… you look at him and you see the s t a r s, and he looks at you and sees the s u n.

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you know what’s kind of amazing about twenty one pilots

like they talk about a lot of mental illness and anxiety stuff, which is important as hell but not something i can relate to, because im lucky enough to be a mostly healthy young adult

but they still have this amazing ability to make me relate to them because of their diversity in imagery??? like on one hand, they have this whole button-ups and floral print and long robe aesthetic going for them, that reminds you of soft-spoken sweet-hearted momma’s boys, but then there’s also this juxtaposition with their darker imagery—emotionless masks and ski masks and skeleton hoodies, finger guns cocked at each other’s heads, jump-cut editing and static—that reminds you that there’s more than one dimension to everybody. that we’re not always who we want to be or who we think we are, that when you tear off our layers “only skeleton bones remain”. and everyone can relate to that; everyone can understand the struggle of being a multidimensional being and the identity crises that come with that