News:🔥At least it won’t explode!
The 918 is unarguably the best of the three hybrid HyperCars out there! With its 4.6L V8+2⚡️motor it makes 887HP and 944torques! 0-60 in 2.4-2.6 seconds and a 211MPH Top speed! Well Porsche is Recalling all 918 Spyders built including all 223 in the U.S.! For what? Well they will tweak where the wiring harness for a radiator fan is placed so is doesn’t get damaged! Of course it’s free of charge to fix! Let’s hope none of the 918’s burst into flames🔥

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You're beautiful my love, don't listen to someone who can't even show their face and hide behind a screen sending someone hate. They are pathetic. Take care love. <3

Thank you. <3 You are beautiful too, and you take care as well.

The Call

Dib hit the concrete floor of the laundry room at a dead run, the cotton-candy breeze of the interdimensional spindrift fluttering the thin black spikes of his hair. Usually, he kind of liked the feeling of crossing from one world to the other, but today his stomach was a sickening leaden block under his ribs and he took the steep basement steps in a serious of lunging leaps, making tiny agitated noises under his breath, like a small dog choking on a peanut.

Bonnie had kept him talking for an incredibly long time. In his current jittery, overburdened state, knowing GIR was still at large, it had felt like days. Dib’s suspicion that he was somehow being stalled had only been held at bay by the unarguable fact that everything in her lab- everything she’d been showing him- was completely fascinating. Even with the horrible shock of GIR’s escape jangling at the back of his mind, Bonnie’s appeal to his scientific curiosity had been too much for him to resist- for a while, at least.

The house was dark. The downstairs hallway contracted around him like a black throat as Dib raced down it, coat flapping, scrabbling in his pockets for Mab’s key. He knew he had to get to Zim before GIR did, and as he skidded into the cave he’d already wound up to full yell.

“I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO, ZIM!” Whether he did or didn’t, this sort of statement was always a pretty safe bet. “YOU’RE- huh?”

Dib stopped, a few paces from the door. The cave was warm and night-dark, and the circlet of netted sky twinkled down on the unoccupied pillars, the sandy, deserted floor. Silently, the boy backed up and lifted a hand to the big switch rigged up by the impossible door, bathing the wide space in harsh radiance from the big temporary area lights set at intervals around the walls.

Empty. He knew it without looking. He knew it from the feeling- the big fat sucking zero where before the cave had crackled with an intense, hostile energy. Zim was gone.

Zim was gone.

Dib sagged against the nearest rock formation, his knees suddenly deciding they didn’t want to support his weight. He stumbled, grazing the palm he put up to catch himself on the rough sandstone, and as he flinched back he saw something flash under the lights- a glint of metal tucked away in the shade of the pillar. 

He grabbed at it, his small newly-scraped palm stinging fiercely as it closed around a handful of tools. His tools. His pliers, his wire cutters, his smaller battery-powered welder. Strips of solder and neatly-excised chips of Irken circuitboards, glittering like purple-pink gems.


had given




Dib made an incredulous, winded cough of a noise in his throat. He let the bits of discarded circuitry fall out of his hands and jerked himself to his feet, teeth clenching, his body moving like a puppet in the hands of an unkind child.

“Si… Simon?”

He took a deep, shrieking breath.


Crazy About Boobs

I think I’m simply stating the glaringly, blindingly, bleedin’ obvious here when I say we live in a strange world, run by irrational people with weird (and often downright harmful) beliefs. That much is surely unarguable.

Now I could happily sit here all day listing examples which prove that but the internet hates long, wordy posts and you have better things to do anyway so .. breasts. Lets just talk about breasts for a moment.

On any hot summers day, at most beaches, men parade nonchalantly around bare-chested, with moobs proudly on display, while women have to cover their breasts up. In some cases women baring their chests is actually against the law (!!) and exposes them to its malevolent machinations. You can show your bare foot, knees, elbow, face, but not your breasts. Because .. umm .. ‘reasons’

Today in the USA, for example, it is effectively illegal for a woman to be topless, breastfeeding included, in 35 states. In less tolerant places like Louisiana, an exposed nipple can take a woman to jail for up to three years and cost $2,500 in fines. This is, and I agree it’s hard to believe, 21st century America and not some surreal satire concocted by a bunch of stoned comedy-writers.

