The Johnson Family: AKA Ty got all the brains AKA Maybe we should let another pantheon take control AKA I really hope the Frigg has brains where they lack it.

  • Olaf: gives his grandson’s girlfriend dope cookies. for one.
  • Axl: Thinks he can stop Ragnarok and give the universe the finger. Also think he’s gonna find the frigg with a bogus beer commerical. . Also decides his mom should become a tree, aka something flamable, when Loki, aka the god of fire, is pissed at her. Need I go on?
  • Anders: Hacks a branch of yggdrasil and doesn’t notice that a woman supposedly from Norway doesn’t have an accent that would suit that particular geographic area. Among other things.
  • Johan: tries to take his son to Korea without his consent and thus pisses Odin off.
  • Agnetha: Kills Loki’s daughter.

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"Bunny pyjamas, really?" Ariel states.

"It’s all I could fine in my size.", Red says sitting down as she crossed her arms.

"Its not easy finding something to fit a tall willow build that doesn’t leave ya swimming in large amounts of fabric.", she says folding her arms over her chest.

"Sides, these things on unbeliable soft and comfy."

/94929381172 Yet people forget that if they retcon Lydia’s age just because Marrish, it could mean that Stiles is gonna be 18 soon too (Lydia’s bday is in March and Stiles’ in April), or if Lydia is older that the rest of her classmates, it could be ridiculous and unbeliable, after all she is a genius, why should she have been held back a year, when Stiles stated to being in the same class since ever? Also, I am sorry for your sister (if she exists), but since when is a relationship=instant sex?
—  anon

it makes me wanna cry just to think of how perfect u are???? 

youre 100% feminism friendly..and im not saying that u deserve a cookie for that but like..just think of how fuckin rare it is for a boy??? and youre just generally into social justice and equality and shit and….youre so hot and attractive in looks its amazing….. i t s unbelie v a b le……… an d also tjhe way u dress and shi t and everythinf iits just unreal…… and youre also so passionate an d sensual and gentle ………. you do art, you play a few instruments including bass….. your interests are just so damn a w e som e…….. you like drugs which is kinda nice because i do too…….. ok gotta say this. i like ur genitals bye…..and you r e also so kind you could never ever yell at me or put me down or hurt me or make me feel bad on purpose

i m
literal ly
i don t understand why you would ever even pay attention to me ????

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I had a bunch of friends who went through the same kind of stuff with college last year, they all wanted to come home. get involved in a bunch of stuff on campus, have a positive attitude and by the end of second semester you won't want to come home! hang in there love! And remember you can always talk to your tumblr family if you're missing your real one :)

I know that I’ll be fine by the end of the semester, it’s just the transition that’s scaring me!! I’ll get through it. I always do. And thank you so much! I love the tumblr family! You guys are unbelieibly supportiv!