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Oh yeah… I drew and Underbird comic for Sam a while back during one of his livestreams. There comes a time in every artist’s life when he must draw an Underbird comic. The pull is unavoidable…

(Ignore super lazy copy pasting. I took a break partway through to watch Submarine and it was like, 3 in the morning by the end of it…)

Take me to heaven baby!

A little silly animation I did for my super talented fuzzy faced big hearted colleague and friend Sam (mr Fargalex himself). It was his birthday recently so i have done lotsa lotsa doodles of his wonderfully drawable face. I got quite a few good doodles out of doing that, so the next coupla posts are gonna be MORE OF UR FACE Fregalex!!

He is riding his awesomely silly character Underbird.


Some drawings from my sketchbook including lots of people I’ve been trying to draw on the tube during my work commute - mostly if they’re asleep or reading something so that they don’t notice me!