Favourite comic book ladies: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
↳ But everyone’s story begins once upon a time…and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.


Favourite comic book ladies: Rogue/Anna Marie
↳ When ah went to the X-Men, ah was desperate. They had every reason to turn me away. But they didn’t. Ah figured if they believed in me, ah owed it to them to believe in myself. To try. To get better. Ah found out ah could. So much more than ah ever imagined possible. Ah’m still learnin’ that. Biggest lesson was that there were people who cared enough to help…but at the end of the day, it was up to me. Ah ain’t gonna lie. It was hard. Still is. And ah live knowin’ it could all unravel if ah make one wrong move. But it all started with someone believing in me. And me takin’ that first step. Ah believe in you. Now it’s your move.


Uncanny Avengers character designs by Daniel Acuña

Now due to Ragnarok saga, showing the deaths of team members and the spell cast by the Scarlet Witch , a new saga begins , called Planet X (same name saga naos 2000 Grant Morrison ) , present a different world and several new characters.

In issues # 16 and # 17 , which brought the last moments of Ragnarok Now, a new Marvel Universe appears very insane and disconnected because of the machinations of Kang . From issue # 18 , we know the machinations of Kang for all those chosen by him to be part of your own team . Among the chosen are one Deathlok , Disgusting , Arno Stark 2020 , 2099 and Doctor Doom Conflyto.

Remender also revealed that Katie will be further exploited in the new arc. On Planet X, Havok and Vespa will have starring roles , while Magneto is the antagonist . Their uniforms are different, as shown in the Art of Daniel Acuna.

Remender told the whole saga will be told in 25 editions . And finally, after Planet X, there will still be issues with the conclusions of previous arcs with the Red Skull and Massacre .