Hey so I am deciding to open a small commission thing!

Since this is the first time I’ve ever done commissions, I’m starting off small with pixel art. Pixels will be done like the one’s above that you can code onto your blog and stuff! I will base price off of roughly 3 different sizes. But of course shape will vary (u>u  )

  • Tall/large (like the katamari one at the top) 3$
  • Medium (like Jade from the sample) 2$
  • Small (like Peacock and Jirachi from the sample) 1$

Payment will be made through Paypal only. I cannot do gifs, sorry (‘n’  ) I will not do nude characters or anything NSFW. I can do pokemon and animals, furries, monsters, chibi(small simplistic) humans, nature(trees,flowers, stars),OCs (within my limits aka not super detailed and complicated) and stuff (o>o  ) I can not do detailed/anatomically correct humans or anything super detailed really.

Send me reference and bio’s of the characters you request (photos, who they are, series they are from etc) and describe how you would like it drawn (poses, actions, emotions, colors etc).

I will take in 4 requests at the most for now if this is successful ~(0v0  )~ it’d be great if u could spread this around too thanks ; v ;

Thanks for your time~