14-Week-Old Unborn Baby Starts Clapping in the Womb as Parents Sing a Nursery Rhyme

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When I was visiting my cnm a couple weeks ago, she did a pelvic (my first ever, I guess I'm officially a woman now or something), my left ovary was really tender. She wanted me in the next day for an ultrasound, but I was busy and my family lost insurance the following Sunday. Now my period is seven days late and I know I'm not pregnant (something about being a lesbian), and I'm getting really sharp pains right where she pressed. Should I be worried or am I overreacting?

If your healthcare provider was concerned enough to want you to get an ultrasound, I think you need to trust her on this.

A good next step would be to call around different clinics (like Planned Parenthood, for example) and explain the situation.  You can say:

“Hi, I was scheduled for a transvaginal ultrasound by my private midwife a few weeks ago, but before I was able to go I lost my insurance.  I’m currently having these symptoms and I’d like that have that ultrasound to make sure everything is okay.  If I were to come to your clinic, could you help me sign up for insurance or provide me with a sliding scale fee?  I cannot afford to pay for an ultrasound out of pocket at this time.”

Good luck!

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Viral Video: 14-Week Ultrasound, Shows Little One Doing Something AMAZING!

With advancements in technology, we get to peek in and see things we’ve never imagined, including our unborn children. No matter what the little one is spotted doing, the parents-to-be are simply amazed to see the life they created, alive inside the mother. However, one ultrasound video …

3D Full Term Baby Ultrasound Phantom
“ATS Laboratories’ 3D (three dimensional) Models 3DFB 3D Full Baby phantom and 3DBH 3D Baby’s Head phantom have been specifically designed to provide the user with a scanning demonstration device for 3D surface contour rendering and 3D reconstruction. The estimate fetal gestational age is between 36-40 weeks.

These Models 3DFB and 3DBH are manufactured using our rubber based tissue-mimicking material. This TM material insures durability, acoustically stability, accuracy and the optimum in design flexibility.

Care of the Rubber-Based Phantom
For best results the phantom should be kept clean at all times. In particular a build-up of dried coupling gel on the scan surface should be avoided. The phantom may be cleaned with mild hand soap and warm water. Particularly stubborn stains and dirt may be removed with a mild household cleaner. The use of petroleum solvents should be avoided since they may adversely react with the rubber-based material.”

Saturday morning 7am IVF selfie! I’ve been French braiding the front pieces of my hair at night to slow down the oil slick process and this morning my straight hair is wavy. :)
Im puffy from water retention. But still, I’ll be getting a donut after this.

Fingers crossed I get triggered today!

PS. The lighting in this waiting room is to die for, huh? It’s like I’m at Glamour Shots.
19 Weeks!

Yesterday we got to see our child for the very first time! Just when I thought I couldn’t love them ANY MORE! I think my heart is going to explode! I can’t stop staring at their perfect little self!

The ultrasound went really well! We got some photos of our little sweetheart and left with an envelope that will tell us the gender of our baby once we get our family together in the next week or so!

Baby didn’t cooperate so we do have to go back for another one soon… they were balled up and didn’t let us check out their sweet little organs!

Once I got home though, I checked the posted results online, because thats what the doctors here do! I found out they had found a cyst on baby’s brain and that they want to take a look at it again. I can’t even lie to you all, I was devastated. I cried all night and into this morning. This news drove Luke and I so deep into the quiet place of prayer and surrender.  I did my research and found out this particular cyst is very loosely linked to different chromosomal disorders including trisomy 18 and down syndrome (YIKES!), BUT that it is most likely absolutely nothing. My mommy heart is just so sore from even seeing the possibilities though. 

After speaking with my dad (who is a doctor) and doing more research, I have a lot of peace about everything. To be honest, even if this leads to a chromosomal disorder it will simply mean our lifestyle needs to change, potentially for the better, to accommodate our perfect child, no matter their “disability”! 

Sweet baby, you are loved beyond comprehension, and you are giving me just a TASTE of the Lord’s love for His children!

Prayers would be so appreciated during this ** KINDA ** stressful worrisome time. Thank you so much in advance. 

I had my first scan on Tuesday. I was absolutely terrified before I went in as I had convinced myself something would be wrong and my body just didn’t tell me. Then the second I saw my baby on screen, the tears just came instantly. It’s real. I am truly having a child after thinking for so long I couldn’t have one. I can’t explain the happiness I felt. What makes it even better is everything it’s fine, my baby is developing as it should be at this stage. I get my next scan on the 11th May and hopefully I’ll find out what I’m having 💖