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The Great Spanish Road Trip Part 1 ~~#CostaBrava, #Spain~~ For three days the coastal winds blasted away overcast skies revealing a clear palette of gradient azul. The normally serene Mediterranean Sea was churned into a froth that coated my skin and lens with sticky salt. Normally my Vata constitution would feel unsettled with winds that make standing like a frat hazing. But these conditions were perfect for solo landscape photography adventures. No time to waste; I drifted my micro Fiat Panda round countless corners on tangled mountain roads. No time for dining; I fueled my body with local grocery offerings of lunch meat, cheese, bags of salad greens, PB&J, and entire unchopped vegetables eaten like apples. And there were apples. And while I have never seen ancient villages nestled in rocky seaside coves before, somehow The Great Spanish Road Trip feels like home. http://ift.tt/1HqhhHA