A cynic might almost be tempted to think that these strange conventions were designed to ensure that women’s breasts conformed to the male view of their purpose, in other words it’s okay to expose them in a sexual context and for titillation (no pun intended) but all that messy business of producing milk and feeding babies or even just  like .. yanno .. being a human being with a chest .. Ugh ! Keep that nasty stuff under wraps, willya ?

Images of bare boobs are for sale at any newsagents on any high-street, are ubiquitous in advertizing, and pop up perkily all the time in films and on TV where money is to be made and the male gaze courted but just try exposing them to feed a baby in some malls or public places and chances are you’ll be faced by anger, hostility and perhaps even punished by the force of law.

So reason ? Logic ? Common-sense ? Good luck finding any of those. And yes I know that this is just one example of the lunatic behavior of our society (and others) but if we tried to list all of the bizarre irrationalities we’d end up with a document long enough to break the internet. So better not.  I only mention breasts because I happened to be thinking about them just now.   As one does sometimes.

Internet Writer

(cartoon by David Horsey)

Rachel and Kurt are not only original characters, but they were unarguably the most well-known and popular characters on Glee. So it baffles me that they cut not just one, but TWO, HummelBerry scenes from the final episode. And not only that, but still made us sit through a Sam and Blaine scene. Two of the least liked characters and not even original characters at that. Bad call, Glee!

REVIEW: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, RFH

✭✭✭✭ (Four Stars)

Groff is too cool, too pretty, and too sweet to be ideal for the role of Finch, but he certainly found a way to make the part his. He is unarguably charming on stage and he exudes a warmth and comic intelligence which makes him impossible not to watch. He crooned more often than he sang, which seemed odd, given that when he did sing, it was spectacularly good. One suspects that the Musical Direction may have dictated style in some numbers – particularly, I Believe In You. Groff’s clear, clean and agile tenor voice is perfect for Finch’s music; he should have been allowed to revel in the vocal work more. Rosemary was especially good, as was Grand Old Ivy and Brotherhood of Man (when both got going).

Groff had excellent support from Erivo. By playing Rosemary tougher and wiser, Erivo presented Groff’s Finch with the perfect complementary partner. Finch is a calculating, devious, but affable and cute, ladder climber. Groff is not that naturally (or at least does not appear so on stage) and, for whatever reason, was not willing to play it that way. He emphasised his own natural features and charms and could get away with that more easily because Erivo was so strong. Equally, Waddingham, and Clive Rowe as Wally Womper, provided Groff with great opportunities for moments of comic uncertainty. The result was that Groff was truly terrific – and one was left wanting to see him headline a full scale production of this show, one with dancing on the agenda and with Erivo and Waddingham (and Richardson) by his side. (x)

“I won’t lie to you. I won’t say that I don’t wish that you and your father were home more often. I won’t delude you by telling you that I’m perfectly and unarguably happy being in this house all alone. I won’t make you think that seeing you on your journey and seeing your father in that gym is easy for me. I love you too much to say any of those things to you.

“What I will say to you, with all the honesty in my heart, is that I don’t want any of those things to supersede your journey. It won’t be right for a mother to restrict her child from doing anything because of her own reasons. It’s a weighty issue, but I assure you that all mothers will agree with me when I say that the difficulty of letting go is nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing our children grow, seeing our children succeed. And to know that you not being here means that you’re having a successful and meaningful journey? Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Any tips on getting published? I know it's pretty self evident especially if you want it badly enough but it's always good to ask the experts & such.

By “published,” I’m uncertain as to whether your aim is book publishing or magazine publishing, but either way my suggestion is you start with magazines.

The most common advice you’ll get in regards to this is read. And it’s solid advice. Reading will unarguably help the quality of your writing. Secondly, just keep writing, keep pushing your boundaries and keep submitting your work to various magazines relentlessly. Remember that rejection comes with the territory, and don’t let it discourage you. Let it push you harder, and stay open to critique.

And since I work with a literary magazine, let me point you in the direction of
A Literation. We’re open for submissions indefinitely.

