Normal Mistakes That Teens Can Make:

Stealing booze.

Smoking too much weed.

Drinking too much booze.

Becoming infatuated with the wrong boy/girl.

Finding a place that does (usually bad) underage tattoos.

Sneaking into concerts.

Addiction to videogames/internet.

Things that are NOT a normal part of becoming a teenager:


Sexually abusing kids is not a normal thing that teenage boys do growing up. If anyone partakes in this behaviour they know full well what they are doing. It is insulting to say it is “just a mistake” and all should be forgiven. This behaviour wont magically disappear into full adulthood. The fact people are defending this guys is sickening and illustrates why so many children are victims of sexual abuse. 

When parents come in and try to set up an appointment for their 14- 16 year old daughter to get a dream catcher/infinity symbol/feather/bird silhouette/meaningful quote/anchor tattoo and I tell them its illegal to tattoo minors in Massachusetts, and the only shop around here who will tattoo minors is owned by a convicted rapist, often enough the parent replies

“Oh, OK… I’ll just take her to New Hampshire to get it then" 

and then I get excited because I get to say "well you can try that, but in New Hampshire tattooing a minor is considered child abuse


Day2: Something illegal that I think should be legal is minors getting tattoos… But I don’t mean like… 13 year olds or some shit. I mean like at least be 16 and pass some form of I.Q testing because I got the above one when I was 16 as a present [shhh] and I’m happy with it and all.. but it sucks that it had to be done lowkey cause I am pretty sure that I could have gone to a decent shop and gotten it done way better so yeah.


Just me though…

“i thought you’d like this. it’s in Chinese but it’s some girl on my facebook who got this awful tattoo and it’s supposed to say “Thug Life”. She doesn’t speak the language so who knows what it actually says but what makes it even funnier is that she was about 14 or 15 when she got this! lol fucking kids i swear.”

Haha thank you for this submission! I really hope this says chicken noodle soup.

When someone gets tattooed underage, it’s just asking for shit artwork and lack of giving a fuck, it’s stupid. It’s not like it’s on your skin forever or anything.

Any who, I guess you’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to? You’re an heiress too Coral where’s your story? Well it’s coming right now. My high school life was pretty boring aside from the top secret underage tattooing. Which, by the way, did not stay top secret for as long as I had hoped. It turns out I couldn’t wear long pants for a whole summer. I got a stern lecture about going behind their backs and doing it underage but lucky for me my parents are giant marshmallows. They weren’t mad, just disappointed (ouch!). Long before I graduated high school I had decided that I didn’t want to go to university, there was nothing for me there and my parents were very understanding. 

Instead dad got me a job working at the gallery with him. Pretty much all I do is welcome people, answer phones and hang paintings but it’s kind of fun and I get to go to all the glamorous functions held there. Also there’s a decent amount of down time for me to pursue my passions for writing and drawing. Right now I’m working on my first web comic, my 50 followers seem to think it’s pretty great so that keeps me going. What’s that? A boyfriend? Nope I’m still single, a lot of guys find me intimidating, whatever that means. So that’s it, you’re all caught up on the cookie family. My life is pretty boring but that’s ok, I can always escape into my writing if things get too dull.

literally just got hooked up with a tattoo shop that gives tattoos to underage ppl who are “in the know” or whatever…. I’m getting a baphomet on one of my shoulders for sure

anonymous asked:

Madrid, Tel Ave

madrid: describe your aesthetic

paint and ink over nail polish; thick frame glasses. a bad attitude; sweater paws; a chilly breeze from a not-quite closed window; winged eyeliner and caffeine headache; teeth and lips and the crystals on my windowsill; lace.

tel aviv: what is your favorite thing about your family? 

they’re just wild. like, my aunt tried to convince my mom to let me get a tattoo underage, my other aunt mistook dead bugs for potpourri once, my uncle’s a right-wing hick, my oldest uncle on my dad’s side is super odd, and my dad’s closest brother just retired and is not going to be home for like nine months or something. my cousins are a whole other game. they’re all just whacky. 

this was fun :) 

city asks

anonymous asked:

0-44. Hehe


I am 5′6.
I am not a virgin.
I wear a 9.5
I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. 
People always think I am underage. 
I have one tattoo and multiple piercings, I want more. 
Bendu is probably my bestest bestest friend.
My biggest turn offs are being unkind, vulgar, or lying. I don’t really have anything specific I can say turns me on- I just kinda sometimes am like damn

I don’t have a favorite movie.

Someone I miss would be Jessica. 

I have a lot of traumatic experiences, but I don’t want to just post about them on here. 
My personality is pretty easy going- I just have a lot of mood swings. 
I hate mostly everything.
I can’t find anything to love right now. 
I want to be happy when I am older. 
I get along with my siblings. My sisters are twins and i don’t have a favorite. I love them both, but sometimes Sam is easier to talk to. My brother is two years younger and I am super proud to say he is graduating this year. 
My dad is one of the people I look up to. My mom is one of those traumatic experiences I have. 
Perfect date…probably be hiking or going to the lake/waterfall around sunset.
I don’t have that many pet peeves. I just hate when people are rude for no reason. 
The boy I like is my chubby hero. 
I try not to dislike people. ahah. If I am not friends with someone, I push back the hate and just think about the good. 
Ive lied to my friends because I thought they wouldn’t understand. 
I hate when teachers/your job assumes you focus on that soley. 
My last text message was a message to my boyfriend that says “tea” because he went to get food. 
I don’t have any words that really upset me, it’s more combinations of words…like song lyrics. 
I love encouraging words.
Honestly, in both men and women, I love to see when they are passionate about something. 
Id like to live in Ireland or New Zealand.
I have a lot of insecurities. 
When I was little, I wanted to be a lawyer. 
I like chocolate chip cookie dough. 
I wish I could be a happier version of myself. 
I want to be asleep rn ahaha.
I had cookies! 
Sexiest person would have to be uh idk. 
A random fact about mcdonalds is that they put like 4 bags of sugar in their tea and I dont care lol.