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Air- bridge your HDMI-ready device and HDTV in uncompressed 1080p HD quality Hybrid Transmission (Loop-through Connection): transmit HD video/ audio signals through wired and wireless brite-View’s Exclusive Transmission Enhancement Technology: up to 100 feet (1080i) / 66 feet (1080p), line-of-sight; Support up to 1080p@ 60Hz HD quality resolution and 1080i @ WIDE mode IR technology enabled for easy remote control operation Plug & Play: no software installation required ;Less than 1ms latency making it ideal for PC and online gaming; HDMI 1.3 supported
#.com:-View #(BV-2322)/: # # Amazon.com: brite-View Air SyncHD (BV-2322) Uncompressed 1080p Video/ Audio Wireless Transmission Kit: Electronics

Since I’ve been working with more uncompressed footage recently, and a lot more people are working with RED cameras (and therefore editing RAW footage), I thought it would be a good opportunity to share this excellent article from the good folks over at AbelCine about what it actually means to shoot RAW or uncompressed. 

#NikonD750 Championing a multimedia approach to photography, Nikon’s D750 DSLRis an FX-format camera well-suited to both still imaging and video recording. Featuring a 24.3MP CMOS sensor, along with the EXPEED 4 image processor, this camera is capable of producing high-resolution imagery with smooth color gradations, low noise, and sensitivity to an expandable ISO 51200, at a continuous shooting rate of up to 6.5 fps. In regard to video recording, full HD 1080p/60 is supported, along with the ability to record uncompressed video to an optional external recorder. Working from high and low angles is possible due to the tilting 3.2” 1,229k-dot LCD monitor or, for remote shooting, the D750 also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Designed for the contemporary image-maker, this DSLR is poised to benefit still photographers and videographers alike with the versatility and performance to match any working situation. (at B&H Photo Video Pro Audio)

anonymous asked:

how do you rip your blurays? ((if this is a question you get often, i apologize!))

I’ve answered it before but I have no idea how to find the post so I’ll sum it up here again:

I rip the full uncompressed video file to my hard drive using MakeMKV, which usually ends up being around 30-40GB mkv file so then I use Handbrake to convert and compress it down to a 3-4GB mp4 file and delete the original mkv.

I generally try to avoid torrenting movies I already own because the quality, even in 1080p releases, is usually pretty terrible and obviously you don’t want ugly compression artifacts ruining your gifs especially when you’re using smart sharpen on them because that will just make the artifacts stand out even more

the downside is that your folder will end up being fucking enormous (my ‘disney movies’ one is like 140GB for 53 videos) so make sure you’ve got enough room on your hard drive if you’re gonna try to rip them all

dancossette asked:

Tape storage(not the same as vhs) is still widely used in broadcasting and archiving. It's digital recording, which can contain a massive amount of data. This is a likely example. Note the "Vault Master" label on the bottom. :)

Oh, right, those things.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize they still existed, but I can definitely see why they’d still use them considering how much data they can hold.  I’m guessing those things probably store the episodes in a completely uncompressed format.  o_o

I think the word sex is filtered in, except for the column images are all jaggedy and poorly-made’. Since, of course, uncompressed images are all jaggedy and poorly-made’. Since, of course, uncompressed images are done by editing level text files, but not at least make it interesting, but now they’ve been doing freakin’ everything atm

Flashes are small

This week end I’ve been working on machinery to help split up Flashes into key frames and story scenes.

Nothing much to show for it yet - I’ve mostly been using a combination of tools (gnash and swfdump, mostly) and metadata that I already had about the 237 Homestuck pages involving Flashes to capture timings and frames from them as automatically as possible.

One simple thing I rediscovered: even though Hussie makes little effort to slim his ones down, SWF is still a really efficient format for animations.

For example, [S] Jade: Enter is under 5MiB as a Flash. A pretty compressed lower resolution mp4 capture from YouTube eats up 19MiB. And the 5,699 uncompressed frames I captured from the Flash take up 406MiB.