Arslan Senki: Episode 8

Haha, I knew I’d end up liking Farangis as she makes quite the empowering quote that is so very true to this day.

Surprisingly their joining the group didn’t take as long as I thought it would, yet at the same time it did save them the trouble of getting the jump on Kharlan and his men; which was quite a humorous sight when all they had to mention was Daryun’s name to scare of most of them.

And just when things liven up with the match between the two Marzban, what should happen but the most anticlimactic ((yet unarguably “shit does tend to happen” scenario)) end for the former soldier of Ecbatana than falling on his own weapon during the match.

Yeah that’s a pretty sad way to go; but then considering he betrayed his King and all his people, I would probably say it’s the fitting sort of end for the likes for him. Worst case scenario is public execution before an angry mob.

But not surprisingly the pure-hearted prince that is Arslan is still sadden by his former Marzban’s passing and begs him to stay with them; not just to give them the information they need in understanding his treason, but simply because he takes genuine compassion on the man.

However even when he’s at his last hour of breath, the pity that he receives from his former Prince is enough to sway Kharlan’s heart a little to oblige in telling them that Andragoras is still alive out there, and that they have a chance of finding him;

though the warning that the true rightful heir will be restored definitely gives them all a feeling of concern that this won’t be getting any easier on this journey.

Yet even as Kharlan’s consciousness fades for good and he feels that who he had chosen to follow was right, seeing this kind-hearted Prince with this band of misfit followers somehow gives him a strange sense that perhaps there’s something more to this party than meets the eye; and that perhaps even his choice in King is not quite as accurate as he thinks.

And while introductions are a bit late for them it hardly seems to matter as Arslan welcomed them to the group right away; though naturally a few are wary of the Minstrel who claims to pledge loyalty to him after informing him of his mother’s condition within the capital.

While his reasons for joining are less than honorable, odds are he’ll eventually come around  too once he “found the royalty worth following“ in him.

But of course before they can continue their journey back to Ecbatana, Arslan implores for Farangis if she could perform an elegy for the men that have died; including Kharlan.

((Love this boy and his compassionate heart in a world of assholes and corroded minds.))

Meanwhile Andragoras gets quite the rude awakening as the man in the silver-mask reveals himself to be none other than his nephew, as well as the “rightful heir“ to the throne.

Yet even after learning the truth that his brother’s son, Hermes, is still alive and intends to take away everything he once had, for some reason he gives a maniacal laugh at this.

Is it simply because it’s some sort of irony at play that he’d been sensing would inevitably happen? Or does Andragoras know of something else going on that he knows will also happen soon after that will also throw things into chaos again?

This is probably going to be something we’re not going to find out right away ((I think)), but it’s exciting to see that what we’ll be in for next is Daryun and Hermes’ clash at last.

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Can you name some good podcasts you'd recommend? :)

Of course I can, anon who read my tags! Most of these will be either film or TV related though I will throw a few that fall outside that purview in here just because. Also if you’re new to podcasts completely, I would give whichever ones interest you at least two episodes. Podcasts often rely on knowing the hosts and their rhythms, and those can be hard to determine after one episode.

Pop Culture Happy Hour - Unarguably my favorite podcast. Three regular members and one guest chat about all things pop culture, though I would say they tilt most heavily towards TV and movies. They’re discussions are more about how these things can be read from a culture view than a critical one. It’s content over technical prowess for them. More feelings-y than critic-y, if that makes any sense. They also all have very distinct vibes that make the conversations interesting and diverse. 

Linoleum Knife - Two married guys podcast about the most recently released movies from their dining room. It’s has a very lived in and laid back feeling to it which I appreciate. They are both seasoned film critics, so their analysis is solid, but not cynical. They’re really good about not sticking their nose up at big blockbusters like some critics do. They are also really good about interacting with fans which is nice.

The B-Movies Podcast - Two guys who also review new releases, but they also give updates on current movie news stories. These guys tilt heavily towards genre films in their preferences, but they review everything new. They’re more willing to find the good things in films that everyone assumes are bad simply based on their genre than most critics which I appreciate. Also, they’re unironic love of the Step Up franchise is one of my favorite things.

