Industrial Lunch, despite everything you’ve heard, is back! And we are more committed than ever before to bringing together work selfish enough to call itself “poetry” in the pages of our fine publication. We want excitement. We want adventure. If there’s thrills to be had, we’ll seek them! If there’s rabble to be roused, we’ll rouse it! Once more, we are ready to fish in the age of elegance for some glorious junk.

AND YET. We are sensitive to the plight of the modern experience. We have sought comfort in the nostalgia for an innocent past, with Charlton Heston at the end of time. We are stirring up needless mystery wherever we can have it. So much casting about, such a sense of being adrift, so much is familiar, but it’s too much money…AND SO for the next issue of Industrial Lunch we would like to shake things up and make our theme the total opposition to theme. This cuts deeper than mere “absence” of theme: we are interested in work that can set itself up against a unifying aesthetic “theme,” or at least against something, somehow, and we want to hear about how you construe that antagonism, how you thematize the resistance to having a “theme” (see below for details). We want to go beyond theme.

This is not to say we are changing our ways, or that we have developed a taste for the anarchic; you can rest assured we still love mediation and you too much for that. That’s all we can really tell you, except that in principle we’re all the group hold-out, nothing ever happens. It’s time to hop to the blues.


Please send all submissions to For writing, please send 1-3 poems in a Word document (.doc or .docx) or a PDF (if you are doing something that relies heavily on a visual “field” for the poem, PDF is recommended). If you are interested in submitting a translation, we ask that you provide a copy of the translated text(s) in their original language, in addition to your translations.

For visual art, please send your work (in high quality scans or photographs) to us in TIFF or JPEG format (no PDFs), at least 150 dpi. In the body of your email please indicate your medium––painting, mixed media, illustration, photography, etc.––as well as title and date if applicable.

For this issue, your submission emails should include a short missive about how you see your work fitting into the scheme of an “anti-theme”-themed issue of a poetry magazine. This can be as literal or as figurative as you want, as note-like or as manifesto-y as you please, so long as it conveys to us some sense of what you see your work doing in relation to our theme.

Submissions will be open until November 15. We can also be found on Facebook. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. Thanks so much!


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