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365 Days of Music|Day Fifty-two

Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford & Sons

There will come a time I will look in your eye

You will pray to the god that you’ve always denied

Then I’ll go out back and I’ll get my gun

I’ll say, “You haven’t met me. I am the only son.”

unarguable said:

You're beautiful my love, don't listen to someone who can't even show their face and hide behind a screen sending someone hate. They are pathetic. Take care love. <3

Thank you. <3 You are beautiful too, and you take care as well.

Ben’s working again!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!


Acclaimed British actor Ben Whishaw is preparing to film his starring role in London Spy, a major new drama for BBC Two.

The 5 x 60 series is from Working Title Television and executive producers Juliette Howell, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. Polly Hill is the executive producer for the BBC.

The London-based shoot gets underway next month on the romantic thriller, which is set against a backdrop of the world of espionage. It is the first TV drama from Child 44 writer Tom Rob Smith, who said of the series: “It’s very exciting to have one of the best production companies in the country, Working Title, produce my first contemporary spy thriller series for BBC Two, unarguably the most prestigious home for drama in the UK.”

Whishaw certainly has a busy few months ahead – the Bond actor is set to reprise his role of supergeek Q in Bond 24, due to shoot in the UK and Italy from early December. As with most of the 007 series, it is likely that a plethora of global locations will be used, but not announced until nearer the time.

The actor has enjoyed considerable critical success in his career to date, most recently for his starring role in Lilting (pictured), which was filmed in London in 2012 with funding from Film London’s Microwave scheme. It received its world premiere at Sundance in early 2014, at which it won a Cinematography award.

anonymous said:

How is Anders mentally ill?

first of all, generally magic and the mage situation is a metaphor for mental illness. the way templars treat mages is a metaphor for the way mentally ill people have been treated by religious institutions and others throughout history. so when you as a fan or a writer advocate killing or locking up mages, be aware that this is what you are implying. pro-circle fandom arguments verge disturbingly close to real arguments used against mentally ill people, such as that it would be “practical” to lock them up, or that mages are all ticking time bombs ready to lash out and murder everyone if they aren’t properly restrained. consider the adjectives people use to describe mage characters, particularly blood mages or anders: crazy, delusional, ps*cho.

secondly, anders personally is mentally ill. not only is justice a clear metaphor for mental illness, but he’s unarguably bipolar (and possibly others) himself

this is from his act 3 codex entry

After his attack on Ella, Anders lost interest in the cause of mage revolution. Convinced that he was no better than an abomination, Anders was determined to gain mastery over the spirit inside him… or die trying. It is increasingly apparent that he is losing this struggle. Prone to wild mood swings between deep melancholy and manic determination, Anders has again taken up the mantle of mage freedom - though it is unclear whether this decision came from Anders or Justice.

also this is what his gross writer Jennifer Hepler said

"As the writer of Anders, and many other aspects of DAII, I found this an interesting and thoughtful examination of what we tried to do with the game. I do find it odd, though, that Anders is not discussed in regards to the treatment of the mentally ill. For me, that is primarily what his relationship is about — the difficulties of loving and trying to help someone who struggles with a part of himself that he cannot control and may never be able to control. It is certainly the experience I drew from when writing him, and I think it uses the fantasy setting in the way I most prefer to see — providing a magical metaphor for exploring real-world problems. To me, this is the central feature of his character — not whether he is gay or straight, but the inner demons (personified as Justice/Vengeance), which both he and you, as his lover, must struggle against every day.”

she did an awful job with this subject, writing his mental illness as a terrible burden for hawke to bear. his relationships should NOT be about the “difficulties of loving him”, it should be about supporting him and loving him no matter what. because what that’s saying is that it’s a burden to love someone with a mental illness. and that’s a feeling many of us have experienced many times.

beyondmemory submits:

Seeing as you made me like Twinkie, you must face the consequences of seeing Twinkie art I find.

Donny sez:

See, I don’t conceptualize it as making people like the ships I like so much as introducing people to ships that are unarguably good/right/beautiful/true. :D

This is very lovely Twinkie art. Those ponies could not look more in love if they tried, and I appreciate the contrast between Tall Alicorn Twi and Short Chubby Pinkie. Thank you kindly for sending my way!

