So while in the lobby of my building I ran into a white guy wearing the Haitian flag as a bandana
  • Me:Is there a reason why you're wearing my flag as a bandana?
  • White dude:Um, I went there. Where in Haiti are you from?
  • Me:That's really disrespectful. I wouldn't wear an American flag as a bandana.
  • White dude:I just like Haiti. It's to honor them.
  • Me:Bullshit.
  • His white dude friend:What's your issue?
  • Me:My issue is him flat out disrespecting my flag, just b/c he went there once. It's disrespectful that's what it is. Do you know how hard we had to fight to get this flag? And how hard we're still fighting today to keep it?
  • White dude:Do you want me to take it off?
  • His friend:Man, you don't have to take it off. It's a free country.
  • Me:It's a free country, you do what you want. But just know you and yours ain't shit for this.

Happiness is when you found one of the hidden Easter Eggs.

Talking about luck, we were still in our pajamas when my brother checked his Instagram account and unexpectedly chanced upon Sunnies Studio’s IG account. They posted a photo of an Easter Egg with a caption saying they’re going to hide Easter Eggs in some particular places and fortunately, Pampanga is one of the chosen places. 

We patiently waited for further announcement as to where exactly in Pampanga the eggs are hidden. My brother kept on refreshing his feed if Sunnies Studio posted already. In less than 10 minutes, they posted another photo informing Pampangeños that the eggs were hidden in Astro Park. My brother rushed to the comfort room and hurriedly took a shower. Unbathed, my sister dropped him off in Astro Park.

Minutes have passed. I received a text from him saying he has not found one yet. He was feeling hopeless as he roamed the place. After a while, he texted again. This time, his text was filled with excitement and happiness. Yaaaay!! He finally found one Sunnies Studio’s Easter Egg!

This huge Easter Egg enclosed a pair of sunnies, 1000 worth of gift certificate and some sweet treats.  

I tell you, it was really spontaneous. One second you are making love with your bed, the next thing you are out in the field searching for something you’re not sure of finding.

Things really happen unexpectedly. 

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I have a suggestion. You should definitely kiss Kristoff.

{♔} —- “Not until he’s had a bath!” the King insisted. Crossing both arms across his chest, Hans set his jaw and said, “I had it drawn up the moment he passed through the palace gates, but apparently he wastoo tired‘ for a bath–or a meal, or to even greet me properly. Perhaps, after he’s been gone for so long, I wanted him to be the one to kiss me.”

Hans motioned to the bedroom door over his shoulder, knowing that an exhausted, unbathed Kristoff slumbered within.

“The sheets will reek of sweat and reindeer for weeks…” Hans murmured, though he did not sound entirely displeased by that. With a shake of his head, Hans sighed and looked back to his guest. “I’ll kiss him when he wakes. Or… when I wake him, at least.”

American Eagle sent me a selfie stick for free with my purchase so I can take beautiful pictures of my unbathed just-drove-home-from-Cali self!

New Post has been published on http://thelimitedpress.com/happy-good-electric-cigarette-5-ltd-to-20/

HAPPY good - Electric Cigarette 5" // [LTD To 20]

HAPPY good has released a limited edition 5-inch featuring “Electric Cigarette” (Seconhand Mix).

David Speakman (aka HAPPY good) recently released his new album …overjoyed, enraptured, entranced. 

The new album is “parts electronic sludge, post punk, & avant-garde with a dash of unbathed hippie for flavor.The songs themselves are mostly passing narratives of the downtrodden, the listless & the hero.  The sparse melodies are backed by disjointed, yet absorbing percussion that would make Tom Waits blush.”

HAPPY good followed up the release with a limited edition 5-inch featuring the track “Electric Cigarette” (Secondhand Mix). There are two variants of the 5-inch available, one is on picture disc-vinyl and the other is on standard clear vinyl (or acrylic, to be specific). The 5-inch clear vinyl is hand-cut and limited to 20 copies!

5-inch on Picture Disc Vinyl

5-inch on Clear Vinyl

Head over to the HAPPY good store and order the 5-inch here.

Stream the album below:


pale milk skin like the petal of a moon, open at dusk blooming at tombs
of dead diseased men like he; sick and free to bleed and plead with god
to spare him from the hanging tree.

my eyes that blink and break and close of day, (I pray)
my hands that grasp at ice-cream sticks and sand on beaches and hot fairground rides
in summertime, these lips as forbidden as adult wine.  

knees bruised from prayers and kneeling of a different sort to fill
the vocal cave and cavity for one man alone, and so i sit
upon the dusty flower windowsill. the fragrance
of madrid, lights of tokyo, lashes the length of the great wall  
of china; and china wrists, and china features too.  

he says he wants to worship me. he wants me as a catholic schoolboy
dirty-kneed, wide-eyed,
unbathed and unwashed
and untainted and unbled and unbroken
adorned with words of light and teasing and swears (he says I should
have washed my mouth out years ago.) he wants me
to come to him like a boy attending church on a sunday. let me sit on his pews  
nestle those legs deep into mine, fill myself with every inch of his sermon
that kisses my lips as red as close of day (I pray).

—  lust // r.t
are we still friends?

Are we still friends? We used to be friends. We used to tell secrets and eat dinner and smash things. You used to hold my heart in your hands. I cherished, I believed in, everything you said.

Now I’m standing here on the subway, coasting home at slow to moderate speed, the strong smell of unbathed homelessness filling each car I run into, and out again, and into the next.

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dropping casual hearts/pointy penises for myself bc this day is stressful af

holy week break served its purpose

but look at me now

to mimic my org’s engg week

unbathed, unslept, unhumane

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