so in a fandom, there are always a few pairings that everyone latches onto and that never die. this isn’t necessarily bad, but it does OFTEN overpower all of the other, less popular contributions that fans make 

for example, these are the ships most often represented in the big bang signups:

  • harry/louis: 73
  • zayn/liam: 12
  • zayn/niall: 9
  • ot5: 7
  • liam/louis: 6

  • EVERY other ship has less than 5 fics being written

i think that this means it’s time for a RARE PAIRING FICATHON. would anyone participate in this?  

here are some rules that i think would be beneficial:

  • obviously, any ship besides harry/louis
  • hosted AFTER the traditional big bang
  • a much smaller minimum word count than big bang (maybe 5-10k rather than 20k)

please send me a message or reply to this post if you’re interested! i want to see if anyone would would want to do something like this. i won’t be too bothered if not, but i think it could make for a great ficathon. obligatory question mark so people can respond: ?

Fic: Lazy Day?

There has been talk of Strife and bioluminescence and freckles and bioluminescent freckles and then this happened.

If you squint at this fic and maybe tilt your head a bit to the left, you might see some Parvill idk.

Parv’s castle was heavy stone and dim torches, windowless to keep the water out, so it was too easy to lose track of time. He hated alarms and never bothered to set one, so on the days Strife was meant to come over, Parv would wake to a warm hand on his bare shoulder and a pair of overbright jade eyes shining above him.

"Rise and shine, Parvis!"

Parv wondered if the CEO took extra pleasure in waking him up super early.

"Seven thirty is not super early," Strife would snort.

And Parv would reply with a, “Seven thirty is not super early,” in his best whiney impersonation of Strife, while pulling his shirt over his head.

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- Olha, tem um espelho ali.
- Sim, e daí?
- Vai até lá.
- Mas pra quê..
- Menina teimosa, vai até lá.
Ela foi, e como esperado, viu o próprio reflexo no espelho.
- Estou aqui. O que tem de tão especial nesse espelho?
- Nesse exato momento, ele está refletindo tudo o que eu mais desejo no mundo.
—  O Primeiro Amor de um Homem.

I know I have like five dogs back home but recent developments have left me with an incredible want for a little husky puppy. I think I’m on the road to becoming a hoarder.