Billy Kaplan, inspired by one of the best fics I’ve ever read, ‘Space Oddity‘ by khirsahle ^^

The last sketch he’d done had been weeks ago, before the fight. It was of Billy, too, Teddy realized—pausing briefly over the image to study the delicate line of Billy’s jaw, the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he’d laughed. He’d drawn it Mucha-style, golden sunburst around Billy’s head shaded in with prismacolors.

EXO’s Tao Determined to Stand On Stage Despite Still Being in Recovery

EXO’s Tao gave an update on the status of his injury, from which he is currently recovering. He was unable to take part in recent concerts and other performances due to a leg injury he sustained during filming for the “2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships” last month.

On March 30, EXO opened up a press conference for the release of their second full-length album “EXODUS.” During the press conference, Tao was asked about his recovery process, to which he shared, “I’ve gotten a lot better than before, but it’s still a bit difficult [to move] too much. But I am trying hard [to recover] in order to be a part of the comeback stage.”

Fellow member Suho continued to explain, “Due to his injury, [Tao] wasn’t able to join us for our concert or practice together [with the group] as much. He still needs appropriate rehabilitation exercises, which is why he is dancing while also receiving physical therapy. He will continue to work hard as long as he does not get seriously injured.”

Baekhyun added, “Earlier in the restroom, Tao told me, ‘Even if I get injured on stage, I’ll work as hard as the fans have waited.’”

Meanwhile, EXO will start their promotions with Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on April 2,KBS2‘s “Music Bank” on April 3, MBC‘s “Music Core” on April 4, SBS‘s “Inkigayo” on April 5, as well as other various music programs.

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Sometimes I can think logically and I know I need to move on in order to be happy again. But other times it’s 1am and I’m breaking down into tears unable to breathe at the thought of ever letting someone like him go. He’s so far away I can’t physically hold him, but oh god, I wish I could. Distance.
—  Heartbreak Confession #48
EXO’s Lay absent from “EXODUS” comeback press conference

With the release of EXO’s much anticipated comeback album EXODUS happening on March 30th, the members of the group gathered at SMTOWN COEX for a press conference, but Chinese member Lay was unfortunately unable to attend.

Prior to the physical release of the album, the group has already achieved an all-kill status on the online music sites.

Lay had to excuse himself from the important group event due to his conflicting schedule in China as he is filming for upcoming Chinese movie Oh My God (Cong Tian Er Jiang). In regards to his absence, leader Suho stated, “Our comeback stages on music shows this week will still take place smoothly. We are regretful about his absence.”

Due to his absence, Lay had to greet the media and fans during the press conference through a video call sent from China. He expressed, “I am filming in China. I miss the members a lot. I will show a perfect look for the comeback this time. Please look forward to the changes.”

In place of Lay, his corresponding EXO mascot had the honor to pose with the other nine members during the press conference’s photo time.

In other news, the Chinese movie Oh My God started its first filming in Beijing, with official photos and posters shared on March 23rd.

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I’ve come down with a bug, felt well enough this morning to get to work but almost threw up on the bus. I’m stuck in my works canteen unable to work because I will throw up or worse, I can’t get home because there are no buses until 2pm, and I’m just hoping I don’t throw up before then.

Also I’m just so fucking pissed about GamerGate, I fucking hate how Feminists can rehash an old and tired moral outrage (“video games r bad bcoz X!”) and have it be listened to because “oh, the poor wimminz!”

I’m angry, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m sick….fuck everything


If you find yourself unable move fast enough to get the out of the way of the train doors, perhaps - possibly - that is a sign that you should have a) accepted the nice lady’s offer of a seat (don’t think I missed that, will you? I didn’t) or b) contemplated moving slightly before our arrival at the station so as not to inconvenience the TEN OR TWELVE people getting out after you at this exit.

You have to understand: the public transport system is a strange and hostile place. It is wild and alien, a grim and dark landscape, filled with the whine of tortured metal and the groaning press of a thousand sweaty buttocks. We all have to work together to navigate this place. We are a team.

United we stand, my friend. United we stand.

My change of trains involves a two-minute window, my friend. We arrive at 5:48; my train leaves at 5:50. And this train we were on was running a minute or so late.

I was counting on you to facilitate my dash across the platform by not being in the way. I was counting on *you*. You let me down, my friend. You let me down.

And worse than that? Friend, you let the TEAM down.

Now I have to wait twenty minutes for a train because you couldn’t be relied upon. You had your chance. You had your chance, and what did you do with it? You dithered in the middle of the doorway. Then you stepped out and gazed around, still IN THE WAY, like some kind of CONCUSSED ROCK imbued, regrettably, with human rights.

I’m so disappointed.

