When parents come in and try to set up an appointment for their 14- 16 year old daughter to get a dream catcher/infinity symbol/feather/bird silhouette/meaningful quote/anchor tattoo and I tell them its illegal to tattoo minors in Massachusetts, and the only shop around here who will tattoo minors is owned by a convicted rapist, often enough the parent replies

"Oh, OK… I’ll just take her to New Hampshire to get it then" 

and then I get excited because I get to say “well you can try that, but in New Hampshire tattooing a minor is considered child abuse


Day2: Something illegal that I think should be legal is minors getting tattoos… But I don’t mean like… 13 year olds or some shit. I mean like at least be 16 and pass some form of I.Q testing because I got the above one when I was 16 as a present [shhh] and I’m happy with it and all.. but it sucks that it had to be done lowkey cause I am pretty sure that I could have gone to a decent shop and gotten it done way better so yeah.


Just me though…

Eye Candy
  • pairing: D.O/Kai (dom!soo)
  • author: SirKaspian
  • length: 4.1k
  • warnings/kinks: age gap, underage sex, food play, tattooed!soo

There’s this tattooed worker just around the corner. A man with wine red hair and a sidecut - a man with dainty skin, daunting eyes and a sinful mouth. It’s a man named Kyungsoo, and he works in the little ice cream store. He knows just what to do with his tongue to rile the customer, Jongin, up.

(read here)

"i thought you’d like this. it’s in Chinese but it’s some girl on my facebook who got this awful tattoo and it’s supposed to say “Thug Life”. She doesn’t speak the language so who knows what it actually says but what makes it even funnier is that she was about 14 or 15 when she got this! lol fucking kids i swear."

Haha thank you for this submission! I really hope this says chicken noodle soup.


This girl I’m friends with on facebook got not one, but FOUR tattoos from her uncle who “owns a shop” a few towns over from me. (I don’t know if he does them out of his house or not). This artist is terrible, he has clients and he is just terrible. All the lines are shakes and blown out, it’s flat black where there’s supposed to be shading. Not only that but she dragged he friend down with her! Her friend (underage) got a tattoo from this guy. I want to claw my eyes out.

pootrick-stump asked:

DO ALL THE NUMBERS!!! (See if it sent this time)

Send me a couple numbers to find out:

  • Have you ever:
  • 1. Skipped class? nope, never.  
  • 2. Done drugs? nope, never 
  • 3. Self harmed? nope…
  • 4. Drank? yes and i didn’t like it 
  • 5. Shoplifted? nope, to much of a wimp 
  • 6. Gotten a tattoo? nope. underage but i like the idea of getting and ankle bracelet one 
  • 7. Broken up with someone? yes. i was laughing so much a friend had to finish it for me
  • What’s your favorite:
  • 8. Show? right now The Flash 
  • 9. Movie? wild child 
  • 10. Song? daylight by 5 seconds of summer 
  • 11. Tumblr? drpierre, she so sweet and has great jokes 
  • 12. Singer/Band? 5 seconds of summer but i also like t
  • Taylor swift 
  • 13. Memory? cycling with a friend and she thought she was good enough to let go of the handle bars and put a bag on and went into a tree
  • 14. Book? Angels and Demons by Dan Brown 
  • This or that:
  • 15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? fly because i don’t like public transport so flying would be good for me
  • 16. Cookies or Cake? cookies because i don’t feel bad if i eat a whole packet of them :)
  • 17. Twitter or Facebook? twitter 
  • 18. Movies or Books? both 
  • 19. Coke or Sprite? sprite. i hate coke so much 
  • 20. Blind or Deaf? blind because i live for music 
  • 21. Tea or Coffee? tea…..im British 
  • What’s your:
  • 22. Age? 17
  • 23. Sign? Capricorn 
  • 24. Height? 5.7
  • 25. Sexual orientation? straight 
  • 26. Shoe size? 8
  • 27. Religion? i don’t have 
  • 28. Longest relationship? erm not sure i gave up after a week 
  • Opinion on:
  • 29. Gay rights? MUST HAVE 
  • 30. Second chances? depending on what they have done, like if they killed your cat then never ever, ever give them a second chance 
  • 31. Long distance relationships? maybe
  • 32. Abortion? most likely i don’t want kids, but adoption may be an option 
  • 33. The death penalty? no i disagree 
  • 34. Marijuana ? if medicated then yes 
  • 35. Love? i don’t really have one but go you have love 
  • Do you:
  • 36. Believe in ghost? no but zombies yes 
  • 37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? away i fond it hard to breath so away is more helpful 
  • 38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? closed my sister sleeps with the light in 
  • 39. Love someone? Luke Hemmings 
  • 40. Still watch cartoons? YES, i just finished watch teen titans…..again
  • 41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? not at this point in time
  • 42. Like yourself? so part others part could be better….like a working nose

anonymous asked:

Where do you get your tattoos done underage?? They're beautiful.

An ex friend introduced me to a creepy guy who does them in his basement. definatly aren’t perfect but thank you!

anonymous asked:

Kiss, naughty, and fear!

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

At this moment…Jamie

Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?

1. Tattoos

2. Underage Drinking

3. Smoking

Fear: Tell us three fears.

1. Any insects

2. Being lonely forever

3. Drowning

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Ldgsob

by Blue_Five

Harvey Specter is not weak. He is the best closer in New York and he is. not. weak.

Words: 2083, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Ldgsob

earthtoph asked:

sophie (for the ask game)


i really like guitar and the color yellow


a really pale green its quite nice


it always stresses me out so much and i get so much bs homework and projects and my teachers usually suck at doing their job and honestly history class there are so many more important thing to history than war and how stalin came to power honestly


no im underage


i have my ears pierced but thats it i really wanna get a couple small tattoos but im not old enough sigh


send me your name!!!

Run When the Rhythm's Right
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/157fAA2

by Silver_Moon_Lit_Forest

Somehow, when he’d set Peter on fire four years ago, Stiles had never really been expecting to find himself standing in the man’s kitchen, sneaking a cactus onto his window sill.

Words: 4907, Chapters: 1/10, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/157fAA2

anonymous asked:

0,4,7,10,12, 44

(thank you for these!!!!! :D :Dx)

0: Height
5foot 4

4: Do you drink?
Im underage! 😂

7: Have tattoos?
Nah, would like some when im older tho, not sure what of!

10: Want any piercings?
Not to fussed, idk if they would look good on me? maybe? :/

12: Relationship status?

44: A random fact about anything?
A group of crows is called a murder