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Angst please.

Your muse finds my muse in the shower, shaking and bleeding after being raped. 

Blood starts to spiral down the drain, mixing with the freezing cold water that ran off Loki’s body. Tears streamed down his face as his body shivered violently. Every inch of him hurt and his eyes were wide and unblinking as he just stared at the bathroom wall in fear.

When the bathroom door opened, he forced himself further into the corner and whimpered as fear gripped his heart.

More tears are shed over answered prayers
than unanswered ones.

Saint Teresa of Avila

and quoted by Truman Capote for 'Answered Prayers'

Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582), born Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada, was a Spanish mystic philosopher and Catholic saint.

'Answered Prayers' is an unfinished novel by American author Truman Capote (1924-1984) published posthumously in 1986 

I just don’t get why some people can’t understand that i don’t want a girlfriend….it makes me upset when people try to make things happen and it actually work, but when i have to tell one of the most attractive women that i dont want a girlfriend after all she does is hint about dating it just makes me feel so bad. I’ve been there and I’ve done that…let me be free and single for a while the worries are gone, the clock is gone, the memories are greater and you learn so much more and can do so many things you couldnt because someone else is holding you back. The pros outweigh the cons of being single by a landslide. And all of my friends and their girlfriends always support me and help me out and i thank God everyday for my real friends.

Transitional Friday: Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer

Transitional Friday: Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer

For years I waited, longing and struggling to change and improve my circumstances and situation.  After leaving an abusive relationship, the journey to heal and recover took years.

I wondered if I would ever find the person I’d lost along the path.

I longed to be able to stand on my own two feet and to find a way to do this, but nothing seemed to be working.

I wondered if God heard my cries and…

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