Finally Cat-free, Ms. Grande is free to grow up wholly on her own terms. And she’s largely unconcerned about losing her old fans, who are growing up themselves. “The stuff they say to me online is quite shocking,” she said with mock horror. “They’ve got the filthiest mouths I’ve ever heard. But so do I. I don’t advertise that online, though. But I favorite it, I be re-Vine-ing their Vines.
—  Ariana on her fans via The New York Times
Gullible Americans have been trained to be fearful of crime, blacks, Muslims, terrorists, “domestic extremists,” and now Russia. These fears result in the public accepting illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral actions by police and government. With the passage of time the wrongful police and government behavior become institutionalized as the young are born into the system and know no different and the old who remember accountable government and liberty pass away. This is how liberty and freedom die, citizens become serfs, and the rise of tyranny is accomplished. The transformation of the US into a tyranny is far advanced. It is a revolution that owes its success to the gullibility, ignorance and unconcern of the majority of the American people and to a corrupt and cowardly national media that betrays liberty and fosters tyranny.
Alignment, the short version:


  • Good - Willing to sacrifice personal gain for the greater good
  • Neutral - Personal sacrifice only for personal gain
  • Evil - Willing (and usually eager) to sacrifice others for personal gain


  • Lawful - Hold yourself to an externally-defined code of behavior
  • Neutral - Unconcerned by externally-defined codes of behavior
  • Chaotic - Attempts to breakdown externally-defined social mores.

These are definitions of player motivations, not actions.  While all of this is up to GM interpretation for how it works (or doesn’t) in their games, to me alignment is about guiding Role Play, not predetermining it.  A character doesn’t “break” alignment for choosing door A instead of door B.  Alignment changes are a result of that character no longer viewing the world through the above lens  

anonymous said:

wow, how desperate must their team feel to send few seperate interpretations of harry and louis relationship. that alone should make confused people feel more secure that yes, there's indeed something that they are hiding. in pretty shitty way tbh. but they probably don't care about how ridiculous their versions are as long as they are sent out there.

What I don’t think you and others hitting up my askbox understand, is these stories are being told to unconcerned parties on the off chance they care enough to gossip. 

These are not fans or larry shippers or anyone who gives the vaguest of shits. These aren’t people trying to “piece together information” or “look for holes” these are people whose only aim is to take the photos or serve the catering or to work on a corporate promotional alliance or whatever.

Y’all really need to look outside of your fan perspective every once in a while.

The stories they disperse only sound ridiculous when they are compared to each other. On their own, they all sound pretty reasonable, actually.

If I had worked with 1DHQ in some manner prior my involvement in the fandom, saw something, and then heard someone explain it away with, “oh, they used to be together, but broke up. Now they’re just friends and a bit flirty.” I would’ve TOTALLY accepted it because the admission that they’re gay when they’re obviously being presented at straight would be enough to make me feel like they weren’t trying to hide anything from me.

However, if I had seen something and then someone tried to tell me they were straight, it would sent my red flags waving. Especially given how I’m told they act towards each other in fan-free environments.

It’s also worth noting that the stories they tell to scatter industry gossip are the SAME EXACT stories astroturfers push on anon here on tumblr all the time.

Funny that, huh?

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Pining Steve (:

“They do get the irony, right?” Sam whisper-sighs to Natasha halfway through the movie, “Two of the handsomest, most available men in New York, convincing themselves that the only person who’s actually in their ridiculously out of this world league, isn’t?

“They’ll figure it out,” Natasha whispers back, unconcerned, as she takes another handful of popcorn and watches Steve inch ever closer to Tony on the couch.

Steve’s got that hopelessly lovestruck look going on, the one he wears anytime Tony’s in the room and often when he’s not, and he’s clearly trying to find a way to get his arm over Tony’s shoulder without being too obvious; Tony’s hand keeps doing this little inch-hop thing, where he shuffles a bit and tries to nonchalantly get his hand closer to Steve’s. At some point, Steve’s arm is going to get around Tony and Tony’s hand is going to take Steve’s, and the resulting double whammy realization is going to be far more entertaining to watch than whatever shoot-em-up movie Clint has picked this time.

Re:_hamatora in Animedia September Translation

"Nice is my friend, it’s just that now it became necessary to kill him" says Art. Art approaches a group of minimum holders not registered in the minimum institution "The stray minimum holders", each of them taking advantage of the other’s minimum. Furthermore, with use of Moral’s research results, he removes the spinal fluid of minimum holders and ejects it into his body giving himself a variety of minimum abilities, Art who insists on killing nice, has he completely become the enemy of nice and the others.

「Nice is Art’s aim, so in regards to Murasaki, hajime and everyone at cafe nowhere, he will not hurt them as long as they don’t interfere in his attempt of killing nice」(OgoP)

Art who appears to be unconcerned about everything except for killing nice, he was not without an ability but it was found out that he had the “Regenerating Minimum” . If it’s an ability that allows him to heal even serious injuries, then ahead of nice it will be dark…

「『Re:_』can be said to be the story of Nice, Art and Hajime. from now ahead, the past of the amnesic hajime will be revealed, Art and the freemum, as well as the mysterious existence “Saikyou” will come into play, the story will move even faster and larger. Various facts and truths will be revealed every episode」

In Episode 5 Nice was determined to stop the out of control Art, but Art is still trying to kill nice. The Minimum holder who suffer from side effects overtime they use their minimum, can they stop the Art who “does not die” and retrieve their peaceful days!?


STORY / Everytime they use their minimum, it causes some affects on nice and the other’s bodies. Despite that, Art and the freemum join forces, still scheming to kill nice. While gazing at the angered Nice and others because of gasquet’s death.


Art | Voice Actor/Kamiya hiroshi

Formar superintendent of the yokohama police. He was Nice and the other’s friend from the school days at faculties academy. He kept his motive a secret even from the freemum.


Art holding the crown in his hand. Does he plan on creating his own society and become it’s king. What is the society the Art desires…?


- Except for the earlier fight, he seems to be the usual well-mannered Art but…… 

- When he approached the freemum, he did not hide the fact that he wanted to use their minimum powers.


  • Murasaki who is worried about nice more than anyone, begins to move on his own
  • to the body of the amnesic hajime, a big change will happen…!?
  •  Ratio and birthday, try to get their friend chiyuu back from the freemum.

As Always thank youuu good7luck for the scans!