1st Course: Pomme de Terre

Pomme de Terre Hareng fumé. (Potato crisps, black truffle, and smoked herring.)

3rd Course: Coques de “Noirmoutier”

Coques de “Noirmoutier” 
Pomelo, Campari, feuille de laitue, truffe noir. (Cockles in a lettuce wrap with grapefrui and campari sauce, black truffles.

4th Course: Langoustine Façon “Nêm”

Langoustine Façon “Nêm” Nori sugar glass, lemon. Notes: Asian in flavor, especially the fried flavor, even though the langoustine was warm and barely cooked. 

6th Course: Rouget Barbet Frit

Rouget Barbet Frit Blettes, limoncello. 

6th Course: Sorbet Aneth

Sorbet Aneth 
Gelée d’Eau de Bigaradier. (Dill sorbet with orange blossom water gelée and finger limes.) 

Paris, France 
(January 23, 2013)

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My favorite bite of last year (of the last 32 years, perhaps) was easily the Osetra Caviar Hors d’Oeuvre from the exquisite NEXT Bocuse D’or menu  

I mean, a mouthful of Osetra with whipped beurre blanc and pine nut…

Tonight we head back to NEXT for the Friends & Family service of their upcoming Steakhouse menu.   It is no secret that Simon and I are enamored by the talents of Chef Dave and his team at NEXT, so you can only imagine my excitement to see what they do with one of my most loved meals  (mmmm, steak).


(Photo credit goes to Ulterior Epicure.  And here is his blog. He is such a stud!)


Bread with Emmer & Spelt 
Notes: Kofoed doesn’t really want to serve bread with dinner, so, instead, he provides diners with a little bowl of bread nuggets to snack on between courses. These were incredibly soft and buttery, crusted with grains. It came with a ramekin of whipped butter and herbs.

Copenhagen, Denmark
(February 1, 2013)