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what is this "occupation" you speak of? there are no jews in Gaza. they left in 2005. why do you idiots keep reiterating this lie?

Gaza is still treated as an occupied territory by the U.N

Israel may have dismantled illegal Israeli settlements in Gaza in 2005, and withdrawn from exercising control over Gazan establishments, but the freedom of movement of Gazans, the ability to import and export goods into and out of Gaza is still wholly under the control of the Israeli forces. There is an ongoing military blockade in Gaza which limits the economic growth of Gaza, their access to drinkable water, and the ability of Gazans to travel freely and maintain any sort of livelihood. The limitations of imports into Gaza are irrefutably unfair—there’ve been accounts where medicine, wheelchairs and food as foreign aid was not allowed to enter Gaza for uncited reasons. Furthermore, Gazans are deprived of the ability to seek proper medical care. There’ve been multiple deaths at border crossings because of the military blockade in Gaza for uncited reasons. Gazans face all of the struggles of an occupied people and are routinely confronted with racism, unlawful detainment, excessive force (which has lead to death in the past), and humiliating tactics by the IDF. 

Again, Gaza is still treated as an occupied territory by the U.N and most of the international community. 

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"99.998% of gun owners kill no one" yet another uncited statistic from the anon who keeps using fallacious arguments from 2011

EXTREMELY fallacious

Ughhhh I hate the entire internet

From most reports, albeit unconfirmed and uncited as of yet, Del Rio slapped a backstage employee. A backstage employee, as in not another wrestler. If it were another wrestler, it would be someone who takes bumps as a part of their job, but still unacceptable… but a backstage employee could be catering, could be PR, could be merchandising, could be ANYONE.


Randy Orton calling a person “Miss Piggy” is not the same. One, he did not assault an employee of the WWE, two, he is playing a character, even on his twitter, even walking to and from the ring… that’s his actual job. He’s one of the best heels in the company.

Jack Swagger and Eva Marie being sloppy in the ring is also not the same… I’m actually someone who will agree with those opinions, but not everyone will so one, it’s rude for you to make this situation about someone you dislike and two, the WWE has not decided that their lack of technical skill is a safety issue (which upsets me but ya know) and they’re still doing their job, not ASSAULTING people.

Emma being arrested for a misdemeanor unrelated to work and outside of any place of business or venue for the WWE is very obviously nothing like this.

I absolutely loved Del Rio. He was a wonderful heel. Too subtle for this audience, honestly, and I thought he wasn’t appreciated, and this happened right after his BEAUTIFUL match with Dean Ambrose…

but neither I nor the WWE wants to condone treating employees VIOLENTLY. No talent or push in the world is an exception.

So I’m filling my queue and I’m just kinda disturbed by the large amount of uncited art in tags. Is it really that much trouble to properly source the work. I’m just.