AIR POLLUTION IN CHINA:  As can be seen in the photograph of smog in Beijing, China has a huge problem with air pollution. Recently, Chinese social media was occupied by a stunning 143-minute documentary titled “Under the Dome” by investigative reporter Chai Jing.

The documentary was viewed more than 100 million times in little over two days. It was viewed 126 million times on Tencent’s popular video site alone and it has completely galvanized the country’s attention. It is now being compared to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring or All Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth as a possible turning point for the environmental movement in China. Segments of the documentary may now be found on You Tube and various news reports from the western press:

  • Under The Dome Documentary on China’s Pollution by Chai Jing - Part 1 (English Subtitles)

Under The Dome - Season 3 - Preview


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