I had to drop my best friend and my girlfriend at the airport in the same week so now I’m watching tutorials on how to unblock my dishwasher because cleaning fixes everything even though I’m not really interested in anything other than having them back next to me again SO


Was trying to take WIP shots for you, naturally the cat was having none of it. Anyway, this is the back of the wool cardigan I am knitting for my grandfather, it’s a nice heathered blue wool (cascade 220 sapphire) that’s very soft and easy to knit with, and best of all I am getting 4.5 stitches to the inch unblocked which is easily the biggest gauge I have worked with since…uh…maybe ever. Definitely my biggest on a sweater ever. The red yarn is my COWYAK cast on for the right front which should be quite an adventure because there are no actual directions??? he just says ‘do the same decreases as you did on the back’. I AM A BEGINNING SWEATER KNITTER I NEED YOU TO HOLD MY HAND THROUGH ALL THE DECREASING. but I have faith, we’ll see.

(the book is Deborah Newton’s Finishing School, which I borrowed from the library so I could learn how to sew knitted things together. This is my first ever seamed project!?!?!!)

OKAY it’s come to my attention that not a lot of people know about this yet so Netflix users (and other applicable persons) pay attention!

You need Chrome for this awesome little trick so pay attention and go to the extensions store! (Settings > Extensions > Get More) 

Here you’ll search for Hola Unblocker and it’ll be the first result!


Install it!


Now go to Netflix and look in the upper right hand corner of your browser; there should be a little flame dude with a face. 

Click on him and select a new country of origin

(I really personally enjoy Canada’s selections)


Now refresh and enjoy access to hundreds more shows and movies that otherwise were unaccessible!
You can’t add outside your origin country into your instant cue but it’s free and pretty nifty!

Tumblr users in UAE....

I dunno if this is happening to you guys as well but my dash is a total mess right now. Most of the photos are unloaded due to most of the things being blocked by Etisalat. I literally cannot see anything… mostly. -___-  I cannot see anyone’s icon and I cannot follow people through their blogs either.

So one of the solutions to try to fix this problem is to go to this site: http://www.etisalat.ae/proxy and fill in the form. Justify why Tumblr should be unblocked and stuff like that. The more people who’d fill it, the more that they will pay attention to this problem and try to fix it ASAP.

Kiss me again 
everything else is a distant sound 
a star that explodes the boundaries of the sky 
Kiss me again 
I want be with you 
chase with you 
all the waves of our destiny

Title: Where Is Your Boy Tonight (I Hope He Is A Gentleman)
Pairing: Harry/Louis unrequited Nick/Harry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,600
Summary When they hang out together at other times, Nick is usually more careful. It’s not that he’s expecting Harry to cut off their friendship or something ridiculous when he finds out. It’s that he knows Harry would be lovely about it. Harry would look at him with huge sypathetic eyes and apologise that he didn’t feel the same way, and then he’d give him a huge hug and go home to Louis with Nick’s broken heart cradled in the palm of his hand.
A/N: Nick POV of Harry’s birthday night. Title from Fall Out Boy’s ‘Grand Theft Autumn’ because I’m a cliche like that.