Martharaptor on the loose...

In honour of the Smithsonian’s mysterious Martharaptor, I thought I’d take another look at what happened the last time #ROMHandsOn Biodiversity’s own Martharaptor got loose at the ROM. 

It was a day like any other. Facilitator Beth was working on a project in the office, never knowing that danger lurked just around the corner…

We were monitoring the whole thing on the security cameras and caught sight of the cunning predator just before it attacked. We tried to call in a warning, but before we knew it, it was too late!  We hadn’t even made it to the phone when the Martharaptor attacked the helpless facilitator.

Poor Beth didn’t stand a chance. There are few creatures on this Earth that can survive an attack by a hungry Martharaptor. Within moments, it was over. 


Nobody knows where the Martharaptor is now. The last image the security cameras captured of her was this one, before we lost the feed and the camera disappeared forever.

Who knows? The Martharaptor may still be at large, wandering the Hands-on Galleries in search of another facilitator….

If you’d like to try this awesome Carnotaurus costume on for yourself, or the new Ouranosaurus made for us in honour of Ultimate Dinosaurs, be sure to visit us in the Discovery Gallery. You can share your experiences with us at #ROMHandsOn, too!

Just watch out for Martharaptors….


Not a chestburster but an Amargasaurus mouth. #ultimatedinos

Though not the classic movie alien, an Amargasaurus mouth could do amazing things, like stripping branches of their tasty, tasty leaves.

So ya… no actual bursting with this guy, unless you mean bursting with awesomeness.