woclasscarrier said:

sometimes you get all sorts of funny creatures from the sea, and then there's the sculptured slipper lobster

when i firs t read this i thought you were literally just throwing unrelated words together but. no. no. its a real thing. lets say “slipper lobster” thirty times real quick just for fun


 there it is


 theyre ALSO called sculpted mitten lobsters and they apparently just. hang out on the ocean floor and sleep all day, emerging at night to eat clams and crabs and probably human toes from divers who forget what theyre doing and try to wear it


and theres more of them ! theres a whole damn family of shoe based crustaceans, none of which are actually true lobsters. some of them can get Really Colorful, like this regal slipper lobster


the largest of em is the aesop slipper lobster, which can get up to 20 inches in length. thats almost two feet. two feet of slipper lobster. jesus christ


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Con el tiempo aprendí que verlo cuando dormía, es placentero; verlo mientras hace ejercicios, es excitante; verlo reír, divertido; verlo estudiar, motivador; verlo al tiempo que me conversa de sus sueños, placentero; verlo trabajando, es venturoso; verlo equivocarse, humaniza; verlo esforzarse todos los días, enamora… aún así… lo mejor de todo es que lo veo a mi lado y digo: mi corazón tenía razón al decirme que esperase por ti ya que cada segundo es la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi vida. Te amo y tienes todo mi apoyo y mi propio esfuerzo para que ambos consigamos nuestros sueños.
—  *suspiro bonito* 

Wow this is awkward. Sorry

elsanna headcanon for the night:

Elsa has a companion dog to help with her anxiety and depression. The dog is a calming presence that’s highly attuned to Elsa’s emotions and will always put itself between Elsa and any stressors (whether it’s people or Elsa’s desk at 2 am).

The dog always nudges Anna closer with its nose though, because Anna’s presence is a soothing one, even if neither Anna nor Elsa are consciously aware of it.