I LOVE Cave Story, easily one of the best games ever made, and totally free, that Pixel guy is a genius. All of my money for him.

Not really a fan of Fez, seems like a Crush ripoff, and the creator was really a dick with that save bug issue. Not a cent for him comming out from my pockets.

ultratroll replied to your post: Tell us the funniest thing that ever happened to you in the Wasteland. EVER.

Once I was exploring the Capital Wasteland with Fawkes. I found this Roadroach in a Cage with a proper name. I was curious as hell, and when i was about to look closer Fawkes proceeded to laugh histerically and blast the poor thing. I laughed hard.



Y… arranco. Aqui voy a  plasmar mi visión y vivencias en éste mundo de hacer videojuegos, como mi pequeño diario digital. Tengo kilos de cosas que decir que no necesariamente son escuchadas, pero es bueno decirlas, de ahi este blog.

Voy a cortar el listón rojo, y vamos a ver como evoluciona.

Enjoy the ride.

Grim Fandango

I seriously believe that  Grim Fandango translated to an animated movie would put every Pixar movie to shame ( and i love Pixar).

Day after day I cross my fingers to see Double fine create a new masterpiece close to Grim Fandango. Brutal Legend was good, but Grim Fandango has something magical…something that wakes up my love for videogames, and my faith on them as an form art, a vehicle for my dreams. It’s something beyond the soundtrack, the plot, the references to “Dia de los muertos”, it’s about how perfectly everything blends in, how much i care about Manny at to end of the game, how much i care about every single character, good or evil…i just find myself immersing myself in this fascinating new world without even noticing.

One of the greatest game ever made.

Just finished Mortal Kombat story mode. I learned some things (..and don’t worry, zero spoilers here ):

  • Shao Kahn is a douchebag and an cheap asshole. I love him.
  • NetherRealm really pulled a huge miracle here, more actually, multiple miracles…from a series of notorious half assed games they resurrected the franchise, and it’s better than ever. I’m really looking up to more stuff from this guys, who knows if not a new IP.
  • Miracle number one ?, the story of the mortal kombat franchise was a notorious clusterfuck…somehow they managed to fix it, improve it, and make it better than ever. Not oscar worthy, but it’s easily the most polished story I have seen in any fighter game. Great work NetherRealm.
  • Now miracle number 2. They actually managed to make characters like Nightwolf and Stryker likable and awesome. I can’t think in any single character i hated. With this kind of quality work I won’t mind to see characters like Moloch, Fujin and Havik developed in the future. I didn’t think this was possible. 
  • And miracle number three. The fighting engine used to be so shallow in past games, it was only an excuse for more gore and funny fatalities. But now it’s backwards !, I’m really having a hell of fun learning my combos and attacks. The fatalities and the gore are just a bonus for this delicious game.
  • Shao Kahn is a douchebag.
So..Mass Effect: Arrival
  • So, Arrival, worth buying ?
  • That would give me an excuse to play some more with my Paragon male shepard in preparation for ME3. Currently playing with a renegade female Shepard in the last difficulty ( queen bitch of the universe anyone ?). I really loved all the side missions in ME2, but i dont want to expend 7 dollars in a shallow hour of gameplay.
  • Shadow Borker and overlord are probably the two best pieces of DLC I have ever played ( even if they came included with my PS3 copy). Does Arrival comes even close to those ?
  • Shameless self promotion:Add me in PSN, ultratroll.

I think i never told this before in tumblr, but i make a living in doing small iphone/ipad apps for kids. The company i work for just released this one, and well, IT’S FREE, so go ahead, download it and leave your review. Hope you like it.

It’s a pretty cute, arcade styled and easy to play..so, if you are 3 years old or 40 years old i think that won’t matter.

I think i’m going to speak more often about my games here on tumblr, so yay, see ya later.

By the way, my bosses have some codes lying around for the paid version ( it’s pretty much the same but without apps) if anyone is interested let me know and i’ll try to send you a bone.


Redecorating the cave

Just added some links at the top of my tumblr to help you guys jump to the images you care about. Hopefully navigating trough  my library is a lot easier now. By the time being the filters are:

  • Videogames.
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  • Nightmare fuel.
  • Mass Effect (very popular this days uh ?)

I next few days i will be posting a LOT of new stuff for each section.

Just try them. Troll.cave is not only my tumblr, it belongs to all my followers as well, so if you need anything else, or have any request of any form (as crazy as it can be) I’m all yours.