just backstab you." No. Okay? When they’re in the k-pop industry - y’all be ______์˜ค๋น , ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด!!!!!!! And now, they’re filing a lawsuit, you be on the company’s side? That’s love to you???ย 

Number 2) Do you Koreans know what your precious “entertainment” companies (run by KOREANS - might I add) are doing to these free spirited youngsters? Less than 8 hours of sleep (I’m guessing around 4-5 hours at the most), they’re underfed, underpaid, privacy is a no no, and you still expect them to put up with crazy shit like you sasaeng fans? NO.ย 

Sorry about this… I just got really pissed… I’m not saying ALL k-netizens are like this, but from most of the comments I’ve seen regarding Luhan’s lawsuit, this is what I have to say… Please don’t bash me.


So there was this post that I was gonna reply to but now I can’t find. It was something about going thereย  and clicking the button to support an animal shelter or whatever.

Well there’s a similar thing you can click, but that one instead helps feed starving and underfed children. Primary effort of this organisation is to feedย  starving and underfed school-aged children (originally in Poland specifically, but their website claims they’ve expanded their efforts). They raise money in a variety of ways, from brand deals, to fund-raisers, to well this (it’s one of those daily clickable things, just click the puppet).