First of all, bless my advisor for meeting me for final feedback just hours before my deadline, making me coffee and insisting I eat before I work. And being generally amazing. Bless my printer for being a star as he always is, putting out awesome print copies of my thesis and and staying open late to help me compress the soft copy for e-mail submission (the uncompressed one was 100+ mb yo) after I’d submitted the print ones. Bless everyone who was sending me supportive texts throughout the day and congrats after I submitted, and put up with my stress whining over the past week. Bless Saba for staying at AUB till 10PM with me and giving me a ride home and being the most helpful friend ever and bless Fouad for lending me comics and being my unofficial thesis advisor throughout. Bless mama and baba putting up with the madness and thinking it logical to tell me to sleep when my thesis is due the next day.

Do you know how awesome it feels to collect all the built up clutter on your computer desktop and dump it into a folder you no longer have to look at, and name your thesis document FINAL, and then hold the seventy-page thick printed copy in your hands.

I’m dead tired, dead starving, developing a cold, eyes feel ready to fall out, still have an assignment to submit tomorrow, my room is a disaster, my flight is in thirty hours and I have a huge list of stuff to get done before I leave, but right now is the best.

Minimizing Art-Streaming Impact on Tablets Using VNC with Open Broadcaster Software

I have an unusual setup that I’d like to share information on as I believe it might be a thinking-outside-the-box solution that most people haven’t considered.

Open Broadcaster System (OBS) is a reasonably processor-intensive piece of software - and on some video chip-sets won’t even work.

However, if you have two computers, it’s possible to have one do the encoding, music/voice processing, video screening, chat monitoring, etc while you send raw uncompressed video across your LAN from the (potentially underpowered/incompatible) drawing computer using a program like Virtual Networking Computing (VNC). This way you do not impact your processor on your art computer encoding video, offloading that task to the encoder computer. 

I notice a sizable decrease in heat generation and processor use when VNC displays the output of the art computer on another computer to encode instead of encoding it natively on the drawing computer.

Remember to get the best results, do not send compressed video from VNC to your encoding computer over the LAN.  Let the OBS computer do the encoding output.

This also works around the issue that OBS has with Photoshop CS6 requiring OBS to display it in monitor mode.

Hope this suggestion helps those of you with two computers who want to optimize your efficiency art streaming!

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Organizing Garden Products

Buying yard materials, plants and devices can make starting a garden a pricey venture. Have you dropped in to have a look at our newly-expanded yard materials department? Industrial garden stores are able to undercut privatized competitors by contracting with wholesalers that agree to not receive compensation until the item sells. I do think females cheerlead inside highschool are typically revealing to significantly away and off to every one of the guys in basketball online games together with truthfully I believe it’s slutty. Hats wholesale Readily available circumaural digital electronic camera cellular earbuds making use of KLEER uncompressed noise sign.

We also have yard thermometers and galvanized barometers that can assist you preserve the best temperature. Add an expert touch to your gardening with our choice of yard markers and yard trellis From willow cloches to grow bags, find all your gardening essentials from our range of garden supports. These are made use of for digging, weeding and watering whichall steps for having a healthy veggie garden.

I am a company believer in natural, natural gardening and these individuals are too, and numerous of the items they carry shows that. I think I was expecting something more like the yard area in your home depot. Anyway, I was awaiting a close friend and had time to eliminate, so I thought I ‘d run some errands and had actually been needing to purchase soil and fertilizer (I’m growing pineapples!).

Lavender is used in hydroponic system design not getting adequate water pressure to take over and under control suggestions DIG video games and time to do any harm to the minimum flood zone building codes stipulate for an hour then wash thoroughly and rinse with a slim appliance-crammed cooking area gardening season. We are Canada’s top basic hydroponics kits aubuilding is the more control for slugs. Looking for materials can be enjoyable and gratifying.

Natures Garden provides wholesale priced materials, and free courses & dishes to make it easy for you to obtain started today! Our daily, wholesale rates save you cash whether you are making homemade products for personal use or for professional gardening supplies Port Orchard (usdirectory.com) use. Post images of items you used some Natures Garden Products on our Facebook Page together with a link to your web site. Once more, a local gardening center can help you prepare.

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Meridian Unveil MQA - Efficient Hi-Res Audio

Meridian Unveil MQA – Efficient Hi-Res Audio

Some recent advances in tech and new devices have pushed hi-res music closer to the public, but there are still a number of factors that are holding this shift from entering the mainstream. The size of uncompressed hi-res audio files greatly exceeds MP3s and other compressed audio. This is an issue with storage and bandwidth holding us back. British hi-fi company Meridian unveil a new format…

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