people who buy you food are the best people. 

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Hey there, I was just wondering where the whole double derek theory came from?

I’m not sure who first introduced the double Derek theory but it was a string of things that combined seem to lead to this conclusion…

(now i’m probably going to forget some things and mix others up because at this point i’m fairly unconcentrated and anxious about the finale, so if anyone has made a master post on this, please reblog and link us please or add to it  - thanx)

The first clue was in 4x01 when the gang is in Mexico looking for Derek. they learn that Kate was the one who took him and we get this shot of Kate in front of mysterious symbol


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For a second, the girl’s body seemed to be overcome with nothing but pure, unconcentrated excitement. Nothing was wrong in the world. A cute, adorable child who looked suspiciously like the foreigner that was wandering outside her house these days just complimented her name.

✿ “You really think so? It seems to be a very common…but if you say so, I’ll gladly accept it!”



"Oh! I was worried you would be upset because I wasn’t able to come up with anything! But you know, sometimes the simplest things are the nicest." He laughed cheerfully and scratched the back of his head. At least Sakura did not seem as if she was offended by his lack of creativity.

"The neoclassical model of the individualistic utility-maximizing consumer that forms the basis of most economic analysis is largely a finished subject, but new studies of consumer behavior and interesting new measurements are coming into economics from cognitive psychology, sociology, anthropology, market science, evolutionary biology, and neurology. This behavioral revaluation challenges the neoclassical conclusion that unconcentrated self-organized markets place consumers on a welfare frontier, and suggests new directions for the continuing development of consumer theory. This talk gives a broad, brief survey of behavioral consumer theory, and places its findings in the context of the early writings of economists on the science of pleasure."

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