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Meet my new baby, Lilly Bean!

Here’s the story:

Fulton County Animal Services is adopting out puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats for free during the month of September. Unfortunately animals that are not adopted within a certain window get euthanized.

My mother and I rescued this two-year-old sweetheart today. Her name was Littlefoot but we’re renaming her Lilly Bean. The city acquired her in a cruelty case. She was abused and malnourished. We spent the afternoon getting to know her and decided that she belongs in our family. The shelter will update her shots, deworm her, give her a microchip, have her spayed, etc., all for free. I can bring her home on Monday.

There are scars on her face and she’s underfed, but that’s okay. I’ve been abused and neglected and I have scars too. We’ll bond. She’s very gentle and doesn’t jump on my wheelchair, so I can’t understand how anyone could abuse her.

Ever wonder what life is like for a child slave?


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In Haiti, over 200,000 children from poor rural families are sent to live with wealthier families in the city. Known as “restaveks,” they work for 10-14 hours a day without pay, are underfed and often physically and verbally abused.

Please READ this article and SHARE to help raise awareness about how modern slavery is affecting children worldwide.


Ana has a cousin,
Her name is Mia,
She’s just as evil as Ana,
Maybe even worse.
Mia is freedom,
She said when I came into her kingdom,
“You can do whatever you want,
Eat and eat all you want!”
Which is quite different than what Ana said,
With her,
You were only happy when you were underfed,
So I decided to switch gears,
And let go of all these silly fears,
But I missed it when she said,
“Just get rid of it before you go to bed.”


Sorry that was really bad, but I’m sick and my mind is clouded so this is the best I could do.

Okay, but imagine it’s 1944 and Steve is in the Netherlands taking care of a HYDRA operation during Operation Market Garden and somehow or another he ends up stranded and separated from the other Commandos behind enemy lines, and he’s in the woods hiding behind a rock or something, waiting to meet with a Resistance operative who has information about where to go so he can get out and back to his people safely.

So he’s waiting, and then this little girl, barely in her teens, approaches him, and she’s skinny and pale and underfed and her eyes are sad and she’s too young to look as tired as she does, and he knows all about that, spent his whole childhood and a good part of his adulthood like that, but it doesn’t have to be like that for her or for anybody else, and that’s why he’s fighting.

She tells him where he needs to go and who he needs to meet to find a safe place, her voice soft with an unplaceable accent, and he thanks her, but also asks, not with judgement but concern,“They use children as operatives?”

And she explains how they sometimes carry messages or packages, that it’s safer for them than it is for the adults, how they have more freedom and the Germans don’t bother them much. They’re just children, after all. After a moment, she adds, “But we’ve all got to do our part, right?”

And Steve’s not really happy about it, but he understands, and he nods. There’s not really time to chat though, so she’s got to leave, and he asks if she’ll be safe getting back home through the German patrols.

She just smiles, eyes sparkling with mischief, and she reaches down to pick up a flower, says, “I’ve got a cover,” and skips off innocently. He smiles after her, and he knows she’ll be okay.

After she’s out of sight, he realizes he never found out her name.


In the future, after New York, he works with SHIELD and starts going on more and more missions with Natasha. When she finds out about his list, she gives him a few movie titles.

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there are tons of supernatural/doctor who crossovers floating around and shit but everyone is missing a key fact and an AMAZING AU OPPORTUNITY

though not really shown in the new series, the doctor has adopted multiple children around the universe before. he’s been a father and a grandfather several times. he was even about to take young amelia with him because of her negligent aunt, if his tardis hadn’t malfunctioned. 

if he ran into two young, underfed brothers with an absent and abusive father who were already well acquainted with dangerous nonhuman beings, there is no way in HELL he wouldn’t take them in

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Part of him wants to believe, when the creature with Trager’s voice says he’s going to give him a chance to get out of here. But he knows, with irrefutable certainty — it’s something about the look in that one exposed eye — that there is no real chance.

He gives it everything he has anyway. His head is screaming static and his body is wracked with pain, underfed and in the early stages of proper dehydration, but he runs like he thinks the exit is around the very next corner. And the next, and the next. He runs like he means it, because he does.

This is his only hope, however tiny it is, and hope is all he’s got.

It was never a fair game to begin with though. Despite the visible disfigurements all the patients sported, they all seemed to be unnaturally durable; faster, stronger than anyone in their condition should be.

So he’s not really surprised to find himself grabbed when he rounds a corner, dizzily spun and slammed hard into the wall. The hands on him are rough, the breath in his ear ragged.

"Lead me on a pretty chase," Trager’s voice growls, and he can’t help the sob that wracks him, because that voice still sounds so much like his friend. His scream is thin and quickly muffled as the taller frame pushes him hard against the wall, filthy hands manipulating his head. Trager’s tongue is oddly dry as he runs it over Darren’s neck, beyond caring about the blood, sweat, and grime that have glazed the skin.

When he bit, Darren would have screamed were it not for the hand shoved unceremoniously over his mouth. He can feel the sharp, uneven pop of skin breaking, a knee shoving up between his legs like they’re two kids making out in a high school hallway.

Tears began to roll down his face as the other man pulled back a little, running that weirdly textured tongue over the bloody mark.

"Guess we both know who won that bet, eh buddy?" Trager asks. "Just like old times…"

Procuring rats for the film proved difficult, though the production eventually procured a large quantity from a scientific research facility. When shipped to Holland for filming, a customs inspector reportedly fainted upon opening their crate and discovering its contents. In addition to the notorious dye job the rats had to endure, each had to undergo spaying or neutering to control their breeding. Animal rights activists have also alleged that the rats were underfed and actually began to eat one another during production. [x]

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)

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Scales do you know anything about feeding goldfish to turtles?

Yes. Do not do it! Goldfish and other egg laying cyprinids containe thiaminase, which blocks the absorbtion of vitamin B is reptiles and amphibians. This will eventually give them a deficiency! They are also packed full of parasites and often underfed, resulting in less than optimal nutrition.