Filmspotting - Maybe the most film critic-y podcast on this list, it’s two Chicago dudes who talk about movies. They review either a new movie or an old one (which they call Sacred Cow reviews) and then present a top 5 list that (usually) fits in with the movie they reviewed. They also do polls and this thing called Massacre Theater where they badly perform a scene from a movie. It’s more tilted towards art house film, but they do have their blockbuster embracing moments.

Firewall and Iceberg Podcast - Two TV critics from HitFix.com review TV every week. They often focus on non-spoiler reviews of premieres, but they also do spoiler sections of recent tv episodes, answer viewer questions, and talk about the industry in general. For someone who watches an asston of TV like I do, it’s the best. 

The Vulture TV Podcast - Two women and one guy from Vulture.com discuss recent TV episodes in full spoilers. They usually focus on two shows a week which allows for a deep discussion. Also great for super TV nerds.

The Indoor Kids - Hilarious comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon host a podcast (kinda) about video games and it’s honestly the best. They have a guest each week and discuss something related to video games. Sometimes they talk about video games the whole time, other times they talk more about movies or TV, but mostly it is just an excuse to have Kumail and Emily riff off of each other. Enjoyment of video games is irrelevant to enjoyment of this podcast because those two together are so damn delightful and funny that they are a blast to listen to. 

Kinda Funny Gamescast - Video games amiright? Unlike the Indoor Kids, you probably want to steer clear of this one if you have little interest in video games. The guys (three former IGN employees) are very knowledgeable about the history of video games and the current industry. They do four topics a week which vary in length, but they often feel like really deep dives. 

The Nerdist - This is Chris Hardwick’s flagship podcast on his network. He and two other comedians (Matt Mira and Jonah Ray) interview celebrities and whatnot. You probably already know if you like Hardwick’s shtick or not and if you do you’ll definitely like this. Full disclosure this podcast updates 3x a week so I don’t listen to them all, but when I do it’s always enjoyable.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me - It’s a weekly news podcast that plays like a game show which is great for someone, like me, who has never voluntarily watched a news broadcast in their life. It’s also very joke based which I strongly appreciate.

kisachanlove It honestly drives me crazy. If it were any other song off the album especially Stockholm Syndrome (cuz you know harry) all of them would be eating it up. I thought this was going to be something where we all come together as a fandom and not hate. But nope. I would support whatever song was chosen, but it just so happened to be No Control which would unarguably make an amazing radio song.

My Five Favorite Literary “Mothers”

1) Anonymous, Loverboy. The anonymous narrator of this haunting debut novel LOVES her son so intently that she raises questions for the reader about the line between devotion and obsession, and whether we can love someone too much. Intense. Claustrophobic. Unforgettable.

2) Lila Wingo, The Prince of Tides. Talk about haunting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: how can a book with such exquisite writing center around such a horrific event? Status-driven Lila is the enforcer of the Wingo’s terrible family secret even when it’s literally killing her children.

3) Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby. You forgot Daisy was a mother, didn’t you? My point exactly. I just read a piece on Slate defending Daisy and while I love The Great Gatsby and all of its characters I respectfully disagree. Daisy is arguably selfish and superficial but she’s unarguably dishonest, unfaithful, disloyal–and unlikely to win mother of the year.

4) Miss Havisham, Great Expectations. One of the greatest characters in literature in my humble opinion. Left at the altar Miss Havisham remains in her wedding dress with the clocks frozen at the moment of her betrayal. She remains isolated in her decaying mansion until she adopts a daughter, a young orphan who she ends up using to enact revenge on men.

5) Charlie Marie Moore Karr, The Liar’s Club. One of my all time favorite books. It’s cheating a little to name Charlie since this is a memoir and she’s a real person, but this is beautifully crafted storytelling and Charlie is definitely a character… a nervous and unstable alcoholic who raised one helluva writer.

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Hot damn! (For Althaea c: )

“She’s an angel. Her outward face is as beautiful as the soul inside. Opheron’s so lucky to be with her, I know they’ll only make each other happy. Unarguably a 10.”

Love you, sweetie!