Books are about the interior journey, the fluid back-and-forth between writer and reader, reader and writer, the interplay upon which literature depends. This is one of the best things about them, their insistence that we can only be enlarged, illuminated, by entering the imagination of another, which, in turn, inhabits ours.

David L. Ulin, “The Weight of Books”


—Randall Mann, Poetry, April 2010

At the Los Angeles Times, David Ulin reviews Randall Mann’s collection, Straight Razor, calling Mann:

…the literary descendent of David Trinidad and Thom Gunn (no coincidence that his last book was called “Breakfast with Thom Gunn”), a writer of breathtaking honesty who can also, at times, turn to the punningly surreal.

Mann answers our editors’ questions about the poem.

“I keep getting in my own way, loading up the narrative with frills, stylistic and otherwise, but there are places where the writing starts to sing. I remember the finest moments of its creation: when, deep in the middle of the book, I would go for a walk, have a conversation, read something in the newspaper, and all of it, every last whisper, would have some necessary link to what I was trying to construct.”

David L. Ulin on his first book(s).


Here is my little christmas gift to my followers: a Tuesdays with Tay paper toy (or Tuesdays With Toy). You can print it out and assemble it and he can chill on your desk and give you emotionated inspiration at work or school. You can use the blank template for your own custom character, or make some of the supporting TWT cast like my bruv AlHen, Flameboy, Rodeo Joe, Dane, or even ME. 

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A Chicago-based political action committee, Family-PAC has campaigned for voters to tell Representative Mike Smiddy to vote against last year’s proposed marriag

Hey small press comics folks: Don’t use Uline for your supplies.  Apparently they also have donated big bucks to the Tea Party.

Morality… is a slippery slope and nowhere more, perhaps, than in regard to art, to literature, which begins as the expression of a single heart, a single mind. That it becomes more than that — connective, the fiber of a conversation between writer and reader, and between both of them and the world — is not just the point but the miracle… To frame this miracle in moral terms is to misread what art extends to us: a way of joining, for a moment only, across the void.
—  In an article for the LA Times, David L. Ulin considers the implications of the George V. Hunt, SJ Prize for Excellence in Journalism, Arts and Letters, which will award $25,000 to a writer “of sound moral character and reputation [who] must not have published works that are manifestly atheistically or morally offensive.”