art school au prompts
  • you’re a life model and i’m an artist
  • hi i need to draw someone for an assignment
  • i keep coming back to the print shop because my colours aren’t coming out right but also you’re really cute
  • you’re the opinionated one who always has a lot to say during critique but when i ask you out on a date you just blush and say yes
  • you’re trying to get your giant canvas into the elevator and you better watch out before you knock someone down, here, let me help you
  • in any public place: i could swear you keep looking at me, hang on are you drawing me
  • i borrowed some of your paintbrushes in class bc i forgot mine but i accidentally left with them
  • as part of an installation you’re doing you stand in the main hall dressed in white from head to toe with a sign inviting people to draw on you, so i leave my number on your back and you actually call
  • i’m new here can you help me find the printmaking studios? what do you mean you’re lost too
  • help me out while i paint this mural? someone’s got to hold the ladder
  • so we’re the only ones in the kiln room, huh
  • so we’re the only ones in the darkroom, huh
  • i bumped into you and your paint box fell and your stuff spilled out everywhere, oh god i’m so sorry
  • i need to make a plaster cast of someone’s face/body part, any volunteers
  • they painted over that one wall in the main staircase again so i was going to paint some cool graffiti on it but you got there first

A lioness does not fear a frog, no matter how old and ugly she might be. She should have gone, she should have listened, she should have run away. Instead she took the dagger Maggy offered her, and ran the twisted iron blade across the ball of her thumb.

In the dim green tent, the blood seemed more black than red. Maggy’s toothless mouthtrembled at the sight of it. “Here,” she whispered, “give it here.” When Cersei offered her hand, she sucked away the blood with gums as soft as a newborn babe’s. The queen could still remember how queer and cold her mouth had been.

“Three questions may you ask,” the crone said, once she’d had her drink. “You will not like my answers. Ask, or begone with you.”

asoiaf/got meme » one queen/king [1/1] » cersei lannister and maggy the frog’s prophecy


“…and I don’t think he’s gonna be there.” When Dean didn’t respond, you looked up from your laptop. His eyes were blinking slowly and his head was bobbing down to his chin. 


No response.

“You know that tie doesn’t match your shirt.” You said, testing. When his head dropped further on his chest, you grinned and looked sideways at Sam who grinned back and leaned back in his chair to watch what was about to happen.

“Also…I was the one that scratched baby in October.” You cringed. “Not that kid.”

“And I switched our toothbrushes when I came home the other day,” Sam admitted, “so whatever you did to mine….that’s been in your mouth.” 

“And, when you were out last week, I ate your last slice of pie. Not Sam.”

Sam’s jaw dropped and his eyebrows creased. “Sorry.” You mouthed, wincing. 

“And Y/N likes you Dean.” Sam blurted out. Your jaw dropped as you looked at Sam’s smug face, and you quickly glanced back at Dean who’s head had snapped up. His eyes were still mostly closed, as he looked around, confused, and he rubbed them with the back of his hands and let out a yawn.

“What?….What’s going on?”



As a young African American female, I sometimes feel ashamed and out of place revieling my race to people on the Internet because my interests don’t “correlate” with my race. But I’m finally feeling a bit comfortable with myself, my skin, my hair, my voice and my personality. Its been an incredibly long journey and I’ve been struggling with an overwhelming amount of self hatred and depression, so im doing this as a way to show myself that im accomplishing something.

I am not ugly. I am not stupid. I am not a failure. I am not a waste. I DESERVE TO BE ALIVE AND HEALTHY.

You sighed against the door, happy to finally have a weekend alone to wind down and relax. You threw your duffle on the nearest bed and followed it over, kicking your shoes off as you walked, ready to take a nice long nap.

You turned around, startled, when the bathroom door suddenly opened. A man in a blue shirt, who had clearly just gotten out of the shower, walked out, not realizing he wasn’t alone until he saw you standing there, frozen, in the middle of the room. 

“Who the hell are you?”