Hey my IG fitfam, Tuesday was a snowstorm so I figured for my #Day10 I would post this quote “Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm…” you know how we love to make promises during those hyped up moments… remember the hype of the #holidays and everyone talking about new years #resolutions ?? Were you part of that crowd?? I hope not.Have you been #procrastinating ? or fallen off the #bandwagon already? Well I’m here to say not this time for me. So thats why I really didn’t want to make any any New Year’s resolutions, but a few life resolutions instead…For me, changing the focus from the “ #ultimategoalweight” to healthy lifestyle choice makes me feel accountable & not that I’m adhering to society’s standards. Weighing in can become overwhelming but every time I choose water over soda or put in that extra workout I know that I’ve taken the time to commit to my #LIFERESOLUTION #snowstorm #newyear #diet #weightloss #healthylifestylechange #UGW