Can we talk about Emma’s reaction to the OQ reunion hug? At the start of the shot, she looks like she is trying to be happy but can’t quite manage it. Because her eyes are almost sad. Almost pining. Almost like she wants to be the one wrapped in that hug. But then she catches herself and closes her eyes for a second and shifts in place because no. This is not the place and she is happy for Regina she is. She wants Regina to have her happy ending even if it isn’t with her. That was her promise, and she intends to keep it even if it breaks her heart. And Regina happy. Regina happy is the best sight in the whole world.

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17 hella pan 5'4ish(probs5'5) female blackbrown hair a little bit past my shoulders really dark brown almost black eyes i like to draw and sing and ironically watch nic cage movies i'm total fandom trash. Eremin is like my ultimate otp i can be moody and extremly sarcastic and rude sometimes.I like going on adventures and by that i mean either doing really stupid stuff that embarrases other people or exploring i hate having to go to most places alone i'm very talkitive if i'm confratable enough

okay, so like adventures? how about this then:

the longest road trip in america. you and me. im generally at the backseat cos im lazy yo. stopping at crappy motels, going out to 24/7 caffes & ordering burgers’n’stuff?

i really like this mental image of you i’ve created lol and yasss im total fandom trash as well, nothing to worry about here xx

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