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Wait, why is a man a bad man if he consumes porn or practices bdsm? If I, as a woman, consume porn or practice bdsm, does that make me 'inherently bad'?

i wonder sometimes if you guys pay attention to anything i blog at all? like at all? it’s literally exhausting like do a google search on how porn and bdsm harm women. it doesn’t make you bad, i don’t fault women for conforming to patriarchal standards. but if you’re unable to look critically at how a man is getting off to hitting, spitting on, rape-play, ddlg, slavery, and power-tripping off a woman then you need to start reading some basic feminist lit. women caught in bdsm relationships are in abusive relationships. we’ve grown up in a porn culture and I don’t fault you for getting sucked into it, but if you care at all about your fellow sisters then you’ll think about all the women coerced and forced into the industry. you should think about the racism and misogyny that is apparant in all the tiny waist, big breast white woman that are the face of porn. you should think about how sasha grey is frequently praised for her “dead-eyed” look bc that’s what we have come to expect from women having sex. think about how all most young boys have seen the first time they are with a girl is from porn, and how that affects young girls. just browse through the kink-critical and porn-critical tags on tumblr if you don’t have the time/money to buy feminist lit. my important tag has some interesting reads

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CARTINELLI? I have amnesia and you say you’re my best friend but I keep on forgetting and thinking we’re lovers au

“You sure we’re just friends, Miss Carter,” Angie says, “cause you’re one of the prettiest gals I’ve ever seen.”

“Quite sure,” Peggy insists, “and once this wears off you’ll agree with me.”

“I don’t know, I mean we live together,” Angie continues, unable to be persuaded into silence, “everyone’s got to think we’re doing indecent things.”

“Well, they’d be wrong.”

“I’d want to, if you’d ask, I’d kiss you right here.”

“And as much as I would like that, you’re not in a state to consent or-”

“So you do like me, English?”

That shirt in tone catches Peggy’s attention at once, and her eyes are widening as she looks up to meet Angie’s. 

“When did it wear off,” she asks after a moment, certain her cheeks are still brigth read.

“About ten minutes ago,” Angie admits, “now are you going to come up here and kiss me or-”

the worst thing is when you cant explain why you cant do something even when its sitting right in front of you and you have all the means and reasons to be able to do it and want to do it but yo just sit there. and you look at what you need to be doing and you cant do it. you cant move yourself to do anything about it and you just watch the time as it passes and you continue to not do anything and you cant even explain to yourself why youre useless and are unable to function properly any of the time

update: sorry ive been away from here for a few days without an update, especially since my last few posts were so concerning…

heres the brief version


  • im alive and havent hurt myself
  • ive been looking at houses and some are really promising
  • i went to my psych appointment today and she urged and offered me help to find somewhere safe as it looks like im heading towards breaking point again, but she was very supportive and validated me in ways i didnt even know i actually needed
  • i have my centrelink appointments tomorrow so ill know where things are heading in regard to that at least
  • my sisters bf offered to get me boxes from his work tomorrow so i can start to pack up my stuff 

ambiguous negatives

  • im going to pack my furniture and everything neatly away this week but im still without a place to store it in the interim and i have a two week deadline or it all goes
  • my phone seems to be broken when i try to take calls and leaves me with intense static and whoever im talking to unable to hear me, which is hard trying to contact centrelink, job, and real estate stuff, also i still havent gotten a case for it yet so if i break it again im screwed
  • my ocd is getting very difficult to handle unmedicated (i havent been able to start on meds when i dont have someone to watch me for two weeks and i cant be sure of consistent access and starting and stopping on them builds my immunity too quickly 

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Unable to speak, she instead handed him a very neatly written note - held out with both hands and a bowed head. "I have only one question, your majesty" it said, "Do you love your son?" <LadyBuvelle>

Send me a ♂ and a question and my muse’s father will answer it.

"I would be honored to answer any question of yours, Lady Buvelle,” Jarvan III spoke, smiling as he took the note from her hands. It was certainly no secret that he only had great admiration for the musician, and often made time in his schedule to attend her concerts. Upon reading her inquiry, however, he paused for a brief moment, almost as if surprised she would even bother asking such a thing. “…He is my one and only son, my lady; he carries on his shoulders all the dreams and aspirations of not only me, but our ancestors’ as well. It goes without question that I care for him very deeply.”

Being thrown off the Detective Force due to a horrific accident during a steak out, Fritz Smith has been vigorously working off the record to find the head of the Russian Mafia Crime Family of Miami, and beat his head in for what he did. The traumatic experience of the steak out not only cost Fritz his left eye and some pristine skin, but also dramatically changed his outlook on life. What was one a loving, kind man is now cold, depressed, and bitter towards most if not all of humanity. His clean appearance, now bedraggled and worn.

Despite having ties of Detective Fitzgerald, Fritz is unable to access the police armory. So, he makes do with what he can find. A crowbar used to beat him down during the steak out. A Mac 10 pilfered off of a dead mafia thug. And burning determination to tear out the king pin’s throat with his teeth.

if the broadway and theatre community dislikes bootlegs so much and don’t want people filming their shows they need to work on making theatre a more accessible form of media by filming shows professionally because you know they talk a lot about being a very open welcoming community but don’t do anything to make that community welcoming to people who can’t afford to see shows or people who live in rural areas and are literally unable to attend shows at all