Most of my vocabulary for the past couple of days

"Have you heard of nerdfighers?"

"Great, DFTBA!"

"Well, we’re an internet community…"

"No, we don’t fight nerds!"

"We’re very pro-nerd!"

"A lot of us like _____ too!"

"Take a flier!"

Total around 7 hours of standing at a table promoting Nerdfighteria to hundreds of college students. Was awesome, would do again.

Thanks to This Is Not Tom, I’m forever looking for hidden info and secret jokes in the source code of websites. Usually I don’t find anything interesting, but occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised. (Click on the picture to read it properly, or go to the source code and scroll to the bottom to see for yourself.)

From the Project 4 Awesome site, we are given:
Srsly she’s awesome, and continually puts up with my inability to follow her designs correctly =)
I guess he’s cool too

Screw you Jamie, closing tags are optional


Some photos from the second day of First Look Fair. I had a lot of fun hanging out at our table, explaining to people that we don’t actually fight nerds, and most of all meeting fellow Nerdfighters who discovered our club. :)


Group photo from tonight’s meeting. (Plus photoshopped-in Kate. Did I do a good job? :P) Thank you to all the new people who came out to the meeting after discovering us at the First Look Fair! :) It was great meeting all you guys! 




Late post is late, but here’s some pictures from the National Book Festival last weekend.

I enjoyed spending the morning/afternoon with you guys! Even the part where we sat in line for 3 hours.

Oh, and hearing John speak and getting to meet him was pretty cool too. :) Totally worth getting up at 6:15. 


Today was the one year anniversary of Nerdfighters at UMD, so we decided to celebrate by having a board game pary! 

There were board games, card games, trivia games, pizza, pizza John shirts, delicious cake, extremely burnt popcorn, and exuberant singing along to West Side Story. Much fun was had! :)




Welcome back!

This is Livy posting, your new co-moderator of the UMDnerds Tumblr! I just wanted to say hello, and that I enjoyed seeing all you wonderfully awesome and nerdy people again as well as meeting some new members. Tonight’s first meeting of the year was a lot of fun, and we were able to get through our whole agenda AND have time to play Sporcle at the end. Huzzah!

I’ll have another update mid-week about upcoming events for the club, but for now I just wanted to give a big WELCOME BACK to all you UMD Nerdfghters! :)

Looking forward to a great year of nerdiness and decreasing world-suck!










Just SIX DAYS until the UMD Nerdfighters’ first meeting of the spring semester!


Keep your eyes peeled for an email today announcing our new meeting room! (It should be able to accommodate us a little more easily than the last one.)

We’re going to kick off a couple of activities that we haven’t tried before … I think it’s gonna be fun.

Also, my fellow admins of this blog - you know who you are. :P Let’s work on updating this more often!


I kind of wish I’d stayed at the book festival past 2:30 but ehh, I was really tired, didn’t have water or sunscreen, and I was getting very hungry (and since I’m basically living on tips right now, mall refreshment stand food is solidly out of my price range)

Sorry to everyone who called me asking for directions after I left; I hope you found the group and I promise I’ll stick around next time

On the bright side, though (and don’t get me wrong here, today was AWESOME):

  • I met 18 UMD Nerdfighters on campus at 7:30 in the morning and led them all into DC camp counselor-style
  • Walked into the tent where John Green was speaking to be met with applause (I mean REALLY I was definitely not expecting that but WOW THANKS)
  • SAW JOHN GREEN (again heheh)
  • Plugged NotGDCA to John’s audience
  • Had a great time just hanging out with other UMD and DC nerdfighters in the signing line

I’m glad I found that pole lying around my house last night so I could make the sign! It came in handy.