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Already we are at the end of 2012, oh gosh, yes, i can’t believe how fast the time has gone! ~>< and i have so much things I can put in this post, so much in music news, as news about the world…  Well, and so on ><~ This year I created this tumblr in just 3 months i made wonderful friendships that I would not trade it for money or something. In three months I lived, learned, met … I do not know, I just think I’m a lucky girl to have met so many good people in so little time. i don’t do this by the amount of followers I have and neither the amount of notes I receive daily. But yes, the joy of always entering the tumblr’s and see the my inbox and answer the ask’s with totally affection ~~  i dunno~  … just want to thank ya for all the love that i receive every day of ya’ll ~ really, thank you so much ♥

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Bea - (ulzzangay)


So I recently found some more couples and I wanted to update the ulzzang couples ‘list’.

You’ll see some names more than once, it’s because they probably were in so many relationships (lol) So I can not say if they broke up or not.

1. Ryu Hye Ju + Park Ji Ho

2. Park Tae Jun + Park Ji Hyun

3. Park Hyung Seok + Park Ji Hyun

4. Kang Hyuk Min + Hong Young Gi

5. Seo Ji Hye + Shin Ho Seok

6. Yoo Bo Hwa + Oh Jung Gyu

7. Lee Dong Hoon + Lee Hyang Suk

8. Hana Reum Song Lee + Jeon Yong Ha

9. Park Ji Hyun + Gwak Min Jun

10. Kim Min Jun + Ban Nam Gyu

11. Hong Young Gi + Lee Seyong

12. Ban Nam Gyu + Kim Min Jun

13. Lee Chi Hoon + Mikki

14. Jung Hye Won + Park Hyun(g) Jun

15. Park Tae Jun + Park Hyo Jin

16. Dae Hwan + … (still don’t know it lol)

kwak min jun | 곽민준 eighteen/nineteen 178cm/5’10 50kg/110lbs

- > born on the 4th of November 1992. zodiac sign is scorpio. a blood type O. can speak fluent english. doesn’t like the color purple. loves making and designing accessories. also loves computer games. likes to wear large t-shirts. has an elder sister who was born in 1988. a huge fan of lee hyori. likes going to Lotte World. loves the sound of British accents and the language as well. has fast metabolism. loves photography and takes photo when he’s in the mood for it. not a fan of vegetables but aspires to love them one day. favorite season is winter. prefers snowy days over rainy days. does smoke but plans to quit one day. loves to travel. not a fan of cereal. loves italian cuisine. listens to house genre music. can be quite shy at first but once you know him, he’s talkative. does indeed checks and tracks tags with his name meaning he’ll come upon this post as well. however he only checks tags with ‘kwak min jun’ rather than ‘gwak min jun’. would like his fans to use the word ‘inane’ in order to help him remember the new words he studies.  for more facts, stalk his tumblr read his posts on his tumblr. has a good sense of humour. fans love him because he actually tries to communicate with them. single at the moment and has dated three girls before.

lee do hyeong | 이도형 twenty-two/twenty-three 172cm/5’8 62kg/136lbs

- > born on the 8th of May 1989. zodiac sign is taurus. has an adorable dog named Marty and loves his dog very much. likes to sing and dance. he is apparently the lead vocalist for a band. loves food. dyes his hair pretty often. has been an active ulzzang since 2008. was one of the contestants on ulzzang shidae season 3. has some knowledge of mandarin chinese as he had introduced himself in mandarin on the first episode of ulzzang shidae.

park hyung seok | 박형석 nineteen/twenty 172cm/5’8 55kg/121lbs

- > born on the 28th of February 1992. zodiac sign is pisces. a bloodtype B. known as hara or bbjjang. has an older brother named park hyungjun who is in SHU-I. friends with ho junyeon, park tae jun and bae sang gon.

yu ha min | 유하민 twenty-six/twenty-seven 173cm/5’8 49kg/110lbs

- > born on the 15th of February 1985. zodiac sign is aquarius. waist measurement is twenty-six inches. a blood type A. friends with kim jin and kim myoung jae. enjoys writing, photography, fashion and partying. his english is sort of bad as he spelled ‘imagination as ‘imageneteon’.


park tae jun | 박태준 twenty-five/twenty-six 177cm/5’10 60kg/132lbs

- > born on the 3rd of September 1985. zodiac sign is virgo. a blood type AB. models for a fashion site called ‘aboki’. known as one of the legendary ulzzangs. also known to be T-ara’s Qri make believe boyfriend on mnet scandal. featured on star king as F4’s yoon ji hoo lookalike. has two cats named angee and hyori. best friends with lee chi hoon. goes to the beach with his friends every other weekend. 


park ji ho |박지호 twenty-one/twenty-two 180cm/5’10 60kg/132lbs

- > born on 1989. birth date unknown. blood type A. appeared on ulzzang shidae season 2. used to date ryu hye ju but broke up a long time ago. according to kwak min jun, they were forced to date again because of the show (ulzzang shidae) and they wanted an ideal couple for the show. had to break up his previous girlfriend for the ulzzang shidae season 5.