I had a very strange dream… 

It was about the plot of Wander over Yonder set underwater. YEAH MY BRAIN IS WEIRD ;A; . Then again, it made up a story that made complete sense! (I’m really surprised, like really, usually it’s a mess up there).To give you the basic plot:

Just like in the series, Wander and Sylvia are traveling but instead of space, it’s in the coral reefs. One day, a sunken ship rushes by and a golden coin falls from it. This golden coin is so bright that it gives Wander and Sylvia enough light to go explore the deepest seas.  The coin, in fact, was part of a treasure the nameless pirate (here Hater), captain of the sunken ship, needs to summon a beast from the sea’s depths that will..grant…Him…Power over the oceans…

(at this point my brain gave up, I guess)

For some reasons this idea makes me really happy and excited <3 ! I had to make this a thing °v°. 

I didn’t have to look away from reflective surfaces anymore as I passed them, and every window of every building became an opportunity to admire my hair, admire how the suit fit me, and admire how natural Bree and I looked together. We looked like any other young couple, and both of us had huge, stupid smiles plastered across our faces. Her curls bounced as we walked and the pastel sundress she was wearing blew against her front as we walked, suggesting what was underneath. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to touch her. It was exhilarating. I felt like a teenager again, except that I’d never actually felt like this even when I was one.

From Chapter 28 of Under My Skin, a novel by me about a person’s struggle with her gender and sexuality. 

Pictured are Bree Dejanovic and Min Lee (the main character), after Min’s transition. 

The art is by the fabulous felitomkinson, and more of her art can be found here.

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I am
a project in the making,
I will need updating and erasing.

But there is no need
to scrap the whole project,
when I’ve already gotten this far.

—  things i tell myself to remember
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We are human, we suffer, we cry, we have a heart, JUST LIKE YOU, we are the people of Gaza, we do not have an ARMY, nor an AIR FORCE able to defend ourselves, with few resources we try to resist the MASS MURDER that goes on and on! This is not a war is GENOCIDE, this is not self-defense is ETHNIC CLEANSING, help us before it is too late !! 
Photos relatives of victims of the bombing in Gaza TODAY

Under Lock and Key - Chapter 20

Hartbig prison AU. Previous parts can be found here.

- - - - -

Grace stares out at the sunset beyond the electric fences, her eyes shimmering with tears. Hannah feels guilty for asking Grace to recount what must have been the worst night of her life, and feels her own eyes stinging with the threat of imminent tears. But she knows that the story is almost over and asks Grace one final time, “So what happened next?”

Squeezing Grace’s hand with her own, Hannah tries to convey as much sympathy as she can through such a simple gesture, letting Grace take her time.

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