I know some people were looking for it, so here’s an article originally posted in 2010 by GleeFan about UltimateGleeks. 

UltimateGleeks is a SCAM!

Posted by Rob on Feb-26-2010 under GleeFan.com Update, Random

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but the man who runs the Twitter account @UltimateGleeks is a conman.

I’m sure that most of you have seen a Twitter account called @UltimateGleeks, especially since for a short period of time, we were ‘partnered’ with the man who runs it. He told me that his name was Zachary Jaydon and he claimed to have a position at Fox in the LA office as a marketer. He explained to me and other Glee fansite owners that part of his job at Fox is to create an “official unofficial” Glee twitter account so that Fox can maximize Glee hype on social networks like Twitter. He went by the name ‘Zachary Jaydon’ to the people he contacted, claiming to be a resident of LA & Orlando. [I now know that he changed his name from Jaydon D. Paull to Zachary Jaydon after one of his arrests.] After talking with him extensively for 2 weeks, I decided to check up on him a little more. I Direct Messaged Chris Colfer, asking if he’d ever met a Zachary Jaydon, and of course he said no. Only problem is that this Zach guy claimed to have a working relationship on a first name basis with Chris & the other cast members, which seemed odd to me if he was just a marketer. Then his lies became increasingly elaborate until I had to try and figure out all I could about this guy.

Turns out, when you type “Zachary Jaydon” into Google, the auto-complete feature adds the words ‘fraud’ and ‘in jail’ to the end. Surprise! With a little bit of research, and a call to the Fox office to see if they could look him up, I was able to figure out that he is not a Fox employee and in fact is a known con man who has been charged for robbery. He has a fake bio which makes him out to be a multi-platinum songwriter (and even goes as far to say that he was a series regular on the Mickey Mouse Club.) All this has since been removed from IMDb and Wikipedia since Wikipedia admins discovered his history with fraud. I wouldn’t have even believed it was supposedly his bio if it hadn’t mentioned details of his personal life (like living in LA & Orlando, acting, and being in the SAG… all lies) that he had mentioned to me over the phone. He’s been to charged in Ohio, (as well as in Montana, I believe) so I checked his phone number he’d contacted me through and it is indeed a Cincinnati, Ohio area code.

This man is a professional con artist and was more convincing than you can possibly imagine. He seemed to know the industry well enough that he was able to convince me he was legit, at first. Then was able to talk his way out of any of my suspicions. He has conned several famous music artists in the past including Ben Bledsoe and the band Close to Home, which I believe may be related to his possible arrests. Here are cached pages of a blog that contained many posts about his fraudulent ways, but the blog has since vanished. (Suspicious, much?)
[Edit 3/10/10: It seems that the cached versions of the blog posts have disappeared (possibly Jaydon’s doings), but the original blog’s author emailed me a link to her new blog about him here:]
The Fraud Files

Currently, he has been contacting influential members of the Glee online fandom and pretending to be a Fox employee seeking to work with the Glee fansites to maximize the online hype for Glee. When Travis (@gleeks) asked to see his @fox.com email for verification (which all Fox employees have), he said that he was instructed not to use it since he would be working directly with fans and didn’t want his company email to get spammed by thousands of Glee fans with questions. Good answer! Too bad Fox has confirmed with me that he does NOT work there.

More than once, he has started rigged contests offering signed Glee DVD box sets and CD’s. I myself even fell for it and let him do contests with me, but he obviously has no prizes to give out. I asked if he could send me pictures of the contest prizes, and he kept making excuses like “Oh, I sent them in an email. Didn’t you get it?” Then he told me that he had some “stock” images in his email that he could send me, but they all ended up being images that I found when using Google image search. Luckily, the people at Fox came to the rescue and gave me some legit contest prizes to replace with his non-existent ones. Also, you’ve probably noticed his tweets likeThe musical numbers featured in the “Back 9″ are insane! I can’t wait for you guys to find out! Get ready! @UltimateGleeks” I can guarantee you that he doesn’t know anything that hasn’t already been made public. He just wants to seem like he has some inside knowledge so that people will trust him. Nice try, but we aren’t falling for it anymore!

Just as bad, he fed me fake news and spoilers for 2 weeks before I caught on. To him lying came so incredibly easy, it’s truly disturbing. He just made up spoilers that he found out from “office meetings” on a daily basis. The tour cities he gave me and the spoilers about the roles for season 2? Unfortunately, he made them up and lied to my face. Lately, Zach has taken to trying to ruin GleeFan’s legitimacy. Check out the last 20 comments or so on this page: Enter the Official GleeFan.com Gleek Talent Showcase! Round 1 I’ve looked at the IP addresses of all the comments, and I can promise you that every single negative one (except for Jo, who is a real person) is Zach commenting under a fake name. [Here’s the proof that he made ALL of those comments from the same 4 IP addresses!] Since every device (cell phone, computer, etc) has its own IP address, this proves that he was continually commenting with fake names in order to try and make my site look bad. Too bad he didn’t know that WordPress tracks IP addresses from commenters! Then he even steps in as Ultimate Gleeks and tries to make himself look like a saint. HA! The only reason I haven’t deleted them is because I wanted to reference them here. I thought it was kind of funny that people were “pulling” their videos even though they hadn’t even submitted them to me!

He already has over 3,600 followers on Twitter and to be honest, I have no idea what he plans on getting out of this. So far, he has gotten nothing from me of value, but I believe his goal was to try and somehow get money out of me and the other unsuspecting Glee fans by selling non-existent Glee merchandise. (He spoke about some custom Glee character bobble-heads he thought we should sell on GleeFan.com, which sounded incredibly suspicious to me.) I’m not quite sure where he plans on going with this, but trust me on this: He is dangerous. He is a smooth talker. He will gain your trust and then stab you in the back, just as he did to me. I’ve been working on this blog since last May and this guy mysteriously popped up out of nowhere a month ago. Who do you think is more reliable?

So what can you do?
If you follow him on Twitter, CHANGE THAT. Seriously. I can guarantee you that all his “exclusive” news is 100% fabricated and his contests are rigged. Everything he tweets is common knowledge. There is no point in following him at all.

#2: Tweet the truth about him. You can link to this post if you’d like or just tweet that people unfollow him. Here’s a shortened link to this post: http://bit.ly/c7VfcY. There are a lot of genuinely awesome Glee Twitter accounts out there, but he is NOT one of them.

I’m sorry for having worked with him, but now that we know the truth, we must stop him.

Note: I cannot prove any of the details of his past without a shadow of a doubt, so forgive me if any of them are inaccurate. However, any part of the post dealing directly with things that went on between him and me are 100% true.


The Ultimate Gleeks video for the Klaine and Britanna kisses! It’s just a compilation of a bunch of fan videos, but it shows the Klaine kiss several times and then in slow motion.

That picture of Darren just makes me extremely uncomfortable..

I may go around joking about being sexual with him and how hot he is or whatever but I really don’t like that. It’s just… ugh.

I was about to say something concerning the size of guys’ hoohas but I’d rather not~

A picture like that is much worse than the pictures of him with his girlfriend and him shirtless at a party and whatever the hell you guys get mad about.

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