The Maine‌ - American Candy

The band will release their 5th studio album titled American Candy on March 31, 2015.

The first single from the album, English Girls, was dropped February 11, 2015 with a debut at #17 on the iTunes Alternative Chart. The second single from the album, “Miles Away” debuted at #16 on the iTunes Alternative Chart on March 10, 2015. Verity Magazine infers, ““Miles Away” is a more relaxed and laid back track, but nonetheless, you’ll still want to get up and dance. The last song they released, “English Girls” was very upbeat and just spilling positive vibes, which is quite a stark contrast to their slower and darker previous album Forever Halloween. From the two tracks released so far, this album is sounding more like older albums from The Maine like Pioneer and Black and White”.

1. Miles Away 
2. Same Suit, Different Tie  
3. My Hair 
4. English Girls 
5. 24 Floors  
6. Diet Soda Society  
7. Am I Pretty?  
8. (Un) Lost  
9. American Candy  
10. Another Night on Mars 

Non ci crederai, forse riderai, ma se ti salvi, sono contento.
Perché la verità è che non ho avuto mai niente di più bello… Di te.
E adesso sono io schiavo di un ricordo
80 nations just stood up to Russia’s homophobia in the U.N.

In one of its more epic recent smackdowns, the United Nations voted decisively Tuesday against a Russian measure that would have brought its domestic homophobic right to the U.N.’s door.

American ambassador Samantha Power called for a censure of Russia for its proposal. “We must speak plainly about what Russia tried to do today: diminish the authority of the U.N. Secretary-General and export to the U.N. its domestic hostility to LGBT rights.”

This was an actual argument in the House of Commons today:

"The United States wrote to the [UN] secretary-general as required under Article 51 of the UN Charter and laid out their legal case for their planned intervention in Syria. Has the prime minister written to the United Nations laying out Canada’s justification for their planned intervention in Syria?" Mulcair asked.

Harper downplayed the risk to ignoring international law.

"If [Mulcair] is suggesting that there is any significant legal risk to lawyers from ISIL taking on the Government of Canada and winning, the Government of Canada’s view is the chances of that is negligible," the prime minister said.

That led to a rebuke from Mulcair, which in turn triggered a warning from House Speaker Andrew Scheer.

"Extraordinary, Mr. Speaker. Living in a Canada where that sort of idiocy passes for argument," Mulcair said.

"The prime minister thinks he’s above international law. He’s not and Canada is not."

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Incredible. Stephen Harper continues to spew disgusting filth. This is an extremely valid concern, about breaking international law in regards to war, and the PM spins it.

They’re not even trying to argue their case anymore. Its all personal attacks and spin.