So while in the lobby of my building I ran into a white guy wearing the Haitian flag as a bandana
  • Me:Is there a reason why you're wearing my flag as a bandana?
  • White dude:Um, I went there. Where in Haiti are you from?
  • Me:That's really disrespectful. I wouldn't wear an American flag as a bandana.
  • White dude:I just like Haiti. It's to honor them.
  • Me:Bullshit.
  • His white dude friend:What's your issue?
  • Me:My issue is him flat out disrespecting my flag, just b/c he went there once. It's disrespectful that's what it is. Do you know how hard we had to fight to get this flag? And how hard we're still fighting today to keep it?
  • White dude:Do you want me to take it off?
  • His friend:Man, you don't have to take it off. It's a free country.
  • Me:It's a free country, you do what you want. But just know you and yours ain't shit for this.

we went to anime-zing in mcdonough and their location moved so we went to the new address and the new store was having their grand opening lmao they were having magic and the whole store smelled like unbathed nerds

doublecleffmusic said:

KingDUMB hearts lol

I will go a month without bathing while also getting extremely sweaty working/exercising, then when I get some money, I’ll fly over to Arizona just to tie you down and rub my sweaty, unbathed armpits and ass crack all over your face, more specifically your nose.

And just to make it worse, I won’t untie you; I’ll leave notes and riddles for Kris to find you, and I’ll be back on my plane to home to play Kingdom Hearts in the comfort of my home.



Loc Ness Mobsters.

With the hotel maids banging on the door and the front desk calling our room phone, because we over slept past checkout time, we got up. One of the things that several people had recommended that we check out in Nova Scotia was a light house on the Eastern Coast at a place called Peggy’s Cove. That was pretty much the only thing we had planned for the day. We checked out of the hotel grabbed a cup of coffee from a local artsy, hippie, dirty kinda spot. The place smelled like an unbathed vagabond that was swarming with flies, needless to say the coffee was shit, however Mara said her cappuccino was dope. I resorted to stopping at the first Tims minutes later. I don’t recall the name of the coffee shop but the toonie that I paid for the dirty hippie water was more well spent admiring some of the local art displayed on the wall.

The drive to Peggy’s Cove was a nice winding, scenic route leading through the hills of New Scotland and fishing communities on the Eastern Coast. We parked the car not too far from the actual lighthouse and a nice five minute bike ride got us to the cove. When we got there, there was loads of people gathered around on the rocks in what we later discovered was a wedding ceremony.

I looked at Mara and said “hey we’re crashing a wedding.” Bucket list ✅

Peggy’s Cove from what I understand is infamous for burning down over 100 years ago, where Peggy’s, wedding dress caught fire on the oil lantern light as she religiously waited for her ship wrecked fiancé to never return. That fact made this very old couples wedding a little bit more haunting, ironic, and official to me.

We took some pictures, made fun of some tourists and jetted on our bikes back to the car. On the way back we stopped in West Dover and ate at this seafood restaurant called Shaw’s. I have been trying my damnedest to eat at least vegetarian with a goal of yet again becoming vegan, so I think I tried at least four or five veggie burgers on this trip. Mara constantly busted my balls about being on the East Coast and not eating seafood. For the most part I held on including eating in West Dover. But I have to tell you for being a world renowned seafood restaurant in Nova Scotia, it was the best veggie burger I’ve ever had….FANTASTIC!

After that we wondered around Halifax in the car in search for Sunday evening thrift store possibilities….Sundays are hard for that anywhere…no bueno.

Still a bit tired, maybe even a little bit salty with our first night in Halifax, we linked up with Tom, our airbnb host, which was coincidently in the same hood, the North end. We napped most of the evening / night away. Woke up groggy and bored around midnight, went for a slice of pizza, and found this historical Shakespeare garden/trail/bike path that led into some pretty dark and spooky woods. We found a nice big smooth rock to lay on, shared a coffee and smoke and hashed out all the qualms of our used to be/would be/could be separate love lives. Drove back to the B&B and passed out.

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u should do the 1st 15 ?s

1:Full name. Miranda L Bak

2:Zodiac sign. capricorn

3:3 fears. being alone, losing my friends, breaking

4:3 things I love. my friends, music, kisses

5:4 turn on’s. nails on my skin, kisses anywhere, biting, button up collared shirts

6:4 turn off’s. unbathed, rude, stuck up, bully

7:My best friend? Kyle

8:Sexual orientation? lesbian

9:My best first date? havent had an official one

10:How tall am I? 5’3”

11:What do I miss? my friends

12:What time was I born? like 3am ish? 

13:Favorite color? teal

14:Do I have a crush? kinda?

15:Favorite quote? “Stand up and walk. Move on. After all you have perfect legs to stand on.” -Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist


I don’t normally do text posts, but this is an exception.

A while ago, while I was walking back and forth from a nearby highschool and a near printing press, I saw a homeless man. Yes, the typical ragged clothes, unbathed skin, and uncombed hair. The odd yet amazing thing about him was that he was holding a notebook. And he was…… writing. 

Now, I never really got to sneak a peek of what he was writing, whether it was a list of debts, a short story, a poem, and the like. It wasn’t his composition that made me feel amazed, it was that even though he has no proper shelter, he could write. He looked pretty into it, too. Here, in the Philippines, the homeless man doesn’t even come close to a New York bum/hobo. It’s much worse. But this one, he was writing.

He didn’t look like he had proper education, but at least he knows the basics of writing. Not all men in the world know how to write. And this one, he was rare. He held on to his education despite the struggle of surviving a day. He was homeless, and might not even have a family of his own, yet he held on close to the only education he received. Some people, they let go of this, thinking that after finishing school, it’s the end of learning. No. As they say, the more we learn, the more we become human. This man may be more of a human than a Philippine politician (I’m not mentioning names), and if this statement is true, then I can truly say that THIS generayion is slowly deteriorating. People of the planet called Earth, do your fugging part. Hold on to humanity, just for the sake of the upcoming generation. We don’t want them to be worse than this, don’t we? Just… have faith in humanity. Do your part.

I hope le rabbit gets well soon. & if he doesn’t, well guess I’ll just grab a book, pop over unbathed and roll around in the sheets alone. Lazy bunny day.