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Finally the moment arrives when the last sustaining piece is removed and the tree stands again on its own. It is as though its weight for a moment stood on your heart. You listen for a thud of settlement, a warning creak deep in the intricate joinery. You cannot believe it will hold. How like something dreamed it is, standing there all by itself. How long will it stand there now? The first breeze that touches its dead leaves all seems to flow into your mouth. You are afraid the motion of the clouds will be enough to push it over. What more can you do? What more can you do?
But there is nothing more you can do.
Others are waiting.
Everything is going to have to be put back.
—  W. S. Merwin, “Unchopping a Tree”

The Great Spanish Road Trip Part 1 ~~#CostaBrava, #Spain~~ For three days the coastal winds blasted away overcast skies revealing a clear palette of gradient azul. The normally serene Mediterranean Sea was churned into a froth that coated my skin and lens with sticky salt. Normally my Vata constitution would feel unsettled with winds that make standing like a frat hazing. But these conditions were perfect for solo landscape photography adventures. No time to waste; I drifted my micro Fiat Panda round countless corners on tangled mountain roads. No time for dining; I fueled my body with local grocery offerings of lunch meat, cheese, bags of salad greens, PB&J, and entire unchopped vegetables eaten like apples. And there were apples. And while I have never seen ancient villages nestled in rocky seaside coves before, somehow The Great Spanish Road Trip feels like home. http://ift.tt/1HqhhHA