THIS IS POOP but ok, i made a drawr (??) and this is really awkward i don’t understand a lot and still have to get used to it and i didn’t know you could watch people’s progress (thats super embarrassing for me bc i never know what i’ll draw and i often doodle in the corners like drawing dicks and stuff) but i guess i like it better than tegaki bc you can pick up colors and theres a redo button god bless



Past few days, there has been overwhelming hurtful things being said about Kim Hyun Joong. Him being tight-lipped about the whole scandal has caused further negative reaction. Haters are calling him coward and accusing him of being guilty. I see reports saying that the scandal has hit his image and career. I just wanna come out and say I am going to support him through this.

If he really cared for someone he would not want to expose that person to media scrutiny or tarnish her reputation in any
"I noticed that when people date publicly and breakup, it’s usually the woman who suffers for it," he said. "I don’t think
there’s any need for a woman who may later marry someone else to have the title of my woman following them. If I’m not going
to marry that person, I will never go public with the relationship out of respect for that person’s life.”

This was an excerpt from his interview a while ago.

My gut tells me that he is not guilty and that there is more to this story than the media is making it out to be. I respect him because He still has not stooped down to her dirty level and trying to do the same to her reputation what she is doing to him. He could have told she is crazy stalker woman or something like that and kept the media on his side for a few weeks at the least, but he did not.

I know that even if he hates his ex-girlfriend or whoever she is, he will not utter a single bad word about her. Maybe he is trying to salvage the situation without hurting anybody.

I am not delusional fan. I just love him unconditionally and want to hear his side of the story. Keyeast’s statement reveals nothing. We know only one side of the story. A guy beating up woman is wrong, but what if in this case a girl beat up the guy and instigated the whole physical abuse? What if the girl is out seeking revenge because Hyun Joong broke up with her and wants to destroy him? There are hundreds of scenarios what could have actually happened and Hyun Joong will probably never make it public trying to protect her.

I remember, at his first showcase presenting his first mini album “Break Down” in Seoul back in the 2011, he read out a letter to his fans. He had a difficult past year but went through with it with his head held high, without uttering a single word or sigh. I think he is doing that again- carrying his burden all by himself and trying to put a brave face to this world.

I know he is hurting inside and probably feeling betrayed, I hope to God he gets through this and comes out stronger.

Possible "Diamond is Unbreakable" Ending Theme
  • Possible "Diamond is Unbreakable" Ending Theme
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV

So I was thinking, Stardust Crusaders takes place in 1987, and the anime has the ending theme of Walk like an Egyptian, the number one best selling pop rock song of 1987… Using this information, I did reasearch onto the most popular pop/rock song of 1999 (the year JJBA part 4 takes place) and I think I was able to accurately predict what the ending theme will be to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable.

Hey there, here’s a masterpost of all the translated manga spinoffs + light novels of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’d only consider reading them after you’ve read their corresponding parts. I you’re just starting Jojo I’d recommend to check out this posts link. Additional notes and partially translated/untranslated novels are under the cut.

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