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Are the USA on the verge to be converted to ‘Unbig’ ? (Since the time Smart tries to be sold over there … we will see if this new attempt will work)

‘Unbig’ Smart Car Pokes Fun At American Obsession With “Big” @PSFK


Smart - Unbig. Uncar.

Razorfish, Merkley & Partners, USA

Unbig = Upgrade

One of the best and quite unexpected things about owning a Smart Car is going to the Mercedes-Benz dealership.  Today I just received an email that my local dealership was hosting an soiree featuring art from two local galleries.  No fee requested, just a simple RSVP.  When is the last time you went to an art show at your car dealership?  Never, right?  When I had my Mazda, it was no fun going to the dealership with its harsh fluorescent lights, utilitarian waiting room, hard chairs and buzzing vending machines stocked with overpriced sodas.  Now, when I get my Smart serviced, I can luxuriate in the soft chairs in the Mercedes-Benz cafe and sip on the free bottled water or purchase an overpriced soda (some things are the same everywhere), and maybe get a bite to eat if it’s the lunch hour.  Apparently, my dealership also has free ice cream on Wednesdays, although I’ve never been there at that time.  And what makes the experience even better is to know I own one of the most economical cars on the road and am not paying Mercedes prices for it (Smarts retail between 11k and 16k). Can you say upgrade with a big smile on your face?  I knew you could.

precisely as unbig a why as i’m 
(almost too small for death’s because to find)
may, given perfect mercy, live a dream,
larger than alive any star goes round

—a dream sans meaning (or whatever kills)
a giving who (no taking simply which)
a marvel every breathing creature feels
(but none can think) a learning under teach—

precisely as unbig as i’m a why
(almost too small for dying’s huge because)
giving much mercy more than even the 
mercy of perfect sunlight after days

of dark, will climb; will blossom: will sing (like
april’s own april and awake’s awake)

—  e.e. cummings