(I didn’t change this from a link to the actual image, with source, because it seemed the artist might not appreciate that based on comments on the piece. I do encourage everyone to click through and check it out, though. It’s wicked cute ship art.)

the sun always comes up

yet some
days the white
suffocate lowers
like snowy exhaust
designed to trick you
into death

these are the days
I like best

the days that justify
solitary confinement,
the laconic breath
of warm tea drifting to meet
earth’s skullcap

when I was young
you said you were my sun
the walls sequestered
eternal noon, enclosed
forever (standing up)
white days
wall thick invisible

white days
hold sound down,
smell parsnip and
staple, quilt
aneurysm, quivering
pin heads, shivering
paper ridges—
invitations to
open the skin

—  Priscilla Becker, White Days
RINGS OF SATURN Drops Lyric Video For "Unsympathetic Intellect" Through Revolver Magazine

With the October 14th release date for RINGS OF SATURN's second LP, Lugal Ki En, rapidly approaching, another brand new single has been declassified and is now on public display through a lyric video for “Unsympathetic Intellect” at Revolver Magazine’s website. The ninth of the album’s twelve tracks which unarguably display the band’s most innovative and damaging material to date, “Unsympathetic Intellect” not only bears some of the most beautifully eerie passages and debilitating low-end drops of the entire Lugal Ki En, the lyric video brings the equally otherworldly album art to vibrant life while the song’s lyrics inundate the listener from all angles, the video created by Alex T. Reinhard of Brutal Productions.


Explore the “Unsympathetic Intellect” lyric video via Revolver Magazine atTHIS LOCATION.


RINGS OF SATURN also released the track “Senseless Massacre” HERE and an extensive album trailer for Lugal Ki En HERE.


Unique Leader Records will release Lugal Ki En in North America October 14th and in Europe on the 17th, the album produced by Brette Ciamarra at Studio 344 (Kamikabe, Those Who Fear, Trophies) and the custom, conceptual art pieces created by Mark Cooper of Mind Rape Art. The LP version comes in two limited edition color varieties — purple and four-color splatter — bound in a gatefold sleeve with a digital download card. The album will also see CD and digital release. iTunes preorders, which include an instant download of “Senseless Massacre,” are posted at THIS LOCATION. CD and LP bundles areavailable for preorder HERE.


The World's Only Consulting Detective Through the Ages, OR Modern Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and Why They Matter.

So I made the mistake of choosing Sherlock Holmes canon vs. the modern day interpretation for a compare and contrast essay, and I wrote too much. The limit is like 850 and I’m at 990 and counting so I may just cut some of it out and post all of it here. The part I’m cutting out is mainly about Elementary. Tell me if you’re interested in reading more based off these paragraphs, okay?

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❝ So, the SAVIOR is back from a hard day of work once again. ❞

{ The unarguably identical corners of two softened strips of
   flesh that certainly appear to have been acquainted with
   the inner essence of roses that feature a neutral shade
   of pink somewhat discretely snake up as if to charitably
   soothe visible areas of skin. Penetrable sections of her
   natural canvas that exhibit relatively faint lines that one
   may accuse the weighted feet of vociferous harbingers 
   of quietus - miniature entities that have been fashioned
   by the chilled extremities of absolute darkness herself -
   for etching. The most flawless of horizontal dashes is
   abruptly cursed to release its firm grip on the glorified 
   prize of seemingly unattainable perfection for the sole  
   purpose of summoning a presumably discernible sign
   of pleasurable amusement to the youthful features of 
   the patently buoyant female. What better expression
   to unabashedly display when descrying the s o u r c e
   of her entertainment? Hues of ashen steel and frozen
   bodies of satisfying liquid are a l i g h t with their usual
   vigor as the faceless head of a dependable message
   constructor slips past warmed gates so as to prepare
   itself for its newest session of labor. Those restricting
   gates open completely whilst comprehensible words
   gracefully take flight on transparent wings from a truly 
   innocuous base that is reminiscent of wild s a l m o n.  }

❝ You aren’t starting to get tired, are you? Let’s not forget,
    you don’t have a replacement waiting to take your spot. ❞

Meek, but filled with discontent.
Stoic, yet she embraces her complacency.
It is out rightly uncanny to neglect her,
although it seems to be common practice.
Filled with potential, but cursed with self proclaimed inferiority.
Aloof and aloud are her thoughts; hidden, though not wholly, but slightly disguised is her situation.
Hypothetically, she is always right.
Sentimentally, she is forever wrong.
A living paradox, residing in perpetual isolation from her wants, but sub-continual withdrawal from her needs.
Habitually “love making”, unaware that she is in the vicinity of her enemies.
Typically attracted to wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Post realization, she is easy to result in self hatred.
Childlike, but not childish.
Steadfastly, she is quick to forgive.
Unarguably, she is one of a kind.
A cursed and prejudiced rose, who knows nothing of her strengths but everything about her desires.
Favored with the opportunity to have experienced failure, so she is able to recognize the value of true achievement.
A waterfall that is not yet discovered but unfailingly blesses her environment with water.
A lover and a yearner.
A hoper and an observer.
As she is on what seems to be a never ending path of self discover, may she succeed.
And then, may she thrive.
—  t.c.d tamarain