ku re dang rtsed mo - {ma brtags pa’i bab col ku re dang rtsed mo bzhad sogs} unconsidered or insincere words, laughing and joking, playing the fool [RY]

brtags pa - {ma brtags pa’i} unconsidered [RY]

tho co - 1) crude/ unconsidered/ inconsiderate/ improper; 2) meaningless/ nonsensical/ foolish jokes/ talk; 3) not in accord w the true situation; 4) w/o fear of danger [IW]

tho cho - 1) crude/ unconsidered/ inconsiderate/ improper; 2) meaningless/ nonsensical/ foolish jokes/ talk; 3) not in accord w the true situation; 4) w/o fear of danger [IW]

bab col - {ma brtags pa’i bab col ku re dang rtsed mo bzhad sogs} unconsidered or insincere words, laughing and joking, playing the fool [RY]

ma brtags pa’i - unconsidered [RY]

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…and after a pause [Jack] went on to the detailed arrangements. ‘Let us say ten minutes to run from the cove to the tower, and…’

'Allow twenty, if you please,' said Stephen. 'You portly men of a sanguine complexion often die suddenly, from unconsidered exertion in the heat. Apoplexy - congestion.'

'I wish, I wish you would not say things like that, Doctor,' said Jack, in a low tone: they all looked at Stephen with some reproach and Jack added, 'Besides, I am not portly

'The captain has an uncommon genteel figgar,' said Mr Marshall.


Just so you know i am dramatic (aka video game drunk) right now. Anything that came out of me should be unconsidered
All posts will be deleted
This is my purge night?
No punishable crime

khant-help-being-sherlocked said:

Nah, it's not embarrassing at all. I just find it funny because most people just associate British accents with the English accent. It's nice to see someone who likes Scottish :)

Oh, yay! Yeah I flipping love it. I was hoping I wasn’t being unconsidered or something, because well for you it’s a completely natural thing, but for me it’s different and it’s really cool but that doesn’t mean I should act like that, idk, I’ll shut up now

Yay for Scottish accents!


        You never answered 
          my questions, I’ll have you know — you will not get out of not telling
          me so easily.”
          Answers, something Kirigiri will stop at nothing to obtain, almost 
          no course of action will be left unconsidered to do just that. If force
          must be used, she’ll use it.
          Simple as that.

Our ignorance of the cosmos is too vast to commit to atheism, and yet we know too much to commit to a particular religion. A third position, agnosticism, is often an uninteresting stance in which a person simply questions whether his traditional religious story (say, a man with a beard on a cloud) is true or not true. But with Possibilianism I’m hoping to define a new position — one that emphasizes the exploration of new, unconsidered possibilities. Possibilianism is comfortable holding multiple ideas in mind; it is not interested in committing to any particular story.
—  David Eagleman
The Technical Secret To The Success Of The Ice Bucket Challenge

Saved you a click: autoplay.

One unconsidered factor in all the thinkpiecing about why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral is autoplay videos. The #challenge, which has so far raised more than $50 million for the ALS Association, would not have succeeded to the extent that it has without one of the most annoying features on the Internet.

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Friends who actually keep you updated in regards to plans instead of just leaving you hanging is really turning out to be a luxury for me. I’m getting really sick of being the friend who gets carelessly pushed to the side, talked over, and just blatantly unconsidered when I feel like I go well out of my way to be friendly and considerate to those I know and care about. I’m a fucking person, dude. Come on.

Kenya's Intelligence Service Is Worried About Who Their New Chief Will Be

August 19, 2014

Anxiety in NIS over Gichangi replacement

The Star (Nairobi)

August 19, 2014

OFFICERS of the National Intelligence Service are anxious about the possibility of outgoing Director General Michael Gichangi’s replacement being appointed from outside the spy agency.

Several who spoke to the Star said it does not help to boost morale and reward hard work if none of their eight directors is considered for the top job.

