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Lacey:  *Stares at her feet for a long time, trying to decide on her simple sneakers or the heels.  She can wear heels any time, any place and they go with the gift, but until then… they don’t QUITE go with the rest of the outfit.  Maybe if she put on a beret?  Laughs at herself.  Why am I so nervous?  I can trust him and he… cares about me…  She finally put on the heels and threw her stuff into the back pockets of her jeans - actually opting not to bring a bag or a clutch tonight.  She goes to meet up with him*

It's a Celebration, Bitch || Lacey's Birthday Group Para

Tagging:  Lacey Jones, Gabby Cruz, Angelo DeMarcos, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel and Jackson Avery

When:  July 22nd

Notes:  Lacey and her friends celebrate her birthday at a happening night club, where one of Blaine’s fans has plans of her own for the event.

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Channel 5 Interview

Interviewer: Welcome to KOCO Channel 5. We are excited to have you here. We hope you are having a good stay in Oklahoma City. How are you doing today?

Fabulous. Fabulous. We’ve been treated wonderfully. I love it. Thank you for having us.  I’m great, as always and you appear to be great, as well.  *Laughs lightly and shimmies slightly as she straightens up in her seat*

Interviewer: Now on to the interview. We know that the Troubletones have recorded a brand new album. Can you tell us more about it?

We’ve spent multiple hours in the studio, we have great management, great representation and I do believe that with the production team that has worked on this album that it will exceed our expectations.

Interviewer: Can you sing a little bit of your favorite song from the album?

*Laughs and glances around*  Am I legally allowed to do that?  I’d better not.  I’m always a li-ttle bit fuzzy on what we’re allowed to do.  But, I can tell you to watch out for Pink Stilettos.  That’s my favorite and I believe it’ll be a hit.

Interviewer: What is it like to work with Blaine Anderson? We’ve heard he could be overbearing and demanding to work with. Is this true?

*Smiles broadly and nods at the interviewer, amused.*  That’s a common reception that people get from Blaine, but he’s simply serious about his work and he’s obviously knowledgeable.  He’s been in the business since before he had a career.  *Laughs*  I think that he’s a perfectionist and that he knows exactly what he wants to do and that’s what he does.  Working with him is, for me a wonderful experience, because I get to see how someone who’s already done this before handles things and I feel that we can all learn a lot from each other.

Interviewer: The guys in the Rebel Kings are really cute. Be honest, is there anyone in particular that you have a crush on?

*Turns bright red and laughs loftily*  Oh, God, THOSE GUYS?  Yeah, actually, we’re all so close right now that I feel like half of them are my family and I just… no.  No, seriously, they’re all attractive and all fun guys, but to be honest I’ve had the hugest crush on the drummer for a while now.  *Covers her face bashfully with both hands and shakes her head*  He’s gonna be so cocky, now that I’ve said that at an interview.

Interviewer: Is it easier, or more difficult to be on tour with your cousin Mercedes? Does it help to have a family member along side with you?

*Clears throat, suddenly serious*  Definitely an advantage.  It’s no secret to anyone that my cousin is my all time favorite singer.  I hear her sing and it brings tears to my eyes.  She can hang with the queens of the game and someday, she will be a legend and an icon; but for now, she actually lets me tag along and sing with her.  Its a privilege and an honor to me to sing with Mercedes, and I love her and love sharing this experience with someone that I’m so close to.

Interviewer: Is there anything about this tour you are looking forward to?

Just performing and meeting people.  Getting ourselves out their and getting to know the people who are and who will be our fan base.  We already have a following and that’s amazing to me, but to have fans, that will be such a reward.

Interviewer: We asked some of your fans on Twitter to tweet us in a few questions, this one comes from Tony in New York. Lacey who is your favorite author, and what book are you currently reading?

*Eyes widen and she looks at the screen*  Why did you put me on the spot, Tony?  *Laughs lightly and thinks for a while*  Well, I can definitely tell you that I’m not currently reading anything at all, except fashion magazines.  *Chuckles*  But, my favorite author is Zane?  *Turns bright red and covers her face and laughs*

Interviewer: I’m afraid we are out of time. Is there something you would like to say to your fans out there?

*Waves vigorously at the camera*  Thank you all SO much!  We love you guys and  we appreciate your support.  Bless you all.  *Blows kisses*