|Ice Cream Date| TheDragonTatsuki and UlquiorraEspada

She had agreed to the ice cream date, and was more than ecstatic about it, though with recent events with Ichigo causing Ulquiorra to be a bit upset, she hoped this might cheer things up. She did miss her friend after all and this was a good chance for those two to meet. As she got ready, she placed her hair up a bit into a half pony and stepped out of the school, her hairpins in the same place as usual; the neck line. “Alright, no worries. Nooo worries…He shouldn’t still be upset…Hopefully…Ulquiorra-kun…” 

She began to walk to the meeting spot, sending out one of her shun shun to get Ulquiorra. She had chosen Tsubaki of course, knowing he could get the job done. Minutes went by and she soon began to worry since Tsubaki hadn’t returned yet. “…Maybe he really doesn’t want me around anymore….”



"Oh Ulquiorra-san~ I heard ya were a bit depressed lately~" The fox skipped up to the [always] blank-faced Espada. There wasn’t much he could do about it, but he was certainly going to try. Gin was quite good at what he did, and there was nothing to stop him. Besides, almost everyone got bored in a place such as Hueco Mundo from time to time. What better way to relieve himself of it?

|Sleep Over| UlquiorraEspada


A sleep over seemed to be the best option for the two to actually get to know each other. Yes, it seemed that way though knowing how most things ended up, she would most likely make things awkward between them. Whatever the case would be, she decided to make dinner before he arrived, hoping he enjoyed what she had made.

It was stewed potatoes with shrimp garlic pasta and a side of sushi. It seemed alright but a bit odd to mix. She grabbed two glasses and set the table, blushing ever so slightly. She hoped it would be good. What would he want to drink though? She didn’t want to make this seem too romantic, that might make him just be silent for the night and that was not something she wanted to happen.

taking a breath, she readied some tea with cream and sugar on the side, the table now set finally. After she set the napkins down, she began to clean up the house, leaving out a few movies for them to watch and some popcorn for the movies. Desert! She gasped and quickly brought out some pudding, wafers and icecream; assembling a delicious little treat with cherries on top. 

Everything was set now, and she was ready for him to arrive. She had decided to wear a simple silky nighty, her hair up in a side pony and her body flawless as always. It would only be moments before he arrived. Where would he sleep though?

cor-novum said:

With a confirming nod to Starrl, Ulquiorra looked at Grimmjow, pointing directly at his chest and speaking one word calmly: "Cero."

Starrk stood and watched, already knowing that having Ulquiorra kick Sexta’s ass would cause the rambunctious espada to hide away for some time, due to the hit to his pride.