EXO M Next Door Part 3
  • Xiumin:Hey! You!
  • Luhan:Xiumin is looking at me! My life is amazing!
  • Xiumin:Yeah, whatever. Did you not get my LINE message?
  • Luhan:No, I deleted LINE after it got blocked in China and never added it again. -looks at camera- Although, it should not have been blocked. Petition today to keep this amazing app unblocked!
  • Xiumin:Yeah, it's pretty stupid that was blocked. What could people POSSIBLY use for messaging if they don't have LINE?
  • Kris:WeChat?
  • Xiumin:Exactly. Nothing.
  • Luhan:Yea, that's true, most people here use WeChat.
  • Xiumin:So since you have absolutely no messaging app, I had to hunt you down in person like it's the freakin dark ages
  • Luhan:Why did you want to find me? :)
  • Xiumin:We need to lay down some ground rules for you working in our house as the cleaning lady.
  • Luhan:I'll lay down your ground rules
  • Xiumin:what
  • Luhan:what
  • Xiumin:What does that even mean? Was that innuendo?
  • Kris:Suho's here!!
  • Suho:What? I'm not Suho. I'm Tao. Don't you see my wushu stick?
  • Kris:That's just a regular twig... like... from a tree.
  • Suho:Yes, it is I, wushu master Tao. And I am wondering if you can direct me to a place where I can purchase adorable stuffed animals.
  • Kris:I don't understand. Why are you Tao?
  • Suho:The real Tao is in LA but the fans demanded Tao be in EXO M Next Door. Work with us here.
  • Kris:Oh. Well, I have lots of stuffed animals in the tent in my mom's backyard.
  • Suho:Wow, I sure would love to see them. Thanks stranger!
  • Xiumin:Why do you live in a tent?
  • Kris:Why don't you shut up?
  • -Kris takes Suho into his tent-
  • Suho:Indeed, you have an enviable stuffed animal collection. -hugs Kris- We shall be friends!
  • Kris:-sniffs Suho's hair- I've missed you, my angel.

hatchethandninja asked:

Fear, Intimidate, and land walk all seem to be out of favor. Unblockable has a new template. What is the future of these types of evasion effects?

I would read next week’s “Making Magic”. : )

soyami asked:

I'm kinda starting to hate that granny chick OMG stop me lol anyway do u know where I can watch the movie w eng sub?

LOL, awww, why? She’s very sweet to Luhan in the movie, and if you’re worried about her and Luhan ~together~ in real life, Yang Zishan is engaged ^^

I answered this awhile ago here, but I rechecked the links, and you don’t need a VIP account anymore to watch it on Iqiyi or Youku. I know there are other unofficial links out there, but these links contribute to how well the movie does, so please use them! If they don’t work, download Unblock Youku for Chrome or for Firefox.

Also, the movie itself comes with Chinese and English subs, so you don’t have to worry about there being a version without English subs ^^

Trotter/Unblockable anon alert

If you get an anon that starts hi :) and asking for clarification on harry/paige because they were not here back then….

it’s the unblockable anon LOL. 

anon - just stop. you’re wasting both our time now.

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once upon a time there was a teen girl talking to people on the internet. she met this one guy and got a crush on him he insisted it was mutual, and then had relations with this girls new internet gal pal time passed she got the feelings again and he lead her on and then put her down with words without trying to and eventually he blocked her after a month, he unblocked her, and she still liked him, ofc. he says hes happy when hes w her. but she knows she deserves more but wont move on the end

You do deserve more (I’m assuming it’s about you) and he sounds like a prick

Relationship isn’t my strong suit though so I don’t know what to say :( sorry

A new Awesome Post has been published on Awesome Facts

New Post has been published on http://awesome-facts.net/ysk-the-hola-unblocker-app-turns-your-connection-into-a-public-exit-node-on-a-p2p-network-it-allows-people-to-use-your-internet-connection-and-potentially-access-illegal-material/

YSK: the Hola Unblocker app turns your connection into a public exit node on a P2P network. It allows people to use your Internet connection and potentially access illegal material.


YSK: the Hola Unblocker app turns your connection into a public exit node on a P2P network. It allows people to use your Internet connection and potentially access illegal material.

They Sell Your Bandwidth, Turning Its VPN into a Botnet


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Unblocking sites

Hey People,

I feel like walking about how to unblock sites at school or work.  A lot of businesses, schools, and even cafes put internet blockers on their internet to stop people from going on websites they choose.  Our school uses m86 web filter.  This filter is commonly popular because it is very hard to get around.  Unfortunately for the school this system still has flaws.  The filter works on the schools internet router.  The blocker only works on a certain IP address, this is what your computer connects to when it uses the internet.  How we can get around this is to use something called a proxy.  A proxy is a website or application that changes your IP address.  In simple terms this gets around the blocker because the proxy’s IP isnt registered to be blocked.  I will include links to a few proxies that work for my school.  The sites themselves are always being blocked so let me know if these get blocked.




One more thing, i listed more then one because sometimes the proxies get very laggy and dont work/work very slowly.  If this happens to you just use the other one or wait for a few minutes.



Hola Unblocker

Hola Unblocker extension for chrome lets you see and access sites that are blocked by your country or censored by your goverment or workplace. 

When Travelling away from home you can unblock your favourite websites with hola unblocker

Very easy to use and it is pretty fast unlike some other services used to unblock websites. When Travelling away from home you can unblock your favourite websites with hola unblocker

Hola is enjoyed by hundreds of thousand of people every day.

Hola is free & ad free.  Learn more at hola.org/faq.html"

Keep reading

VPN & Unblockers

These sites are used to unblock websites such as iplayer & netflix. This list has both free and paid services. It will also be updated just like my other masterposts



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