The TV’s on too much
And I don’t ever think enough
About the things that matter most
And what could make me old

And there’s no argument
For wasting time much better spent
Complacently replacing
A melody with smoke

When I left town at the end of last year I was in the worst shape of my life and heavier than I had ever been. Between that, my scars, and some other junk, I really hated what I saw in the mirror each morning. Now, with the weather getting warmer, I am finally starting to feel like I’m on my way to where I’m supposed to be. I just have to keep busy, and keep getting better.

((Okay, but here me out. Imagine Exos augmenting themselves with built in weapon mechanisms in case their guns fail, but they still need that bonus bit of umph for taking down an enemy.
Exo Hunters with various dart based weapons or hidden projectiles á la Assassin’s Creed.
Exo Warlocks with lasers in their hands to generate blasts of void, arc, or solar energy.
Exo Titans with fucking PILE BUNKERS IN THEIR ARMS))

Week 2 day 8 #21DFX Plyo Fix Extreme 💪👏🙆

I wrangled up a smile for this early workout. Umph, I was tired and sore but I powered through. Listen, you will get tired & just plain flat out don’t feel like it or want to do it, but you’re worth & REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!! 😘
For that I am really #grateful There was a point in life where I was so sick I couldn’t move. I am happy to be able to move and make myself tired lol. 💪💪💪💞💞💞 I can’t help but love this!
Have you tried salad in a jar? Good for prepping, layering your ingredients, dressing on the side! Great for on the go too!!______________________________________
#results are real #motivation to KEEP GOING! Again, don’t say anything about my do rag on my head. I was just glad I woke up, and powered through
Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done, I was SCREAMING #PUSHYOURSELF the whole time!!
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