My submission for Talent House’s Design a Poster for Lindsey Stirling contest. If you like, please take a moment to vote for me in the contest!

Doing this poster was nerve racking but liberating! Most music posters are very graphic, which can be difficult for illustrators, but I’m a huge fan of Lindsey’s and in the spirit of her album’s theme I felt compelled to break out of my comfort zone. For over ten years there was a person in my life who was very good at graphic design, but they were unconstructive and constantly discouraged me from trying to experiment or learn design. That person is no longer in my life, but they sucked so much confidence and energy out of me for so long that I still grow apprehensive whenever I work with text.

To get past the fear I played both of Lindsey’s albums while working, though that’s pretty much the usual. I see her music as a marriage of classic and current, so I looked to historical posters to get started. I found inspiration in René Gruau and Wes Wilson’s work, and Lindsey’s ballerina character reminded me of Degas’ impressionist, imperfect dancers. The resulting poster is a mash of all those things, with Union Jack colors colours for London. The ring on her finger is a detail directly from the Shatter Me video too. My goal was to keep it painterly while working digitally, to combine past and present visually the way Lindsey does musically. 

Anyway, thanks a bunch for reading and looking! You can give up to two votes using Facebook and Twitter, and Tumblr reblogs to help spread the word are much appreciated. Voting ends on September 20th!

Street look: Green linen

What I was wearing:

  • J. Lindeberg unconstructed blazer
  • Flanella Grigia trousers
  • Morris Heritage shirt and knitted tie
  • Boggi pocket square
  • Sand loafers 

For a lot more photos and details, please click » here «

I do not have a ‘type’. It is an unconstructive, sometimes devastating concept I no longer have any use for. I know chance and fate are far more talented and imaginative matchmakers than I could ever care to be. I have learned the most important relationships are always the unexpected sort - the people who come into your life with traits and qualities you never knew you wanted or even considered before but now, on reflection, cannot imagine a life without.
—  Beau Taplin || My type.

Pitti Uomo 86 Orazio Luciano - La Vera Sartoria Napoletana

After many years of service at Kiton and Isaia Orazio decided to follow his dream to start an own company, La Vera Sartoria Napoletana, the real Neapolitan tailoring.

Orazio Luciano La Vera Sartoria Napoletana was actually founded in the early 90’s. Thanks to Orazio’s business partner and son, Pino Luciano, the brand reached out to businessmen and people with an more appetite for a high-class lifestyle. Making the jackets slimmer and more lightweight also attracted a lot of attention for the brand among these customers. This is the brands signature, more known as the unconstructed jacket. All the details are there, the Neapolitan shoulder without padding, the vintage fabrics, patch pockets, AMF-stitching and most of the time no lining at all. And let’s not forget about about that all the handwork that’s done with the products, most of the tailoring are made completely by hand.

La Vera Sartoria Napoletana offer both ready to wear and made to measure and pricing starts at € 2000. It’s not bespoke but it’s close to it, both with the attention to all the details and the fitting is superb.

The Blue Unconstructed Sport Coat: Some Tips on Buying at a Bargain

People around these here parts make frequent reference to looks that they either plan on adopting, or have already adopted, as their Spring/Summer “uniforms.” This outfit usually consists of some light colored chino or jean, a white or light blue collared shirt of some sort (to be worn unbuttoned with a pair of shades suspended in the thus-created v-neck, or buttoned up with a navy knit tie—dots or stripes optional.) Double-monks are of course de rigueur in this uniform, though there do indeed still exist some folks (myself included) who lack that particular shoe in their rotation. Loafers of any sort (penny, boat, Italian driving) will complete the look to the satisfaction of the #menswear community.  

The piece de resistance is of course a cotton or linen unconstructed jacket in various shades of blue, from deep navy to newest Pantone color ‘bloggeur.’ This post is dedicated to suggesting ways of getting one without having to absolutely break the bank.

Though I generally recommend the thrift route, and have myself found two nice blue (navy and light-bloggeur actually) unconstructed jackets this way (an Alessandro Tellini—seen above, and a Paul and Joe), I understand that not everyone lives in a place where the thrift stores are as well-stocked as those which I frequent. That said, I absolutely do think that having such a jacket as a staple for the upcoming warmer months is a necessity. It will keep you looking good without burning up in hot weather, and it is extraordinarily versatile. Its versatility should be a factor when making your financial calculations, and this is the one piece in a Spring/Summer wardrobe that I’d be happy dropping a little extra coin on because the mileage you can squeeze out of it will be well worth it. After all if it’s truly a uniform, you’ll wear it almost every day.

If you live in NY, then go to Uniqlo and get one like that which acutestyle has been wearing of late. Hell, buy 3. Game over. Buy yourself a burger and some beers with the money you saved and call it a day.

If you live in a place where suddenlee will proxy shop Uniqlo for you, and you’re ok with a significant (though not outright extortionary) fee, then the game is now over for you as well. Eagerly await the delivery of your package, and curse the fact that Uniqlo is expanding its retail operations so slowly in the U.S. 

If you, like me, have the misfortune of living outside of our nation’s greatest metropolis, then your options will be mostly reduced to online offerings (though SF is getting a Uniqlo in the Fall…). Always check PutThisOn’s weekly ebay roundups. The legwork Jesse and Derek put into helping out regular dudes trying to up their sartorial game is a blessing, and we should be eternally grateful for it. The items on there will tend to close at a higher price than items not featured on that list, but if you’re clever you can deduce certain search terms by reading various auction descriptions and strike out intrepidly on your own in search of a blue unconstructed jacket. That’s what I’d do.