The eight directors are Francis Kirinya Mwongo (Internal), Joseph Kamau (Operations), Chris Mburu (External), Moses Tenai (Counterintelligence), Alexander Muteshi (Analysis and Production), Major Kosen (ICT), Samuel Otieno (Administration) and Major Mativo (National Intelligence Academy).

"When you are the people who handle all intelligence gathering for years and then an outsider is brought in to be your boss, people will definitely feel unconsidered," said an officer who cannot be named. "Are we just here doing nothing? Why do they think that someone else can do a better job? If a military person is to come here, let him first retire from the military otherwise he might still take orders from elsewhere."

Gichangi announced his resignation on personal grounds last week, and President Uhuru Kenyatta said his replacement will be named later.

It has however been alleged that military chief Gen Julius Karangi, who reportedly did not enjoy a cordial working relationship with Gichangi, is pushing for the head of Military Intelligence, Maj Gen Philip Kameru, to succeed Gichangi.

"At least Gichangi first worked in NCTC [the National Counterterrorism Centre] before joining us. But to bring someone directly from the military to be our boss is not good. And why must it come from the person who is fighting us? Do you think we shall give him the necessary support?" one officer remarked.

Gichangi was Karangi’s fellow officer at the Kenya Air Force, where the retiring NIS boss was a war jet pilot and the military head was a navigator. Their relationship is said to have deteriorated to its lowest levels during and after the terrorist attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall last year.

The NIS officers who spoke to the Star acknowledged that while not all the eight directors can qualify to be DGI, Kirinya has been sitting in the National Security Advisory Council on Gichangi’s behalf. Kirinya has held the position of director Internal for eight years.

Of the four DGIs since 1965, only James Kanyotu and Kivuvani were police officers. Kanyotu was the intelligence chief during President Jomo Kenyatta’s administration (1965-1978), and part of Daniel Moi’s (1978-1991, Moi ruled until 2002).

He succeeded Bernard Hinga, who had been appointed first African Commissioner of Police, and served for 26 years, from January 1965 to 1991, when he was dismissed by Moi.

Kanyotu headed the Special Branch, later the Directorate of Security Intelligence, both of which were accused of massive human rights abuses, including detentions without trial.

He was succeeded by William Kivuvani, who in turn handed over to Wilson Boinett, who served as the first Director of the then National Security Intelligence Service.

"Although Boinett came from outside as well, he was a Brigadier in the military, he at least worked under Kivuvani for some months. So when he was appointed the boss, it was not so bad," the NIS officers said.

Gichangi took over from Boinett. When he left the Air Force, he first worked with the NCTC before joining NIS.

Boinett’s name has come up as a possible temporary replacement for Gichangi.

Boinett is credited with streamlining operations at the spy agency that resulted in thwarting many attacks and resolving insecurity issues in the country during most of Moi’s long reign and Mwai Kibaki’s earliest years in office (2002-2005).

Sources within security circles have intimated that Boinett is being looked at as a transitional replacement as President Kenyatta scouts for the most suitable replacement for Gichangi.

  • I hate rich kids so much for having rich parents, yes from envy and that they may become someone who will have control of me, but, also for if they fail,that not only proves the trash that they can spring up but, because it means that the ones that do fail squandered their assets and intentionally for their own self centered and childish ways and turn in to such ghetto rachet people, slime balls that fuck people over. But worse are thoes who grew to be self centered and childish after maturity and become greedy againt their own kids who does not decide to promote their childs growth with their paper power, or the one who squanders on their frivolous kids and spoiling them literally into a state of unconsidered illness. A small amount understand this wisdom and then exert force breaking these people like delecate little dolls. Few know how it should be done and create leaders but, dont teach their kids sorrow or or to sympathize pain amd happiness, they hold intellegance over wisdom. Where can they fall after that, sucess? It is just a small crack very few too in between.
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David Eagleman on Possibilianism

"Neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman introduces the concept of Possibilianism, a new philosophy that simultaneously embraces a scientific toolbox while exploring new, unconsidered uncertainties about the world around us."