Trans!Tucker is literally my favorite Tucker headcanon.

Trans!Tucker who has fantastic sex with Sister because she doesn’t give a shit what parts he has, they have the best time experimenting with strap-one and toys.

Trans!Tucker who struggles with his identify because he loves junior but pregnancy was something he never wanted.

Trans!Tucker who falls in love with Agent fucking Washington when he’s doesn’t even blink when he accidentally sees him naked, just yells at him to find pants.

Trans!Tucker who bonds with Kimball and Jenson when he has to track down period supplies on Chorus.

Trans!Tucker who’s best friend is an artificial intelligence program, who’s sword is a magical alien key, and who has a space pirate/mercenary with a personal vendetta against him trying to destroy him and all his friends and none of those compare to how much of a pain in the ass it is to fit a binder under his under armor. But he doesn’t give a shit, cause he’s a hot ass piece of man meat with a sexy blonde boyfriend, an awesome kid, and a magical glowing sword of destiny.

bedtime story:

“Vladimir Nabokov, teaching his students how to read Kafka, pointed out to them that the insect into which Gregor Samsa is transformed is in fact a winged beetle, an insect that carries its wings under its armored back, and that if Gregor had only discovered them, he would have been able to escape.

And then Nabokov added: ‘Many a Dick and a Jane grow up like Gregor, unaware that they too have wings and can fly.’”
—via lapitiedangereuse 

painting by Christine Wu

st. vincent ; paris is burning

they say:

“i’m on your side when nobody is, cause nobody is.
come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear.”

we are waiting on a telegram to give us news of the fall.
i am sorry to report: dear paris is burning after all.
we have taken to the streets in open rejoice, revolting,
we are dancing a black waltz; fair paris is burning, after all.

oh no~

enclosed in this letter there’s a picture,
black and white for your refrigerator.
sticks and stones have made me smarter.
it’s words that cut me under my armor.

they say:

“i’m on your side when nobody is, cause nobody is.
come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear.”

“One of the best examples,” Jackson said, “ is that at the end of WWII some librarians decided that they wanted to put books on tape for people who lost their vision. Those were the first audiobooks. And today, there’s Audible.com, there’s Amazon, there are so many uses for audiobooks outside of those who are visually impaired.”

There are dozens more examples. Under Armor recently acquired the patent for a one-handed zipper. NPR added transcripts to their site for the hearing-impaired, and their traffic increased 7%. Inclusivity is a good business move.