Though L.B.M. 1911, Boglioli, and Isaia are the labels to own right now, they’re also priced rather high (though Yoox does offer deep discounts on L.B.M. 1911 jackets). If you care more about the look, and less about the label, then assiduously trawl ebay until you find the perfect jacket. I find that is often the best route.

If you do decide to do this, know your measurements. Take your favorite jacket and take the following measurements:

1. shoulder seam to shoulder seam

2. armpit to armpit

3. sleeve length, from shoulder to end of cuff

4. waist taken across the top button of the jacket while buttoned

5. total length of jacket taken from the bottom of the collar straight down the center of the back 

Then, when checking out ebay auctions, if these measurements aren’t listed, ask the seller for them. Now begin your creative ebay search process. Some search terms to get you going that might help you pick up something flying under the radar are: “blue cotton blazer”; “navy linen jacket”; “blue cotton sport coat” and any of the various combinations you can make out of reorganizing those terms…

Good luck!

anonymous said:

I personally don't like how some SQ fans constantly tweet the writers and the actors, trying to gently or not so gently nudge in the direction of fulfilling representation through guilt, accusations and unconstructive criticism...BUT every fandom in existence has done that so why be fucking hypocrites?? Let's not forget how much of butt licking some righteous CSrs have done and how some of those oh so tactful people drove MRJ to the point of snapping back at them.

ah yes. They were actually quite nasty to MRJ to the point of calling him ugly and that he does not deserve Emma because he is not hot enough.

Then they also called him a liar when he said he was filming 3x22.

And here’s the thing as far as I know SQ does not go into CS/OQ posts and start to demand SQ. But CSers go in every single post any media makes about SQ and try to make it CS/OQ.

So if the author of that post is right and there is such a thing as Queerforcing, does that mean that CS/OQ are hetero-forcing? Because really I could come up with screenshots of CS/OQ people going into SQ posts done by the media to demand more CS/OQ. Is that hetero-forcing?

It sure is homophobic, because you can’t say the gays are forcing themselves in media. That’s like saying black people demand attention and why the fuck do they ask to not be shot?

You know it’s just that. And there is a difference between what that CSer was implying and what most of SQ are doing. That guy was implying that we do it because we want SQ canon and are forcing A&E to make SQ canon. Lately actually the posts have been about simply acknowledging we exist. @OnceABC didn’t even mention us when it came to the Zimbio poll and rather deleted the tweet than add SQ to it? Is demanding recognition as a group of people queer-forcing to use the term?

He makes it seem as if SQ is this massive oppressive force, like the white people oppressed the black people. It’s actually not. It’s the reverse, but we fail to see the stuff as it is. Demanding your right as a minority is not forcing people. The majority is in fact forcing you to not ask for your rights.

I do not believe that a minority group will force people, they are in fact the ones forced to endure what is imposed on them. Say slaves did not force their liberty on white people, it was white people that forced slavery unto the blacks, women did not force men to give them the right to vote, it was rather the patriarchal society that forced them to stay quiet, stay at home, make babies and literally be relationship property

So lets not mistake the asking your right as a minority to forcing people. Asking for your right is not forcing people to give you that right, rather you are forced to live without your right by the majority.

Embrace the winter in class and innovating style…cashmere-alpaca jacket of Caruso makes the statement!! Finest cloths in the lightest unconstructed jacket model makes the perfect match to find a way between the use, the comfort and of course… The luxury feeling. #lesbaronsknokke #lesbarons #knokke #exclusivity #luxury #caruso #madetomeasure #madeinitaly #italy #italian #italianfashion #menswear #mens #mtm #bespoke #suiting


GANT Rugger Spring/Summer 2015 Men's Collection

GANT Rugger Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Collection

Summer in the City–Staying in the city for the summer season and looking sharp, even wearing simple clothes, is the main inspiration behind GANT Rugger’s spring/summer 2015 collection, which has been displayed during New York Fashion Week. Embracing a relaxed attitude, made of lean silhouettes and unconstructed volumes that balance a laid-back sense of style with a modern approach to dressing,…

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What is it to be truly radical? To stand naked beyond all frame of reference, definition, limitation; to BE the infinite embrace of love in the face of all life, every conscious being, all possible phenomena; to abide effortlessly as your own limitless nature, as stark truth in the face of ten thousand things; to penetrate every structure of relativity with fundamental simplicity- This is the timeless reality in which we are saturated. Could anything that can be conceived be compared to or even approach this sheer inconceivability, incomparability, immeasurability? Radical, courageous, revolutionary, liberated, is the pure awakeness of unconstructed Reality, of All that is, of fearless and unconditional love in action. To allow this truth to be realised we must become like space- Dare you let go of cherished concepts? Dare you let go of judgements and hatred? Dare you admit that you don’t know, that you don’t not know? Dare you taste your own innate and limitless freedom? I dare you.

DAPPERED: In Review: J. Crew’s Unconstructed Workwear & Corduroy Sportcoats

These two are pretty similar. Both are made from cotton, both are sized in XS – XL instead of inch-measured chest sizes, and both are almost completely unstructured. The sleeves on each of these sportcoats are lined, but other than that… there’s no shoulder pads, no back lining, and the only lining on the front of the jackets is made from the same fabric that’s on the exterior.

They’re casual, they’re fall-appropriate, and with the every-so-often 25%-30% off discount, they drop into the mid $150s.

But the corduroy is the real winner here. And not just because it’s a more basic, versatile grey.