To anyone who needs it right now:

Here is a 24 hour live stream of kittens that is open until the end of January.

Here are the suicide hotlines for the states in America and this is for international hotlines.

Here are the Independent’s top 20 feel good movies.

Here is a 3 hour long video of the ocean and here is 3 hours of logs on a fire.

Here are 20 different cookie recipes. 

Here is a list of different teas and how they are good for you 

and here is my ask box if you need anyone to talk to.

Stay strong, everyone.

In case you missed the news. (Suicide/bullying trigger warning.)

I haven’t been here in several days despite my queue running and a few Instagram posts but I’ve been told some disturbing news. It seems an anon has been sending hateful messages to fragile people in the Supernatural fandom and a few have, from what I’ve heard, made attempts on their lives. One succeeded at taking her life early this morning. I’ve heard another one might have succeeded as well but I’m uncertain about saying so without solid confirmation.

However, over 5,000 of you follow me and I care about each and every one of you. I’ve called you my little peaches for over a year. Some of you have looked to me for advice about school, love, family, etc., I suppose because I’m so much older than most of you. I feel responsible for y’all because you are indeed my little peaches.

If you cannot tolerate anon hate or if you’re the least bit emotionally fragile, I’m asking you to turn off your anon option. People who really care about you will send you love without feeling the need to hide behind pixilized sunglasses. Just turn off your anons. I, however, am leaving mine on because some of you who reach out to me admit to being shy and that’s okay. I’d rather leave my inbox open in case someone needs help. I may not be able to reply immediately but I’ll be here for a little longer tonight and tomorrow if anybody wants me.

Everyone please remember that there are more loving people out there than hateful people. Just take life one hour at a time. A lot of us care and we aren’t going to abandon any of you who need extra support.

Kissing all of your foreheads.

Fics for Bad Days

I decided that maybe this is a good time to make a fics for bad days list. 

The fics you’ll find on this list are those that I can read when I want to grab a cup of tea, sit on my bed and just enjoy something for a while. I hope that they might cheer you up too!

I’ll go through my fluff tag on my own blog later to get some more things! I’ve read so many fics and know lots of great authors; I don’t really know where to start adding more fics >w<

Unless other specified the explicit fics on this list are top!Dean and bottom!Cas.

Feel free to add to this!

(Currently in alphabetical order! I’ll update whenever I can, marking fics with a ♥new♥)


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Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins have spoken out about the horrible Ambon hate happening in the Supernatural fandom. Please, who ever is doing this please just stop, what you are doing is wrong and you have already hurt to many people. Also, to all those effected by this annon just know that if you ever need someone to talk to my message box is always open. Our fandom is a family and we will stick together.