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I want to address the youth of tumblr.

I’m proud of you guys. I love seeing all this discussion. I love how you rail against injustice and inequality. I know there are a lot of adults out there who scoff at you and your copious screen time and your social justice causes, but I love your passion! I encourage you to not lose your fire for the things that matter to you.

Your generation is unique from all those that have come before you, in that you stepped into your teens and young adulthood with a wealth of social networking tools at your disposal. We didn’t have that when I was a teen; there were virtually no avenues available for finding like-minded people and rallying them for a cause. Don’t ever underestimate the power of social networking.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t squander this. Make your words count.

Some tips:

Take a critical thinking class. Learn to identify the bullshit and ferret out the truth. Verify your sources. Don’t perpetuate the spread of misinformation.

Join the debate team at your school. Try to see both sides of every issue. Learn how to present a well-formed argument.

Take a statistics class. Learn to interpret data and incorporate it into your discussions. Use percentages and ratios to make things more personal. Saying things like “1 in every 5 teens experience xyz,” or “statistically, 4 of the 20 of us in this classroom are likely to experience xyz” is much more compelling than just quoting broader numbers.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Interact with as many people as you can, as often as you can. Seek out differing viewpoints.

Choose your words and your tone wisely. Emotions and passion are great, but as the old adage goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Or to borrow a phrase from Wil Wheaton and put it in more current parlance…”don’t be a dick.” Your message loses its strength when you’re an asshole.

But above all else, don’t stop discussing things. The narratives will never change if people aren’t talking.

You guys are awesome, and I’m proud of you.

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I just. love and appreciate how big a connection you have to main characters that are heroes in stories. Every time you express how much john egbert means to you it makes me so happy. I love seeing people find strength through characters created from the mind and it's the greatest phenomenon ever.

Dude first of all nobody should ever underestimate the power of fiction, it can affect people in a very real and tangible way. Stories move people. I have no shame getting sappy.

Not only that but like, for me John symbolizes Homestuck itself and the way being involved in the fandom/community has utterly and irrevocably changed my life. Probably because the very moment, the very instant I fell in love with Homestuck was when I saw [S] JOHN. RISE UP.

Since then, John has embodied all the magic of this comic for me. He’s special.


I find it interesting how Doflamingo doesn’t seem phased at all that Luffy is  D. but the moment that Law reveals that he is a D, there’s panic/anger on Doflamama’s face.  

He views Law as a threat.  Law didn’t make a name for himself sitting around.  Law’s the one that holds the key to his immortality.  The last thing that Doflamingo is going to do is underestimate Law especially now that he has no distractions.  Law knows that Luffy can hold his own.  

I think that the power the Ds have is to bring people together.  The nobles have shaped that world that exists right now and the Ds are here to break the equilibrium forced onto the world.

new plan:

any time a racist family member mentions support for Wilson, the grand jury decision, or is otherwise a shitheel, I’ll look around for a really nice present they’d love for Christmas.

then donate the price of the item to the Ferguson Defense Fund/organizations helping Ferguson.

print receipt. wrap it. place under tree.

Merry Christmas!!!!

you don’t have to look like a marble statue in order to be considered a work of art. have you seen art museums? you could be a single piece of pasta superglued to some construction paper and you’d still be worth millions at an art gallery. please don’t underestimate your beauty or your worth.

We are told about us princesses, and our knights in shining armour, and the oh-so-easy to fall in love with these strangers, because they are our saviours; our protectors. We are told to find our own Prince Charming and be eternally grateful by giving our love in exchange.

We are not told about us princesses who can save themselves, and we are not told about strangers who are not our knights in shining armour. We are not told about how easy it is to possess us.

Because I am a flower; I am beautiful, I am kind, I am hope, I am sunshine, I am the fidelity of crops. But I was so easy, so underestimated to put up a fight.

Our immortal lives are made of ironies. And it was a cruel joke, in a sense, to trap me as I was in my natural habitat — so seemingly protected by my gardens, my flowers… Because, when the ground split beneath me and I felt myself falling, my thoughts only said ‘I will not be taken.’

I am Persephone. I am the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. I am of vegetation; of flowers and blossoms, and spring. I collected the hearts of Apollo and Hermes, yet I refuse it give mine back.

People fear my name, so hesitant to even whisper it anymore. I am formidable, I am venerable, I am feared, I am cold, I am ruthless, I am unforgiving. Please do not believe he had the power to turn me like this. That was for me to decide, alone. This was my path, my choice, and I will not let that be forgotten with the rest of the fairytales. Falling in love was a fool-hardy mistake on my behalf and, whilst I would not swap these for the world literally —

— Do not mistake this: I am a goddess and I cannot be tamed.

—  we are not the princesses, but the queens.

And Sailor Pluto makes her appearance! But dang, I really underestimated how much detail there is in the Garnet Rod. It took me a good two hours to trace that thing. |||OTL

And before anyone ask why Pluto is in her Super form instead of her Eternal form, it’s because she (and the other senshi in the 30th century) were depicted as being in their Super form in the last arc of the manga. No official reason for this change was ever given, but I’ve theorized some of my head-canon ideas for why that they powered down, and you can read that here.

I won’t be drawing during the Thanksgiving holiday (too lazy to lug two lap tops and a tablet home :p) but just a reminder that hard copies of the first three acts of Future Reunion are available for purchase until the end of the year, so you still have a month! Information about how to purchase them can be found in this post. :)

"stop tweeting about ferguson get off the internet and go DO something" aka "i severely underestimate the power of spreading information from direct sources (the people actually in ferguson RIGHT NOW) and prefer to force people go t into action with insufficient information because thats obviously the only way to get anything done."

abitofafatass replied to your post:I heard a rumor that you said you’d be too much…

Bitch, please. You’re old and your back would break if you tried to do much. I bet you need Viagra.

I know for a fact that you’re wrong. Viagra’s for stupidly old people, I’m not that bad yet. You underestimate my abilities severely, which is just another reason I know you wouldn’t be able to handle it. You expect less and get overwhelmed when it’s ten times more than you bargained for. 


Our school had a peaceful march today in support of Mike Brown. Never underestimate how many you can reach when people come together for a common cause. Our school in New York is so diverse that we can’t help but to take this verdict personally- injustice against one is injustice for all. Our generations voice must be raised to ensure that this never happens again. Hands up, don’t shoot- justice for Mike Brown.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve always thought Mikey Way of being not-so impressive compared to Ray Toro. But after reading what he’s gone through earlier this year, and what he beat yet again, I can’t help but feel hypocritical for thinking of him that way because I’m going through the same thing now myself.

I’m sorry, Mikey, for underestimating what you can do, and my excitement for what you’re going to do with EC has increased by a lot.

You’re important, and I’m proud. We are all proud. Good job.