For the past several years, Blum has been on a mission to dismantle affirmative action. He’s done this primarily by finding students who have been denied entrance to colleges and universities – essentially hosting casting calls – and then framing their rejections as the result of affirmative action decisions that favor “less qualified” African American and Latino students that fulfill institutional “quotas.”

And now, he’s cherry-picking data and appealing to conservative racial ideals to rope in Asian American students to be a political wedge against affirmative action – most recently by filing admissions discrimination lawsuits against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. Even worse, this strategy aims to divide and conquer People of Color by pitting Asian American students against other marginalized college hopefuls.

Edward Blum doesn’t have our best interests in mind – he only has his racist calculations in mind.

Expose Edward Blum’s manipulative tactics and tell him we won’t be his Model Minority minions. SUPPORT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BY SIGNING HERE!


For those new to my blog, we have two incompetent old neighbors who think they “own” a feral cat. They occasionally feed her and sit on the stoop of the apartment with her, but she has never seen a vet and is not fixed.  She runs away from anyone but these neighbors, and there is nowhere to put a trap where the neighbors won’t notice.  Every couple months, like clockwork, she gets pregnant and has a litter of kittens, which the neighbors also believe they “own” despite not actually taking care of them at all, leaving them exposed to storms and predators and cars. They get angry if they see people “stealing” the kittens even though they have no intent of caring for them themselves. We have tried (and are continuing to try!) contacting Animal Control groups about it, but they haven’t responded.

So for now, we have to take the situation into our own hands. Every time we see this happen, Ash and I lie in wait for the opportune time to rescue the kittens while the neighbors are away, clean them, feed them, and find them loving homes. (My cat, Winkle, is actually a rescue from the same mother as these!)

This time, the litter appears to be five, but we will check back in case we missed one. There’s a super friendly and brave calico, (bottom picture) who is obsessed with cuddling.  Two tabby twins, one slightly braver, both very loud purrers who love petting.  One yellow tabby (not pictured) who loves food more than life itself, and one buff (second to last picture) who is very shy and prone to hiding, but learning to open up. (Even if this means hiding under me instead of the furniture.)

If you live (or know anyone) in the Chapel Hill, NC area who would like to adopt a kitten, please contact me or Ash.

Space Savers For Your Room


We are excited that campus will soon be populated with students again as the new semester starts in August!

As you are gathering up your belongings and shopping for more, we have some great ideas on how to save space in your room.

Under Bed Space Savers:

Bed risers – these are inexpensive and a great space saver! They lift up your bed approximately 6-8.” This allows you to use the space under your bed for storage!
Storage bins or rolling cart for under bed – these are great for storing sweaters, sweatshirts, notebooks, etc.
Shoe bag for under bed – this is an easy way to organize your shoes and not clutter up the bottom of your closet.
Hanging jewelry organizer that you can hang in your closet – keep all of your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled while saving space on your dresser!


Closet Organization:

Hanging closet organizer – You can use this for shoes, socks, work-out clothes and save drawer space in your dresser.
Space saving hangers – Have you seen these? They are great; they really save space on the clothes rack in your closet.
Over the door shoe organizer (behind closet door) – if you don’t like the under-bed shoe bag then this is for you.


Room and Bathroom:

Hanging shower organizer – this fits over the showerhead and keeps all of your shampoos, ect together neatly.
Storage shelf/bin for bathroom – Some are just shelves, but the ones with the drawers are our favorite. Shelves are great for towels and extra toilet paper while the drawers are perfect for your toiletries.
Stackable cubes as nightstand – you can store your textbooks in the cubes while it serves as a nightstand!


Also, check out our article on how to decorate your room on a budget! Do you have any good space saver ideas that you can share? Please share some of your ideas below!