umwifi asked:

lol basically in 2013 i lost all of my friends and have no desire to do anything anymore yay

It’s 2014 which means a fresh start :) You don’t need your old friends and you can make new ones. Join more clubs and teams and I guarantee you’ll make some more friends :) But don’t give up now cuz your life is still only just beginning

UR: 10

Anything Half-Hour? :) You guys can talk to me about literally anything, boys/girls, new years kisses and resolutions, the holidays, life, your day, w/e! I’ll give URL rates instead of brs cuz my internet is being crappy rn

umwifi asked:

i just turned 16 shhhhh

ohmygod you slut :o totally kidding, i turn 16 in september ! btw you’re gorg c:

confession: I just got my wisdom teeth out (is that a confession ?? idek)

br: 8.6 :)

send me confessions and ill respond with one, off anon = br!